Making It Cosy With Nothing

When I moved into this tiny flat in May 2011, it was with a  great deal of relief that I had found somewhere affordable to live in and a wee dash of trepidation regarding the size of the place and the urban area.

The day before I moved in we went in to clean and hang my curtains and light fittings.

It looked like this before we started work

living room

and like this a couple of days later

lounge May 11

Orlando seemed not to mind as long as he knew where dinner was

Tig 2 May 11

There was also this – [remember this wall paper you will see it again later]:

Craft Room May 11

I began immediately to dispose of my accumulated stuff.  What I couldn’t give up yet eventually became part of a meticulously stacked and sorted, packed and piled wardrobe and storage cupboard and linen closet……….

I made the best of it – but in reality I was secretly just camping there, waiting for the day when my beach cottage would miraculously appear.  It took a while for me to catch up with reality.  I had chosen to not work for monetary reward but to work for free for those who would otherwise not receive help.  A beach cottage was not high on the list of probabilities.  One of the first laws of contentment is to be content with where you are.

After receiving that wee pearl of enlightenment I set about making my small lodgings into a workable home that would meet my needs as comfortably and prettily as possible.

You know the saga of the past two months – disposing of some and then disposing of more and eventually disposing of it all.  I let the dream go and discovered I could be happy right here, right now – and man, so much lighter!!

I have been delighted with what has transpired.  I feel as if I have gained double the space.  It works for us all.



Do you remember the fridge that sat for a while in the middle of nowhere?  In order to make this seating nook happen I had to build a faux wall that extended the space.  I did this by hanging a length of fabric behind the previously open kitchen counter area and placing the TV and this ‘hutch’ as if they were on a wall.  The fridge is behind the hutch.

The ‘hutch’ is an old chest of drawers and two of my inestimably handy free standing shelves – It does the job and we have one of our favourite friends perched there keeping an eye on everything………. can you see who it is?


You are looking at the side of the hutch and the side of the fridge.  The magnetic words are on the fridge waiting for me to make them into a poem.  The chest that these pretty gifts from friends-far-away are sitting on, came from my bedroom.


This is the view the other way where I have set up a long table so that I can have my sewing machine out when I need to and still eat my dinner and/or read my book.  Indoor Sidd went there quite soon into the rearranging chaos and has stayed there.  I quite like having him so close.  My table therefore has a threefold reason for being – nourishing, creating and contemplating.  Perfect!

There is also an extra canvas leaning up against the wall – it is waiting for its two mates to be finished and will eventually hang behind Indoor Sidd instead of that old painting.


Here is a peek at the kitchen where my gorgeous Serendipity spoon stands ready to spring into action the moment it is required.  To the left you get a glimpse of the faux wall and to the right is Orlando’s favourite ‘keeping an eye on the neighbourhood’ spot


Remember that room stacked to the ceiling with boxes – the one with the horrid yellow flowery wallpaper?  That wall paper is the bane of my life!  It is in perfect condition and is the original wallcovering for this flat which was built in 1971.  It cannot be stripped off without some skill and cannot be wallpapered over except by a professional.  It is shiny vinyl so cannot be painted over with ordinary water-based paint.  It requires sealing with that stuff that kills you and painting with enamel paint, the fumes of which will also kill you.  I have racked my brain to come up with a way of ridding myself of this stuff to no avail.. Part of this exercise is to make what you have work – so I did this


It is a tiny room – that is a double bed.  Because the big bedroom is my creating room, this is where I sleep.  I got rid of one whole wall of yellow flowers by hanging a roman blind and curtains all over it.  I placed a large painting on the other wall.  I took a bed set that is not really the kind of thing I like, but which works well with what is there and has the added extra effect of taking the eye away from the yellow flowers.

I took off the wardrobe door and hung more curtains.  I swapped my chest of drawers for a smaller, taller one from the creating room:


And here every night Orlando and I say thanks for this wonderful day and thanks for our crazy tiny pretty home and thanks for all our wonderful friends and family.  And thanks for the creativity that makes it possible to make living here work for us   🙂

And we are looking for a tiny doggie friend to join us too.  Now that will be a happy dance day!!

