A Woman Who Can – and Does!

My friend Laurie who blogs at Life on the Bike and Other Fab Things had a birthday recently.  It wasn’t one of those ‘significant’ events but still,  I felt it was time for me to celebrate this amazing woman.

I met her via another mutual friend, the delightful Boomedeadda who noted on her blog when Laurie had sustained horrific injuries when her bike was crashed into by a car.  It took pretty much two years for Laurie to rebuild her body and her life after this event – but one of the wonderful things that came out of the whole awful thing was that a lovely friendship built up and grew.   Laurie was one of the bloggers I flew to the US to meet up with two years ago.

Let me tell you just a little about this woman and why her painting looks as it does. Laurie is a full time, sought after Nurse Practitioner.  Her patients adore her and rely on her.   Her work is demanding, with long hours and high standards of professionalism to adhere to.  Despite this, being aware there is a dearth of women in politics in the US, two years ago Laurie ran for her State Legislature on the Democratic ticket, in an area that historically voted Republican and male.  She narrowly missed out on winning. (She now actively supports the latest, male, candidate in his bid.)

An active member of her local community over many years Laurie’s dedication and pride in her town and the surrounding areas was palpable when I visited.   She takes an active part in the ‘Ride of Silence’ every year.  A thoughtful and touching tribute to those who have lost their lives in cycling accidents and a punchy reminder to everyone else of how quickly these events happen, how devastating they are for family and friends and how often these avoidable accidents occur.

Despite her active civic and political life Laurie has a huge circle of friends, a busy ‘things to do’ schedule that leaves me gasping for breath and needing a cup of tea and a wee lie down just hearing about AND a big red truck and a big red motor bike – a Harley Davidson no less.

This tiny, feisty, beautiful brunette drives or rides about with her camera and takes fabulous photos wherever she goes.  And then, when she has a moment she blogs about her rides, drives, trips and adventures.   She is positive, upbeat, cute, funny, capable, energetic and motivated – she’s pretty jolly amazing really!

Laurie makes a difference –  She works hard, knows how to play and enjoy herself and cares about her community, her family, her many friends and her country.

And this is what I wanted to hint at in her painting – she’s a Woman Who Can – and she does!!

If you haven’t met her yet, pop on over and say hello, tell her I sent you if you like – I know you’ll love her, just like  I do.

Laurie May 17 (C)

This is a mixed media painting on 300 gsm media paper, size A3.

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!


79 thoughts on “A Woman Who Can – and Does!

  1. what a beautiful story and painting to your amazing friend! Loved the story and what a great tribute!!!!!! You have a gift for words as well as paint pauline:-)


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  3. What a lovely tribute to friendship and a remarkable woman, in both words and image. Thanks for introducing us to Laurie, Pauline. Some people seem to achieve so much. I’m sure their clocks run on a different speed from those of most of us.

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  4. Pauline, what magic. You’ve captured the essence of Laurie, both in words and in art. I too had the chance to drink in your beautiful art on FB. One of the things that I love about your art, is that I notice something else each time I look at it. The piece washes over me, and then I think “oh look” and “Oh yes!” and “there is another detail”…like the crowds at the bottom. Such a lovely gift. beautiful art, amazing friendships. Thank you, WordPress for bringing us all together.xo

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    • Thank you Alys – you are very kind 🙂 All those cheering crowds at the bottom represent how I think of Laurie going about in the world – everyone is always so happy to see her. Like a rock star! What you can’t see in the photo is all the glittery glimmery bits – for instance her bike exhaust exhumes little dots of glimmery stuff that then floats off around the canvas. It’s a metaphor…. 😀

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        • I’m so glad I came to read the comments: I’d not seen the crowds at the bottom OR the glimmery emissions from the tailpipe.
          The painting truly is a wonder and I feel so honored by this gift. Alys, i know you get that as you have a Pauline original, too.
          Pauline, your comments about me are too generous, but as one who tends to be self critical, it was nice to read. I just hope all the visitors to your blog focused on your art, more than your tribute to me.
          Just so you’ll know: I plan to post about this gift but will probably not reblog this post for fear that someone will think me “all about me”.
          So much love to both you and Alys!

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          • I’m so glad you wandered over and joined in the conversation, what fun!
            I could have waxed much more lyrical about you Laurie, but I know how uncomfortable it makes you, so I stuck with the bare facts 🙂 I’m glad you could enjoy reading this post, it’s important that we become comfortable seeing ourselves as others see us. I wonder why we are all so quick to mark ourselves harshly, and so reluctant to celebrate our worth…….. We here celebrate you, YAY LAURIE!! 🙂 You could just put a link to this post on your post – this is just one person’s viewpoint, added to by some others via comments – and most importantly it tries to explain why the painting looks as it does. I’m sure Alys agrees with me, don’t you Alys?


          • Laurie, I do get it. I love my original painting, and feel honored that Pauline would put so much time, talent and love into it. Using my dad’s stamps was inspired as well. Your painting is gorgeous. I imagine it was quite the surprise when you opened it.

            I will look forward to your “it’s not all about me” post with the art, but honestly you earned every word here. Pauline captured your essence beautifully. xo

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  5. I got a peak at your fab canvas on FB and thought you’d really captured the essence of our little dynamo. Now reading these words, I think, how does she manage all this? Have you ever, I mean, ever, met anyone with so many balls in the air and able to do it with so much passion, good humour and zeal for life? LB is the real mccoy. I sometimes marvel at my great good fortune of making these connections I cherish here at WordPress. What were the chances? Cheers to WP and the woman I admire endlessly, including you dear P. I’m blessed. xo K

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  6. You really wrote Laurie perfectly and so is the painting!!!! It is so her. What a lovely thing you have done here. I did not yet hear that she lost the election. I think she would be a force to be reckoned with. We need more intelligent people with heart in office. I loved the bike and her holding her drink here. I started following her a while after her accident but like the trooper she is, she got right back on that bike taking life on with both fists. It’s a beautiful piece and I know she will love it. Hugs, M

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