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Do you remember a couple of posts back I mentioned a give-away?   And  where I showed you the beginning processes in the creation of my new line of Note Cards.  Yupo paper, alcohol inks and hours of doodling went into completing four A4 sheets.  Each sheet was then cut into four pieces and, when the note cards were all made up there is a grand total of 16 different designs.

I already showed you the first four completed cards.  When Susanne made a comment on that previous post about them reminding her of ‘Swinging London’ in the 60’s their name was born.  Here they are again, sporting their new look.  Meet  ‘Note-Cards ‘Carnaby Street’

Hisilicon K3

Here is the second sheet of Inky Yupo paper

And here the doodling work is completed


Here are the four cards that utilise that design ‘Note Cards Summer Garden’

Hisilicon K3

Here is the third ink dropped sheet

Doodles completed


And here are the four cards ‘Cosmic Time’.  I think this is my favourite one

Here is the fourth sheet, remember I had started the doodling work

This one took the longest to complete, there is more than 15 doodle hours here:


And here are the four note cards ‘Evening Garden’

You can use any card upright or top hinged, it is purely personal preference.

Every A5 note card comes with a writing paper insert, allowing you to write fully on three leaves.  After much experimentation and contemplation I decided to stay with white card and ordinary printing paper for the inserts.  It was simply easier and more affordable.

Every note card is hand made by me.  I cut the card, slice the original design into four and trim it to fit the card.  I ink the edges of each little printed design.  I alone score, crease and fold the card into shape, wrestle with my double sided tape gun (which is being extremely temperamental at the moment) and adhere the card and printed paper together.  I then cut the paper insert to size, trim and finally adhere that inside the card.  Slight variations and imperfections are inevitable.

Now to the give away.  Which isn’t really a free thing at all, I’m asking for your advice and in return your name goes in the draw for a set of note cards, design of your choice.   So, to enter you must humour me and help me solve a terrible conundrum.  Please do read on if you want to play…….

Will you pretend with me that you want to purchase a set of four note cards.  You are ready and champing at the bit to get into letter writing again, these doodly cards are the perfect size for a chatty and cheerful note to get the ball rolling.  You feel that the cost of $NZ17 is affordable, you know, that’s just $4 per card and 25c per envelope, cheaper than most mass produced cards.

And then you check out shipping costs.  (We’ve been here before recently, yes? Well, here we go again!)

You discover that four note cards with envelopes costs $17 + $15 shipping for International customers and $5 shipping for domestic customers.  Suddenly the cards from the corner store are looking way more appealing!

The thing that pushes the cost up is the size of the envelopes, they take the packet from letter rate to small packet rate, which is the same rate I send small light catchers around the world for.  And there’s a big difference in size and weight between 4 note cards and a triple strand light catcher!

So what if you just bought your own envelopes from the local store?

Four note cards with no envelopes costs $16 + $3 shipping  – anywhere in the world.

Which scenario would you prefer?

Hit your option choice in the poll box

*$NZ16 = $US11.50 / $Ca15.11 / $Au15.05 / UKP9.20

Double your amount for total cost inc shipping of option 1

But talk to me too – I love you to talk to me  🙂

Do you have a favourite design or colour way?

All regular chatterers will go in the draw, your choice of note card pack:

*Carnaby Street

*Summer Garden

*Cosmic Time

*Evening Garden

*Mixed Notes {one of each collection)

And finally, Siddy says “Helllloooooo!” to his fans

March 16 3

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!


67 thoughts on “Inky Doodle Note Cards

  1. I’m so excited! okay … now I’m going back to find the link to purchase (are you getting dizzy with me going back and forth from post to post?)


  2. WOW! I really love what you’ve done with your Yupo and Alcohol Inks Pauline. The doodling is sublime. I fancied them all but if had to pick, Carnaby street is delicious. I did a demo night at Urban with these same products but never included any doodling. I love how they turn out. Isn’t it fun to watch the Yupo develop? I agree on the shipping thing, it’s somewhat outrages at times. You’re cards are very well priced for original artworks P, they could even be framed. xo K


    • Thank you K, for your generous comments 🙂 A few people have commented that they would frame them, that’s lovely isn’t it – I’ve got some empty frames I might fill up too 🙂 Alys says the same thing about my pricing, but I’d rather they were affordable for those who want my stuff and then I can maybe buy some more inks 🙂 Lovely to see you xoxo

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      • Pauline!! I came back to see when I might have sent my inquiry because get this…..Your cards arrived in my mail TODAY! I’m in shock because my mail normally takes 4ever. They are totally gorgeous. Had you replied to my Contact? Have a missed your message? Will send a email directly. I love them so much hon, thank you for sending so quickly xoxox


        • My goodness, they arrived very quickly, I posted the cards 6 days ago and sent the invoice the same day. So, yes I replied to your contact and sent you an invoice via Paypal the next day I think it was. I have just received notification you have made a payment to my account for $6.21 too much so I guess you haven’t seen the invoice – maybe it got spammed? Anyhow, I’ve got some cash for you, and I’m so glad you like the cards and that they arrived quickly – the row boat must have had a good wind 🙂 xoxo

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          • I don’t remember seeing the invoice but I added a very small extra bit for your postage. I didn’t think that should come out of your pocket because the artwork so very well priced. Also, I paid by cc and wasn’t sure about what paypal charges you to process my payment. So even, yes and no funds are desired back at all. xoxox K


  3. You are so amazingly talented, Pauline! I love sixties inspired prints. All of them are so gorgeous that I would never be able to choose a favorite. Those shipping costs are crazy, I was thinking that shipping on ebay round the world is fairly reasonable, but I guess I never order from Australia. I hate that it costs so. Much love to precious Siddy!