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!    🙂

77 thoughts on “Making It Cosy With Nothing

  1. Nice job Pauline! Looks so inviting and friendly. Must be a lovely haven for you. We adopted a rescue dog about 6 years ago. He is a Maltese Shitzu and is the most beautiful dog. When we got him he was about a year old and had been badly abused. He didn’t know what a toy was, was terrified of feet or anything in your hand, especially a broom. It took a lot of love and patience but he is just a beautiful, happy little soul now. He just loves his toys too and enjoys nothing better than a bit of “rough” play now. He gives us great joy and we really are blessed to have him as our family. Good luck with your search, the right one will come along and you won’t know how you lived without them x


    • That is such a lovely story and gives me hope! I am seeing some gorgeous animals and it is breaking my heart that I can’t adopt them but they are just too big and too high energy for this place. I know the right one will come though, so I just keep looking.


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  3. I saw this earlier but didn’t get a chance to comment yet. You’ll soon understand why but I LOVE what you have done to keep it fresh and light. While I have a great deal more “STUFF” and a lot of it is darker, I’m looking forward to less and lighter. I’m hoping to do a great deal of painting on walls, ceilings, and furniture. Your place looks so inviting. Thank you for the inspiration.


    • I am most happy to be thought of as ‘inspirational’ Marlene – that is a nice thing to hear first thing on a cloudy and cool Tuesday morning 🙂 I paint everything white – I don’t like ‘brown’ furniture as it is too heavy and absorbs the light and I use bright colours in furnishing fabrics, mixing up patterns but staying in the same colour palette gives the impression of more space and light than there really is 🙂

      I shall look forward to seeing a post from you about ‘why’! 🙂


        • I am glad you did Alys – for I was in here chasing something up last night and realised that the very first photo could be used to solve the riddle of the fabric faux wall. See how the kitchen counter is placed on the left with cupboards above and below and a gap in the middle? That is where the faux wall starts, on the living room side. The fridge was placed at the end of that counter with its back to the living room. The faux hutch [everything in my house is ‘faux’ 🙂 ] backs up to the fridge and then another chest which acts as a sideboard sits at right angles across the ends of the fridge/hutch. It sounds convoluted but actually works pretty seamlessly and you would have to really study the layout to see what has been done. This has almost doubled that tiny sitting space.


            • I believe they may have! I just checked my stats and yesterdays views were way higher than normal, most of them seemed to be via facebook – so I guess that is you 🙂 Well done Alys!! Would you like to be my personal manager?? 🙂


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  5. Pauline, what a brilliant transformation! It took a lot of talent and skill to make it happen. I like the idea of the faux wall. Your bedroom is so cozy! Your home is truly inviting and peaceful. 🙂


  6. You have created a light, airy, and lovely space. I’m so impressed with what you have done, and really, with the motivation behind it.
    So many of us have too much baggage … figuratively and literally. You have shed much of yours and must feel lighter.
    I’m inspired!


  7. You have made your space into a beautiful home. Plenty of people in much bigger/showier flats/houses never manage to do this. It takes a special talent. By the way, I particularly like the seascape canvas above your armchair.
    Wishing you many happy times in your beautiful home.


    • Thank you for those kind words 🙂 That canvas was painted by my daughter ages ago and I appropriated it as it fits my theme beautifully – She has a great painting style but unfortunately doesn’t do it very often!


  8. p.s. You did NOT create this with ‘nothing’; not much in the way of money and material goods, perhaps, but instead you have used lashings of talent and a perfect eye for details . . . nothing to sneeze at, trust me! Just shows what you can do with ‘nothing’ . . . I think you could make your way around the world hiring out your talents, if you chose. ~ Linne


    • Ha! There’s a thought 🙂 Thank you that is a very lovely thing to say – I have always been able to do this and I know lots can’t [though some can do it even better!] I am always grateful for that creative spark!


  9. WOW!!! I love your cottage space and I can just about hear the sea sighing somewhere beyond those lovely curtains . . . I am so impressed, not only with your space and what you have done to make it a home, but also with your inner work and how you have come to be happy where you are with what you have. Impressive! I have reached a space of ‘content, but not satisfied’, which works for me so that I can be happy here but not attach too much. The first years here I didn’t make friends, because I know my ‘connecting’ strength is so high. Now I have a few, though, and they will be friends even once I’m back ‘home’. ‘Content’ is good, too.

    I absolutely loved seeing more of your space; now I can imagine you throughout the day; such a lovely thought. I’ve been listening to old favourites as I read through your post and all the comments; when I got to Pete Seeger singing ‘Ode to Joy’; one of my all-time favourites, it was so moving and I shall always associate it with your cottage.

