The Mystery On the Easel Phase V

Here we go folks, I just know you’re wondering where we are at with this. Here’s Phase V – I wasn’t happy for the longest time with what happened and I forgot to take photos so you have this to go one with. Β It’s nearly there …….

Phase 1


Phase II

Phase 2

Phase III


Phase IV


Phase V

6 Phase 5

Can you see where it’s going now?

Maybe, perhaps, some of you might have a vague memory of this page from my art journal last year – this was the piece that inspired this latest experiment


Phase VI, the final phase is almost ready to show.

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!

59 thoughts on “The Mystery On the Easel Phase V

  1. It’s looking fantastic Pauline, although I did go “oh” when i saw you had painted over the pretty bubbles of colour. I see you are so wise… x


  2. Canvases overwhelm me but yours is gorgeous in every stage!! You are an amazing and thorough artist, as well as thoughtful person. ❀
    I am making my way backwards, dear Pauline. I have had bust weeks at work (over 45 hours weekly) and three deaths in friends of mine and one of my son's. . . I keep my pre-scheduled posts rolling abs am ahead on This aspect. πŸ™‚


    • Lovely to have you come by Robin, I haven’t been receiving notifications of posts from you. You are the third person to have fallen off my list at wordpress this past month! So I’m glad you left this note. I’m sorry to hear you are losing dear ones. Take care!!

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      • It was a hard couple of weeks. I apologize for not coming by sooner. . . Thank you for telling me about my being off your WP list. Good friends pick up where they left off, I feel. Give Siddy and Orlando pats and scratches behind the ears, as each prefers. . . hugs xo


  3. It’s beautiful, Pauline. It makes me think of a kite, flying free and flying high. Though I’m thinking it might be a dreamcatcher. Maybe a dreamcatcher kite to catch our dreams and help them soar. Love the colours!


    • I like your thinking here Norah! I think there might be a whole other painting for the last part of your comment ‘Maybe a dreamcatcher kite to catch our dreams and help them soar.’ I just sketched something out – maybe something will come of it ….. Stay tuned, but don’t hold your breath πŸ™‚

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  4. Ha ha! Yep, I’m always forgetting to take photos when I should. Looking forward to seeing the final reveal – although as I said before, all phases look beautiful to me.


  5. This has been so interesting–to watch this develop! The colorful background that you had at the beginning–did you just decide that you didn’t care for that? Or is it sort of subtly showing thru the dark paint? I haven’t been able to figure that out . . . .


    • I love that you asked this question Kerry! The colourful circles are made especially for the mandala part. As I don’t know how big that will end up being until I decide it is finished, it is better to have too much colour than not enough. In the third phase, when I blacked it all out there are small glimmers of colour peeking through still, which the camera didn’t really pick up, though the texture of them is still seeable on the canvas (but the camera can’t pick that up either). In phase IV I used the raised texture of the hidden circles to add the obvious circles of glimmery blue paint and then moved that paint all over with the help of a baby wipe. Which makes that soft, cloud like effect. Even though I know I am going to black it out, it is really challenging for me to do it and I know for many viewers it is horrendous πŸ™‚ But for the image to evolve something has to go…… Hope this helps clarify things for you. xo


  6. I love it, Pauline. I do remember the dream-catcher from your journal, but I never put one and one together. (Math was never my strong suit). πŸ˜‰

    I love the shapes and colors and the vibrancy. What fun this is.


    • Thank you Alys – I realised no-one had put one and one together – but it’s pretty hard to recall something you saw four or five months ago, one time! So I figured I should jog memories πŸ™‚ You’ll probably miss the big reveal as you all will be swanning around DC having fun and good times. I’ll be thinking of you xoxo


    • Is it two years today that we first met up in that restaurant? (I remember how excited we were up on the mezzanine floor, watching you and Laurie weaving your way through the crowded place, making your way to the stairs). it’s Siddy’s birthday tomorrow and I know I wasn’t here for his first one, the rest of the dates have been obliterated from my memory!


  7. I like this and the space the wheel is spinning in. At first I thought the strands were life in the form of plants coming out of the wheel. Then I cam back down to earth and realized it was a dream catcher. Wow… I do like it and the way it is moving through space.


  8. I had to show this to my daughter while she was here today or I would have left a comment sooner. I love where it’s going. More like a dream bringer than a dream catcher. I knew I saw trails of light behind it. πŸ™‚ My daughter loves it too.


  9. I love that you showed the transformation – from inspiration to nearly finished product. Amazing to see the creative process underway. The latest is exquisite.


    • In real life you get that impression – my photos take out some of the intensity of the colours – they are vivid and bright and twinkly. If you can get that impression from a photo you’ll be spun off the planet by the real thing πŸ˜€

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  10. Brilliant Ms Pauline! I love how you are showing the progression of images as you go to give us an idea of the thought process involved in each one. Lubbly jubbly stuff πŸ™‚


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