Three Days – Three Quotes: Day 3

My old pal Apple over on Apple Pie and Napalm who sometimes writes really great posts about country music, had a slight melt down, took to partaking in something called  ‘A Quote a Day for Three Days’ and fool-heartedly chucked me under the handed the banner on to me……..

According to Ms Napalm there are ‘Easy peasy instructions. One quote post per day for three days. For each post, include three fellow bloggers to pass the challenge to.’

I considered it a small miracle that I would be able to organise myself enough to get together three quotes. but I managed it.  Then I decided wouldn’t it be nice to present the quotes using either Danella Joy’s photos or my own paintings…..  See this is why getting posts together is such time consuming work for me!!

Like so many of my friends here in the world of blogging I’m not given much to following rules and I’m hoping some of you might just like to keep the thing alive by posting a quote on your own blog and you can nominate or not – according to how you feel about rules.  Let me know if you pick up the banner 🙂

This is what I think about ‘Quotes’:  Quotes can be read and not understood.  Quotes can be read and not seen.  For a quote to have meaning, I must attempt to live it.

Three  Four Valiant Bloggers have put their hands tentatively in the air to carry the ‘Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge’ forward.  Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for our intrepid volunteers:

Alys at Gardening Nirvana

Linne at A Random Harvest

Claire at Mollie and Claire

And this I’m betting will be something a little different I dare you to take a look:

Bruce at Weave A Web

Please support these wonderful gals and Bruce and drop by their blogs.  Thank you 🙂

sunnyglowDJK  MLK Quote

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!

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  4. What could have been, if not for hatred fuelled by naiveté and a lack of worldliness. At the time, Dr King was front and centre and the nation was so divided. You might wish that things have improved and this was ancient history but it’s not true throughout America. Have you seen the news story this week from Texas P? An African American woman is brutally arrested for not signally a turn in her car? The white officer is a lunatic, and the woman has been found dead in her cell (according to texas police). There will be no justice for her, her life is over. Will there be any consequence for cop? Time will tell. I’m afraid if there’s not, a bloody riot will ensue. He is a prime example of an open wound that continues to fester in America. Lets hope that a more gentle generation will emerge without the scars and mentality of the past and show love to all that cross their path. Peace is the answer, love is the way xoxo K

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    • I had not heard that – another story that leaves us feeling dazed and wounded and impotent in the face of insanity! It is searing to think that still so many years later there is still an ignorant and hate filled section of society that is allowed to continue on in this manner. It may indeed come to civil war if those who can make changes choose not to. This fuels my fire to ensure I live these words from Dr King, not just think them. Because being watchful of how I behave is all I can do. xoxo

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      • Too clarify LB, that particular incident was in America but we have our own racism here too. Embarrasing, shocking and sickening footage has been in the news this week of a loser spewing insane racist comments in a cab that was taking his drunk a#* home. He’s now been charged with assault along with other charges and lost his job. Not surprisingly, his employer chooses not to have that kind of hatred in their work place (not to mention he signed a code of conduct contract). I was sick to my stomach listening to his verbal attacks they were so vile. Instead of getting angry, let’s all shed light on these ignorances so that these sad and sick people can not hide in the dark corners of their dylusions of superiority. They shall know, we will not condone their behaviour with silence! BAM!


  5. I like the 3 quotes and how you chose to “decorate” them, Pauline! Sometimes quotations need a poster effect! This one caught my thought processing and held me.


      • The darkness part was what made me visualize long winter’s nights and dark gloomy days. I was being too literal with the first part. I believe in sowing love everywhere. Your Siddy is a big lovable sower of happiness while Orlando is his formal and serene self, rising above the pup’s antics, Pauline.


  6. Danella Joy’s photography is stunning and your quote was perfect with it. I’ve quit raising my hand to volunteer for things. I love quotes. I’ve been so busy trying to catch up with my blog reading, I’m doing no writing. I am doing though, just not writing. 😦

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  7. Perfect pairing of quote and photo! The light in the boardwalk shots was something and it does look like it’s pushing out the shade. Glad it’s warming up a bit down there–we’re having heat advisory days!

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    • My reply is late – I got myself in a muddle! Heat Advisory days? What does that entail – a post is maybe required …… The Official Photographer takes some good shots doesn’t she – I don’t have that eye and am awfully impressed!


      • Heat advisories are when the temperature and humidity coalesce to create a dangerous “heat index” for children, elderly and people who work outside or can’t mis their daily run. There’s a warning that the temperature will be dangerous. We also have an air quality index that I watch if I’m bicycling. Orange and red are no go’s … It’s a bit like the wind chill index, I guess, where you could freeze faster depending on conditions.


  8. Another lovely quote, if we could only all live by this what a better place the world would be.


  9. Congrats to three brave volunteers for taking the 3 quotes challenge. We continue to learn so much from the life and teachings of MLK. Thanks for sharing this quote with Danella’s photo.


  10. It’s a shame we don’t have a Martin Luther King now.. but we do have a Pauline King and that is the next best thing :). Thanks for the quotes, I really enjoyed them. Sorry it’s taken me so long to get around to them, time flies when you’re having fun .. there’s my quote lol


  11. The beautiful photo with the shadow and the light is a wonderful choice for this powerful quote Pauline. Have very much enjoyed reading all three of your quote challenge posts this Monday morning, I feel more than a little inspired, thank you 🙂 xoxo

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  12. Lovely quotes, all three. I’m just catching up with a bit of reading as I’ve been away for the past few days celebrating my mum’s 81st birthday… which involved lots of food and laughter. It’s going to take me a week to recover, I think!

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