    And how good is it to see items from all over the ‘Village’? You are well-loved and you deserve every bit of it; your choice to mentor those who need it most and can afford it least says all I ever need to know about you . . .

    I shall see you finding the perfect wee doggie (and refrain from seeing a lovely large one! 🙂 ); one that loves Mr. O and respects him, earning respect and love in return. Not too much to ask, I think . . .

    Thanks for the tour, Pauline; I shall have to come back and visit from time to time . . .

    Hugs to you. xoxoxoxoxox ~ Linne


    • Sweet Linne – that is all very kind of you to say.

      Please do refrain from picturing a large dog here – there is very little room as you can see, it has to be something that will actually fit 🙂 Plus the little kingship has to be the boss, which means that in the beginning he must be higher physically in order to extend his territory as much as possible. A big dog will make that very difficult for me – i’m not that tall!!

      Come back any time – the kettle is always on 🙂


  10. It’s just lovely, Pauline! I am with you all the way, loving the draping fabric and light billowy-ness of it all. Making new digs is very satisfying, and I’m chaffing to get into ours so I can drape some cloth about and be “home.” The dog of your dreams will appear, I feel sure. If you built it (the home), they will come….from Field of Dreams, in case you’ve not seen this movie. I’m visualizing a sweet little bishon or the like finding you soon. Aloha and many hugs from Hawaii.


    • Field of Dreams is one of my favourite movies of all times!! I’m such a sucker for anything with a bit of the metaphysical thrown in 🙂 And that is exactly what my daughter said too – so I am studying up with Cesar Millan and making sure I have thought as much through as possible and trying to expose the little kingship to doggies – though that is not going that well as he just took off when a rather gorgeous setter trotted past the house just now running with it’s mum on this lovely fine winters day!

      Thank you for the visualisation and please keep at it – we need the help 🙂


  11. Earl says that he isn’t averse to fluffing it up with sheepskin in order to be an Earldoodle if it was required. He can strip wallpaper if you give him enough water and the opportunity to pee at leisure (he doesn’t even require privacy) and he says that King Orlando might be a bit of a problem but he should be able to sort that problem out and that, sir Earl, just put paid to you EVER visiting 😦 Sorry Pauline, you might just have to get one of those small fluffy white little yappy things just PULEEZE don’t put it in your handbag or we might have to renegotiate our relationship…

    Fulsome praise is as fulsome does ma’am as mumma used to say. Steve says give him a few hours with one of those paint steamer jobbies and he would have your offending wallpaper stripped. He also said he would do it for you but alas, even though he has his lifesavers swimming certificates (lucky as I can’t actually swim…) he and Earl, even doing the dog paddle in turn, would be unlikely to make it all the way to NZ 😦 You are on a promise that if we ever do come to visit over the ditch, that he will remove said offending wallpaper though OK?

    Yes. My one reason for having any pride in myself at ALL this week (having eaten half of that vegan cake all by myself, indulging myself in more bread than I even want to admit here and other things that I can’t talk about because I have too much shame…) is that I reduced my RSS Feed Reader to nil 🙂 The next morning it had bounced back and was poking me in the eye most vindictively. I think we are going to have a little stoosh me and the RSS Feed Reader…someone has to be the boss and this little black duck feels a purge coming on…

    Pauline, if you can find a place that makes you happy you are rich beyond belief. If you can sit down in your little home and look around you at what you have done with that talent that you pull out of yourself and feel a deep and honest contentment, you HAVE that beach house. Happiness is the most elusive of all of the “ness’s” and most people spend most of their lives attempting to attain it. They tend not to realise that it is inside them and tend to bypass it when they are scratching and rooting around down there among the detritus and debris of their lives. That little smutty kid with the runny nose is happiness…most people just never let that happiness grow up…

    Holy CRAP you have a talent overload! Stop lording it around ma’am…we Aussies are notorious for our tall poppy syndrome remember! 😉 Seriously though the best I have done is cover a book in an old leather coat, cover a (now broken 😉 ) stool in the same leather (well not technically “the same” but from the same coat 😉 ) and bampf around making enormous…ENORMOUS granny squares that could probably go into the World Guinness book of records if it wasn’t for Earl’s untimely interventions. What I find more intriguing is that you help people as a life coach for free. I find that the most creative, artistic and beautiful thing about you because in reading that I really saw the true Pauline. I too sleep in cardboard (or this morning, at Steve’s Parmesan scented feet with Earl’s pink nether regions WAY too close to my cheek after Bezial turfed me out of my slumber and forced me upside down…makes cardboard look preferable actually…)

    On a small aside…guess what! I dreamed of Robert Downey Jr! I did! And he gave me an autographed bit of paper with his signature and the symbol for zero on it. I have just spent a most interesting morning looking up my interpretation of that dream and apparently he made a movie early on in his career with something about zero in it…I think I channeled him. Pity I can’t do that at will or I would spend most of my days channeling and would NEVER get anything done around here! ;).


