The Mystery on the Easel 2:3


Easel 1 June



There was a variety of colours left over on the palette this afternoon – and I required no music in the art room, I was enjoying a soft and gentle day of introspection and quiet gratitude.  I quietly applied blocks of  mostly translucent colours all over the existing layers.  Yellow, orange, rose madder and aqua met the heavier cyan.  And we were done for the day.


You have to look quite hard now to see the original signs of strong, chaotic swirls – but they peek through here and there.  And still, I have no clue where this is going – any thoughts?

Thanks for coming by today, I’m so happy that you did!

40 thoughts on “The Mystery on the Easel 2:3

  1. I like your pastels and the darkness is fading into a pretty block style modern painting. You rock, Pauline and I am thinking of the song, “Skipping down the cobblestones. . . and feeling groovy!” 🎶


    • 🙂 It’s all change still Kerry. I think of it as kind of like a fluid structure – moving, changing, settling, moving ….. at some point it might settle somewhere we decide is ‘done’ or it might simply get put back into a cupboard to wait for a new incarnation …….


  2. Perfect next step. The color block is wonderful. I think you are at the point where you can take this anywhere you want. Mixed media or straight painting.


  3. Well, I have NO idea where this is going, but I’m excited by simply watching. I like the colour blocks very much and still seeing bits of your words peeking through. Thanks for sharing your progress. I love the idea of painting this way, although I’ve never tried it myself. Hugs. ~ LInne


  4. No idea but I am sure it will be beautiful and allowing us to watch it’s evolution is a most succulent “fly on the wall” moment indeed Ms Pauline 🙂


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