    • I’ve just seen this comment Lana, which means you didn’t go in the draw – so very sorry about that! The ‘no-envelopes’ option makes it affordable which is a bit crazy huh? Shipping costs just keep going up and up, I guess it makes us buy locally though.

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      • Oh, that’s okay, Pauline. I get behind on my blogging at times. Shipping costs do seem to be a bit of a challenge. I was considering opening an Etsy store for my beaded jewelry, but have too many things going on to do it right now. I don’t know about the future, the shipping may prohibit making that possible.


  4. Evening Garden is my absolute favourite, followed by Carnaby Street. You really are a complete design genius. Are these going to be available to buy long-term? (Am very tempted…)


    • Hi there Twisted – how lovely to see you come by and with such glowing words 🙂 I’m putting a few sets into the shop on the blog and will see how they go. I’m drawing the giveaway winner tonight, stay tuned. ❤


  5. Naw Siddy looks so wise. What a sweety. If I’m not too late my thoughts on your ponderings… I would be happy to purchase just the notebooks and I like the thought of a mixed set. They are lovely btw x


    • You are still busy moving Kym? It’s a horrid job isn’t it, even when you want to do it….. thanks for taking the time to pop in with your thoughts, it’s appreciated. And no, you are not too late.


  6. So beautiful, hard to choose but I think I like Cranberry Street and Evening Garden. I was so impressed with this technique after you posted that I looked online for this paper. That’s about as far as it went. I think the shipping costs with the envelope would just be too difficult. Surely I could fashion my own envelope, not sure. I save a lot of envelope so I usually have something around here that fits. I also like the idea of more of a postcard with no envelope needed. Could also be framed as a wall hanging. I am so blown away with your talent. How are your textiles doing?


    • You have just given me a good idea Jan! I will put up a post showing how I make an envelope to fit an odd sized card, it’s pretty easy. As for the textiles, I updated that post recently to tell that story………..


  7. Love the art work and of course I love little Siddy. He is such a happy little fellow. The postage costs of the cards is a bit of a hard spot. I agree with others that perhaps selling just the cards sans envelopes is the best with an aside to US customer that the cards and envelopes come together. Have you thought of just publishing the art work without making it into a card? I buy cards where I like the art work and then frame them as prints, not using them as cards. I could see the cards as groups of art work in frame on a wall.


    • Do you know SS you have just reminded me of a thought I once had that I could maybe offer some of my work as digital prints. No shipping hassles, freedom to print as many copies as you like and do whatever you like with it……
      I have been persuaded that the offer of envelopes or no envelopes has to be made to suit customers needs. It gets quite complex doesn’t it – it is so good to have everyone’s perspectives!

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  8. First things first – Great to see Siddy up so close to the camera. I can feel the love coming from him. Give him the biggest of hugs from me.

    As for cards – Can you not set an option for each? So those folks who want envelopes can pay for them and their associated postage and those who don’t don’t have to.

    If I was lucky enough to have my name pulled from the draw, I’d say close your eyes and pick one for me. They are all gorgeous! Well done!


    • Yes, I have a feeling we might be going that way Bekki. My friend Alys pointed out to me in a private email that the measurements in the States are different to the British and Colonial sizes, so to get a nice fit the envelopes are preferred. Thank you for your thoughtful comment 🙂 Siddy is huggable and adorable and this photo shows exactly how he is, glad you picked it up ❤

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  9. Your art speaks to me, Pauline. The ink blots alone are stunning, but then the overlay of your incredible doodles. I wish I could do that! They’re stunning one and all. I think I would like an “Evening Garden” bedspread….or a summer dress. They’re lovely.


  10. Cosmic time by a country mile Ms Pauline. You are incredibly talented. Lovely work :). Also, I have an artist lady in my film class this year who reminds me SO much of you! She even looks like you. I keep calling her “Pauline” when her name is Georgie (blush).


  11. Love, love love these. Especially Cosmic and Evening Garden. My colours. We don’t need envelopes, they are ten a penny in Smith’s here. What we can’t get are your lovely cards.
    Definitely hike them around to a local outlet too, Pauline. My niece has had some success with her cards at a local independent stationers. Good luck…and keep doodling! Xoxo

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  12. I guess cost dictates and… often I’d have a spare envelope and a recycling label to cover any old info or I’d include the card in something else – a present for instance. Selling cards individually then I think an envelope is needed but a book of cards, as it were, could well come without.


  13. I choose the one of each option. I love them all.

    Here’s the thing – why do you have to sell in sets of four? What would the shipping costs be on singles and doubles?