    • I have to cut straight to the chase – you dreamed of RDj and he gave you his autograph and a zero!! The dream alone is worthy of mention in my RDj dreamless opinion – but the zero! Zero is THE symbol for unity, the vastness of eternal space and being …. Zero degrees of separation – you and RDj are one!! Move over Stevie-Boy [and Earl and Beziel!] I used to listen to him singing back in the Ally McBeal days and just swoon 🙂 I never swoon, but he had something back then and it has just gotten better and better with time. No surprise to me at all that he IS Iron Man!!

      That explains why you jumped onto YouTube this morning and hunted down that Elton John track 🙂 Happy days Narfie!!

      Earl in a sheepskin hey? Why didn’t I think of that? I promise never to handbag a dog. How could either of you think I ever would? There is a lovely and delish spoodle that I follow his blog is called My Dogablog and he is just gorgeous and I would love a Monty dog!! You should check them out.

      I love the picture in my head of Steve and Earl taking turns to led the way with the dog paddle – one carrying the other on his back, though the swap over is a trifle fraught….. I prefer the thought of Steve with one of those heating thingies rather than Earl and a couple of bowls of water 🙂 I shall wait with un-bated breath for the day of your great OE to our shores 🙂

      You are right about happiness – it is elusive and we spend a great deal of our lives looking for it outside of ourselves. I often think my whole journey has been about learning to be that way without, and despite, any other input. But then I suspect that may be everybody’s ultimate destination. I am most fortunate that my path got me here! It’s a nice place to be.

      Thank you for all that fullsome praise – my head is getting quite swelled out 🙂 xoxo


      • I can’t tell how big your head is under all of that hair 😉 Earl is still ready to do duty whizzing on your wall whenever you like and don’t be surprised to see the Pimblett’s on your side of the ditch, The son and heir went recently and said it was a dirt cheap holiday…just have to get some more funds in that moth eaten sock… (what can I sell…maybe the remains of that GINORMOUS granny square…the bits that I could rescue from Earl…but NOT the bits that came out the other end…)


          • There goes 1 of your paint strippers RIGHT THERE! The son and heir had to get his partner out of the country to apply for a bridging visa (STUPID LAWS!) so he took her to NZ for a week and they both said it was aMAZING. I would love to see it and I just know I would be cramming cuttings and seeds in boxes to send back over the ditch all over the place as well as catching up with some of my dear constant readers who do NZ justice in every possible way 🙂


            • If Earl had the hat on over his ears he would not have heard that foolish suggestion!

              And right there that last sentence got you free board and lodgings probably throughout the country!! I myself have a long thin space available under the table where indoor Sidd sits 🙂


              • I was thinking I could nestle down outside with outdoor Sidd…Stevie-boy and I would probably do what The son-and-heir did and hire a camper van…no need for accomodation and we could just park in people’s driveways 😉 We are actually thinking about it…the only negative is working out what to do with our fur babies…wonder if one of my girls would bunk here for a week or two?…


  12. Sigh, that’s the word that comes to mind after strolling through ‘your cottage’. Surely if the seaside one is currently out of reach, this is the next BEST thing. Loving all the shades of blue and sea foam and aqua used to punctuate the calmness of all your creamy coloured furniture. It actually reminds me of home. We appear to have very similar design senses. I was tickled to see your treasures from the Boom Room too. I need to send something more calm to suit your decor though. I shall endeavour to send it before *next* Christmas, LOL. I can see by your book collection too, that the order and serenity in your surroundings is carried with you in your life. It’s important to be comfortable in our homes and in our own skin. Many people never achieve this entirely, so Bravo Pauline. You’ve taken a big life change, and woven it into a charming little nest for you and Orlando and a new friend. I can’t wait to meet him/her. That’s really, really wonderful 😀 I’m so happy you’re feeling content and settled. Thanks for the tour my dear xoxoxok


    • Isn’t that lovely that we have similar design and colour preferences! Serendipitous as Alys would say 🙂 I am saving Alyster’s toadstool as the first item for my fairy garden which I intend/hope to create next Spring by my front door – being inspired so much by the lovely Alys of course 🙂 That is all I have at the moment but am sure other bits will be discovered lurking in the crafting stash when I seriously start hunting.

