39 thoughts on “The Mystery on the Easel 2:5

  1. I like how you strated dark and bold like waves of colors, then are muting the loudnessπŸ“ and softening πŸ•Š the colors, Pauline. This is fun even when I know what you are up to, having started the wrong direction.


  2. This felt like unwrapping a birthday present, even though I have seen four of the five pics before. I wasn’t reading your commentary, just looking at the pics, and I came to the conclusion of hard boiled eggs πŸ™‚


  3. I like eggs a lot but . . . I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next! You’re doing the artistic version of writing a cliffhanger, with all kinds of plot twists!

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  4. Go with your artistic flow and don’t over think it. I love the new twist, and I feel you have something further inside you. Trust your instincts.


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