Christmas Giveaway – THE WINNER

Well, the voters have spoken and it was so very interesting to see where your hearts went.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and vote and to those of you who reflected back to me their thoughts and feelings both via the blog and in private emails.  I was touched, not only by the stories themselves, but also by your thoughts about the stories and the thought you put into making your selections.  I so loved Boomdee’s comment about hope – did you catch that in the comments section of the last post?

In the end voting was very close between two stories.  And very close between the next five.  So close that there was only one course of action left to me – and that was to make everyone winners.

Here’s what has happened:

The story you voted for the most was C.  This is the story of Melanie, submitted by her father, Colin.  I do not know Colin or Melanie and have no idea how Colin found out about the giveaway.  But he did and he wrote a beautiful precis of his daughter’s life and we all thought it was worthy of a light catcher – so it will be sent to her as soon as her address is received.

Extraordinarily close behind was story A.  Norah’s friend Robin touched our hearts and so nearly won it would be a shame not to send her something – so she will receive a light catcher also.

Then there followed the middle runners [it’s sounding a bit like a horse racing event isn’t it ….]  These stories were all close together in terms of votes, you all liked them equally it seems causing a split vote situation.  Nothing for it then but to say all the people featured in these stories are also receiving light catchers:

B, D, F, H, J and K.

I took some time out of life for several hours and with intense purpose made several versions of a simpler, single strand Christmas Light Catcher to be given to the runners up.  Each  catcher is made with one AAA crystal ball, either of 30 or 40 mm, a random amount of AAA crystal octagons, a random amount of crystal faceted beads, various glass, acrylic or semi precious beads and finished with several charms.  They are all different.  My plan is to wrap them up, package them and randomly write on the addresses as you send them to me.  Which light catcher anyone gets will be the outcome of random choice, pure good fortune or the will of the Christmas Fairy – whichever way you choose to look at it.

This is a shot of several of the single strands, all mixed up together

Xmas lc extra4

And as another added extra, today I threw all the names of the commenters from the last post into my favourite coffee cup and drew one out.

Sharon, aka ‘Gentle Stitches’ will also receive a simple single strand Christmas Light Catcher.

Here’s a few more of them just lying around waiting to be parcelled up

Xmas lc extra3

Although these catchers made as extra giveaways are much simpler than the major giveaway, they will I hope, spread just a few more light rainbows around the world and remind the recipients that they are in the hearts of the people who submitted them and their stories touched the hearts of the people who heard them.

Please make sure to send me the address of your nominee if they are a prize winner – instructions are in the previous post. .

Thank you again for your participation and encouragement of this Advent activity.

To finish, especially for his fans, here’s  a shot of Siddy admiring his new front door:

new door 13 11

Thanks for coming by today, I’m so happy that you did!



83 thoughts on “Christmas Giveaway – THE WINNER

  1. What a beautiful, generous and creative heart you have! I received the most stunning gift of hope and light in the mail from New Zealand today. I hadn’t even realized my friend Geoff had shared my story. I’m weepy, grateful, touched and blessed. Thank you for even setting up such a gift giving event. Your spectacular piece of artistry will catch light and spread it throughout my home. Thank you. In your honor and in remembrance of my best friend, “Spreading the Light” will be the flash fiction prompt at Carrot Ranch for the holiday season. I’ll share the stories your gift inspired on December 29.


  2. Pauline,
    Thank you very much for your generosity. Robin’s light catcher arrived yesterday. It is beautiful and she loves it! Thank you also to the wonderful people who voted for Robin’s story. We both very much appreciate your generous hearts.
    I wish you joy during the Christmas season and throughout 2016. (I can’t even believe I’m writing 2016. It’s not too long ago we were all living in fear of the Y2K bug!)
    Best wishes and hugs. ox


  3. Pauline, I typed a long comment on my phone, then lost it 😦
    Just want to say that you have been a real inspiration to me, too, in many ways. I’m glad I saw the contest in time to vote and I’m glad everyone will be receiving a dangler. It was very difficult to decide, as each nominee seemed so deserving. Things are improving here slowly and I’ve been trying to read a post or two as I can find time, but it’s not been easy to keep up even with those I feel closest to.

    One thing that I thought as I read the original post, then the stories, then the winners post, was that those danglers are so representative of you; they do not create the Light, but they catch it, add their own special ‘spin’ and then broadcast it for all to enjoy and benefit from. To me you will always be a Light-catcher, Pauline, and I don’t think for one moment that what you do in the world is inconsequential. In the end, people like you are the ones who truly change the world, through their attitudes, their acts, and by setting such inspiring examples. Each heart and soul and mind that you influence will go on to magnify that touch to others.

    I was so glad to follow you through a truly blessed year; proof (if I needed it) that we do reap what we sow . . . and you sow love, peace, hope and so much more. The world is a better place for your walking through it. Thank you for all that you do. You give me such hope in a challenging time. ~ Linne

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  4. Oh my goodness me! Oh my goodness me! The mailman has just been! A parcel was there! I had no idea! THANK YOU, PAULINE! And THANK YOU CYNTHIA for the nomination! I think I voted for the character “Harry” because I thought it was Susanne of “Wuthering Bites” because she sometimes has a Harry character. Oh my goodness! I AM excited. And the card, Pauline, is beautiful! I haven’t won anything since I won a crayfish in a raffle when I was 8! I shall be hanging it (the light catcher not the crayfish) with the decorations made from Bianca’s model from the tea-light candles – after which it shall find a permanent place in the light!