      It has been a huge life change, you are special for picking up on that – and these last three year have been quite a journey for me on a deeply personal level. I feel like I am finally truly and completely living in the moment and perfectly content with what is. It is a lovely feeling.

      The doggie search is one of those things that I have to really practise being open minded about – I know what I would like but that is very often not what needs to be wanted……… it is also one of those things a bit like your house hunt – seems endless and goes on and on and then one day there it is and it is all done and dusted in a matter of days. I’m enjoying the hunt at the moment 🙂


      • Once you have a Fairy Garden of your own, nothing small is ever looked at quite the same. A bit addicting actually, but in the nicest way. I’m always amazed at how Alys re-purposes some small thing and it’s totally fab.
        I’m actually really worried for California tonight. Our national news reported on terrible fires in San Diego. They are in the worst drought ever recorded and
        38 C. San Diego is 460 km’s south of San Jose. Alys has been saying how hot it’s been. Gosh, it’s still spring.
        For me, divorce was 20 years ago. I was very lucky and was able to stay in my home because I worked full time and my brother moved in to help. If I had to make the drastic changes that you’ve been through, I probably would have been an even bigger mess. But here you are, flourishing and in better health than ever. That’s a huge accomplishment. I think I held things together mentally and physically (lots of work at the lake) mostly to spite my ex. That’s probably unhealthy, but it got the job done when I needed a reason to keep my sh** together.
        I will wait patiently for your dog news so you can continue to enjoy the search 😀
        I like that, “it’s often not what needs to be wanted”. That’s how we got Buddy. He was an older, oversized dog. Most want younger, small dogs but we wanted to rescue one that would be waiting the longest. xoxoxo k


        • Thank you for that info re Alys situation Boomdee – I shall hold her in my thoughts. Accelerating climate change may change all our life plans and dreams….. we have to be way more flexible in our thinking and in the way we live these days.

          Don’t you think it is wonderful how the most awful situations can be resolved well – I started my journey simply because I never wanted to be anything like my own mother – she was my impetus for change just as much as your ex’es was for you! We both turned out pretty fabulous in the end – so that’s a big thanks to them for setting us on our paths 🙂


  13. It has all turned out really wonderful and mini me orlando looks great sitting up there!


    • It is the perfect spot for him – as I sit typing this response to you I just have to raise my eyes slightly to the right and there he is smiling beatifically at me. Orlando often sits on the hutch beside him when the sun is there too – Note to self: must try to grab a photo one morning!


  14. Okay…got it. Now I can go to bed having solved my mental riddle. Somehow I missed the part about the fabric wall on the first read. I’m so glad you are at peace.


  15. I am gobsmacked at your organisational talent! You took that flat from a small sad empty space to a beautiful creative and most delicious home and with pretty much nothing. I bow to your creative genius…That wallpaper would have made me twitch but you have rendered it harmless and dare I say… benign? Is that the right word for anything “decorative” that came from the 70’s? My gran had orange paisley vinyl wallpaper from the 70’s. It went with the hand basin that was in a particularly stylish shade of avocado. I want to hug you for your cleverness, your enthusiasm and most of all your optimism that has enthused this penniless hippy into believing that maybe we can do something with our space as well. 3 rooms still to paint (amazing what a shut door will hide 😉 ) and if I had an ounce of your artistic talent I could make this place look amazing. You are amazing :). Earl says when is he to expect his ticket? He has his food bowl packed…


    • 🙂 Please ask Earl to carefully read and consider the response to Anne’s comment below. If he finds it agreeable, the swim is not so very far and you could send his bowl by airmail .