    Would you save money if you shipped cards and envelopes in different packages?

    I agree with Kerry Can – it would be great if you could find a local outlet – or at least a NZ outlet.

    Also, have you thought about scanning the completed doodles so that you could print them and use them over and over? It would not be the same quality of course, but it MIGHT be a way to make the cards less time consuming, and therefore you could offer them less expensively. I have done that with some of my cards – I create the art, scan it and reproduce it so I can 1.) recreate the exact thing, and 2.) make the time investment in the original worth the effort.

    All ideas, but only you know what works for you. Best of luck selling these treasures!


    • Good questions Salpal. The cost would be the same for one as it is for four. They are in sets of 4 as that is what comes from one sheet, otherwise I get into which particular quarter of the A4 sheet do you want……… that would drive me bonkers.

      If I shipped cards and envelopes in different packages you would end up paying $3 for the cards and $15 for the envelopes as they are slightly over size and fall into the small package department as decided by the post office. So then we are back to putting them both together and saving that first mentioned $3 but paying $15 for shipping.

      Yes, I have scanned and copied the finished product. The cost for a commercially produced card here is at least $6 and up to $15 unless you buy the really tatty mass produced packs of six which are about half the size and the same price I am asking for one of my hand made cards. It’s crazy isn’t it.

      Thank you for your thoughtful questions, I so appreciate the time you have spent here. xoxo

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      • Well, that is a shame! Yes, I can see selling singles would drive you bonkers. They are so darned cute, though, I love them. 🙂 Maybe what you can do is give the purchaser the option to save on shipping by NOT getting envelopes? I personally have loads of envelopes because I make cards, so I would be OK with that. Not everyone would be, I know. But heck, you can buy 100 envelopes for that price. 😦

        I will keep on thinking of ways… and let you know if I get a brainstorm.

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  14. I like Cosmic Time and Evening Garden best–but, really, they are all so great and fun! I love everything you make but I might like these cards best of all! And Siddy, of course. Can you find a local market where you could offer these for sale? To get around the crazy shipping costs? I think people would snap them up!

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      • Goodness thanks Pauline. Shipping costs here is madness. I do not suggest friends sending me anything. Most often, the package is hijacked in the post office, other times I have to pay produce a receipt of the things inside the package and the shipping fee. It is a nightmare that’s why I don’t encourage it anymore. Just last year, I won postcards from an artist from Australia in Colour Me Positive’s week 18. My heart sank when I was instructed to pay for the contents of the package and the shipping fee and also to produce a receipt. Unfortunately, I was not able to get the 4 postcards. What happened was so depressing to think that I won those cards.


          • That’s a great solution, Pauline. I’d like to share this with you too how I get my imported art supplies. One solution is to really save up on them until they are available here. Second is to order them online and have them shipped to my sister in law in the US which she then sends me once the balikbayan box is full. Third option is to order online and shipped to my cousin’s Aunt and she brings them home every other year. Fourth option is to order them locally through a bookstore or an online local art store and shipped to them which takes about 2-4 months. I usually do that fourth option with my books and the first option with the art supplies. Art is booming here but the supplies are so expensive and luckily saving up on what I really want is still a great solution.


            • Supplies here are expensive too Carrie, but it isn’t difficult to have them sent in. So you have to think a way ahead for your supplies, which one can get used to doing. Is it then an option to enter your name in giveaways and have the gift sent to your choice of relative to deliver at an appropriate time?


              • Yes, that’s what I always tell the giver if ever I won in his/her giveaways. If the giver is in the US, I ask the gift to be shipped to my sister in law. If its in Canada, to my sister. If around Asia, to my cousin in Singapore.

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  15. I love all of your doodles, Pauline. If I must pick, Evening Garden and Summer Garden are my favorites. Of course, Siddy always goes at the top of my list. That face! It’s made my day. xo


  16. I was going to go for Carnaby Street until I saw the last choice with one of each. They’re all so wonderful and that would mean I wouldn’t have to choose.
    Are the required envelopes a standard size? If people are able to buy their own at home, the cards without envelopes are certainly the better option. Postage costs are ridiculous here too. The minimum cost for international mail is $17 and that’s up to just 200 grams. It’s crazy. Especially when we learned on the news last week that the CEO of Australia Post earns $5 million a year – ten times as much as our Prime Minister.


  17. Hello Siddy!
    I love all the cards, but especially the Evening Garden. I would love to have a go at this technique – although not being an artist I have no idea what ‘yupo paper’ even is. I will have to return to your original post to check what else I might need… paper and ink is not a familiar combination to me for anything other than letter-writing.


    • It is a lot of fun to do Jan – though the initial outlay costs a pretty penny – hours and hours of quiet fun guaranteed! Let me know if you have any questions after you have gone back in time 🙂


      • I’ve looked up the materials – yes a bit pricey, but I’d like to have a go… and then (if good enough) use the finished art to make some of Wild Daffodil’s never ending cards. What sort of black pen do you use for the doodling?


  18. Oh my goodness, there isn’t anything here I don’t love! Including the beautiful image of a freshly groomed Siddy. He is just too adorable. I’m just so excited for you. You deserve so much good in your life.


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