  5. Such an extremely kind and generous gift to the runners up. The one who one, str C was a worthy winner as was the runner up story. All were so beautifully written and submitted for the sacrifices they have made. Lovely idea! Pauline, you are a treasured and special part of my blogging friendships made along the way. Take care and hope your month will be full of the same light and beauty you give away. ♡♡ ☆¤☆ ♡♡


  6. Beautiful Pauline, you generous and very lovely lady xx I had trouble trying to know who to vote for but the winner was my choice in the end too 🙂 Love your new front Door!!


  7. I loved this giveaway, loved all the stories and I love you and your big, generous and creative heart. You’ve made so many people happy here, not only the winners, but the runners up and the nominees, the readers and all who comment. xox

    You create magic, Pauline.


  8. I loved the format of this giveaway. I think that finding people who could really use a little glint of New Zealand and the beautiful generosity of the creator of these wonderful light catchers every time they see their very own sun reflected from those lovely facets is most probably the most poignant reminder that there is still a whole untapped wealth of goodness when sometimes it can look so very dark. You are a star Pauline. 🙂

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    • Thank you Fran for that great feedback. It was quite a labour intensive giveaway and a bit fraught in places but I am glad I tried it. Interestingly traffic was down by about half which maybe indicates lots of folks didn’t like the format but were too polite to say so 🙂 My motif really was just to place communal heart ahead of communal fear and while it won’t change the world, it will join in with all those others who send out light.

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  9. Hi Pauline. That’s so generous of you. You really are an angel. I put aside reading the stories until I had time – which of course is fatal. But I will go back and read them now. Thank you – your generosity has left me with a lovely warm glow 🙂 xx


  10. What a blessing you are in my life! Daily, I think of you, and daily, I am thankful for you. Your generous heart, your incredible talent, your boundless love, and your wisdom. Thank you for sharing beauty and joy with so many. do love you, Pauline.

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  11. What a wonderful result Pauline, your generous heart brings beautiful blessings far and wide. Love the photo of Siddy, he looks most impressed with his pretty new door 🙂 xo


  12. I missed out on some of the fun, but glad to tune in for such happy results! There will be a lot of smiles out there as the light catchers make their way across the miles! Hope each recipient enjoys their sparkle as much as I enjoy mine! What a lovely way to observe Advent, Pauline!


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  14. Aah, Pauline, you are such a kind hearted lady! This was such a wonderful idea to spread some of your NZ sunshine around the world – you are a real gem! And I love your glowing front door, by the way, as does Siddy, so it would seem 😊

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  15. Wow Pauline, what a lovely thing to do! I love the idea of you sending rainbows all over the world, the recipients will be overjoyed with your beautiful and unexpected gift xx


  16. You make the world a brighter and better place. You are a very exceptional person. Thanks for the Siddy photo. Lots of hugs and kisses and warm thoughts for you, Siddy, Orlando and your daughter.


  17. I KNEW, would’ve been willing to bet a million dollars, that you would end up making danglers for everyone, Pauline! It’s just so much who you are! What a generous, lovely friend we all have in you.

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  18. Hi Pauline, and everybody who voted for such a wonderful gesture of giving: My daughter (Melanie) is going to be so excited in a few hours when she wakes up and checks her email (on her phone). She may not be able to access this site because of the resulting internet charges on her phone bill however, she will see my text which simply said that she had won something very special. She will be so thrilled when the package arrives and she opens it!

    If anybody would like to know a little more about Melanie, I published one of her poems on my blog some time ago. It was written a long time ago and well before she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, but clearly portrays what a sensitive daughter I have. I am very proud of her.

    My sincere thanks to Pauline for rewarding the other entries because they were all very deserving of a surprise Christmas gift. As to the question of how I found out about the competition? I really do not know and can only assume that I linked to it from elsewhere, and I am so glad that I did as I love to Follow bloggers who are sensitive and giving. I am now a Follower.

    Regards to all. Colin.

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  19. I feel horrible that I haven’t been over to the previous post yet … too much going on at this end … But hey … at least I got here and with hopes of coming back later today. … However, I think Siddy is wondering about going for a long walk on her own. Then again, why leave a place where that spoils! 😉


  20. I got so excited that someone won something so beautiful. Almost forgot to leave a message. Siddy seems to know his audience is waiting. 🙂 I’m surprised that non-readers found your contest. Very interesting. Giant hugs to you and yours.


  21. Wow…. that’s amazingly generous… you wonderful person. When I read the stories, I did wonder how it would be possible to single out just one person, but I wanted to join in so did choose two – both of whom are getting a light-catcher as it turns out.
    I hope all these gifts bring their recipients as much joy as mine has ❤


  22. Oh Pauline you are so thoughtful, what a lovely surprise for all the worthy winners 🙂 Brought tears to my eyes.. and I love that new front door. ❤


  23. Bless your generous heart Pauline. I believe that as you were doing all of those catchers, there were butterflies in your stomach because there is so much love to share and give. Your kindness is such a warm embrace to everyone.


  24. Pauline, your generosity is amazing. This was such an inspiring competition, and your further generosity makes it even more so. Your light catchers are beautiful and are sure to be treasured by all recipients. The thought of spreading rainbows of light and joy around the world must be very gratifying. I am pleased that a little part of it is heading over close to me. I thank all your wonderful readers who voted for my friend Robin. She is definitely deserving of a light catcher. She shares light and joy every day as well. I know this gift will mean a lot to her. Thank you very much. May the light and joy return to you in abundance.


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