Blossoms, Snow, and Custom Envelopes

Meet my friend Lisa, who adds another dimension into making your own envelopes 🙂


Late this week, I noticed some of the daffodils doing face plants in the dirt. They are optimistic, tough little flowers and can withstand the cold. But I think they may have heard about the snow.

DSCN4791 Ooooh Noooo. It was so nice a few days ago…

These crab apple blossoms have not heard yet and are at a stage where the snow will not be helpful.

DSCN4796 Blossoms. Leaves too. Aaiiieee….

The latest forecast I’ve heard is for a nor’easter up the coast dumping either 2-5 inches or 10-13 depending on storm track. I don’t mind; it’s kind of exciting. And given the lateness of the year, the snow won’t be around long. Nor will the blossoms and buds that were tricked by 70 degree weather in February. I haven’t thought much about the storm, since I will probably just hunker down and enjoy it. What I did think about today was getting…

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7 thoughts on “Blossoms, Snow, and Custom Envelopes

  1. What a lovely post, Pauline. It must be wonderful for you to see your envelopes embracing, and being embraced by, the world!


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