The Mystery on the Easel Phase III

Phase I


Phase II

Phase 2

Phase III


Oh my heavens!  What do you think, have we arrived at the ugly stage?

Please feel free to share any thoughts you have  🙂

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!



48 thoughts on “The Mystery on the Easel Phase III

  1. Good Morning Pauline from The middle of America! I have been busy taking care of my parents ( that moved here last summer, grandson and other odds and ends in life. I don’t get to my blog as often. I was reading your other posts and could not find a place to comment. Your work on clothing is beautiful!!!! I love color and your stuff is perfect for clothing:-)
    You are right your dog is quite the ham-LOL. Good to see you creating and just love your work.

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    • Thank you Robbie 🙂 I’m sorry to be late responding I have been off-line with ISP issues. Comments close after a certain amount of time – I forget how long exactly. It’s nice to see you have been visiting though – I know you have an extremely busy life!

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  2. Came in late and this comment is very late too but what the heck….I think phase III is very promising and there is something more bigger to look forward to in that big black part.


  3. I get the feeling that we are headed towards scraping the black off this painting in areas as otherwise, why would you go to the trouble of painting this area in the first place? This is getting interesting!


  4. The last phase reminds me of a thing I had as a kid called a “spirograph”. You put a toothed wheel that had holes in it for your pen or pencil crayons within another toothed wheel, poked your pencil in the hole and twirled on the paper. The result was so pretty, like your painting. How can you improve on this phase? Standing by….


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