      You are very kind and sweet [yes, sweet!] even if slightly over the top in your fullsome praise. And early to the party too – have you cleared out the RSS? I spend an awful lot of time every day in this tiny house and so it has to be a place that makes me feel happy. And now I’m happy 🙂

      I am of course entirely open to a quick duck across the pond to advise, assist, sew, crochet, paint, hang and lay whatever you require. I have, and would bring with me, my own little red tool box complete with handy man sized zip out measuring tape, a hammer and an array of screwdrivers. I have a large and small wrench, a level and even an array of those nut moving things. I’ve even got a big stapler that is ever so handy and a hot glue gun – also incredibly handy 🙂 Nothing I can’t do except hang wall paper!! You can clearly see my accommodation does not need to be extensive – I sleep in a cupboard for heavens sake! xoxo


  16. I’ve been looking forward to this post, Pauline. I love what you’ve created. It’s light and airy, with beautiful shades of white and blue. It feels like a cottage with all your personal touches. I love that green gingham pillow, all your healthy plants, the pictures on the wall and that large window with the pretty lace curtains.

    Try as I might, I can’t seem to picture the new wall you’ve created in relation to the kitchen. No matter. I’ve always been directionally challenged. I’m going to keep looking though, so that it clicks. It’s a clever idea.

    I love looking into your space and imagining you there with Orlando, reading your book, crocheting your Bavarian blanket and sipping water or tea. I got a glimpse of your covered parking area from the first photo. Is that the place where your things were damaged in the rain? I would say “what a shame” but in the end, it seems you were able to let go of all of it. It must be positively liberating.

    It’s a true artist that chooses to sleep in the smaller of two rooms. Crafting rules! You’ve done great things with the walls and what a good choice for your bedspread. You’re right that it works well in that room. Fabric as a way of softening edges and muffling noises too. Have you found that to be true in this room?

    Beautifully done, my dear. Warm, inviting, calm and expressively you. xox


    • You have got it right – it is referred to by so many as my cottage – it isn’t really, but I make it look that way on the inside. And yes, the fabric does help muffle sound – as I am so close to the street lots of fabric at the windows acts as a muffler also.

      I’m pleased you got that wall sorted in your head so you could go to bed and sleep – I would hate to think I caused you to lie there all night doing mental gymnastics……. It is hard to sort out what I’ve done, even my daughter who knows the house well couldn’t figure it out when we first skyped after the move around…….. You have to be standing in the room.

      The place that leaked in the rain is clearly visible in the first photos – when I first moved in I set the conservatory up as a small dining area, but found out very quickly that it was too cold in there during the winter and too hot in the summer to be of any use for anything except a passage way in and out and storage. Now it is not even storage, just a passage way to nowhere in particular.

      Thank you for stopping by and for your thoughtful and kind comments, I so appreciate them xoxo


  17. Wow – what a transformation Pauline! Your abode looks so happy and light-filled and you sound the same! It seems as though the process may have unburdened you of some mental clutter too? I can’t wait to see where this doggie quest ends up!! I hope it doesn’t cause too much chaos for Archduke Orlando!! Big hugs to you in your happily transformed home and heart! : )))xox


    • Absolutely correct Anne! The ‘mental clutter’ has also been cleared – amazing what sorting out cupboards can do for your priorities! 🙂 The doggie quest is dependent on the Archduke feeling secure in his #2 position in the hierarchy – or #1 which is probably where he really is. Doggie will be #3 and we will all be happy 🙂 Wouldn’t it be great if I managed a spoodle?? I would have to call her Montietta!! 🙂


      • Yaaaaay!!! But Monty’s a ‘moodle’… (he’s only 5.5 kg) a bit smaller than a spoodle (which can be up to 12 kg). We wanted a very little dog with lots of personality (which is definitely Monty!!). Have a very beautiful weekend my sweet. : )))xox


        • My tiny brain can’t cope with ‘moodle’ what does the ‘m’ stand for? And you were right when you said the Archduke would be bigger – he would smother poor Monty! I would still like a spoodle like Monty….. A bigger version of Monty……… an archduke size version of a Monty 🙂


  18. Whoa!! What a transformation Pauline, I love your wee home and what you have done with it. Even the yellow paper is beautiful this way. You have done a beautiful job, truly lovely 🙂 🙂 Thank you for showing us because it’s not easy to bare all lol.

    Waiting in anticipation for that wee dog. Aw, that will be so cute! I am pleased you feel more settled now and to hear your reasons for feeling so…, just lovely.


    • Thank you Wendy 🙂 I don’t seem to have an issue with ‘baring all’. 🙂 It is what it is and it is apparently, just fine……. look at all the lovely people who wander past in this blog!

      I had a crazy moment of hope a couple of days ago when the dog rescue site put up a 4 year old bichon girl – which is perfect for us….. But when I rang the DCC they said she is not suitable for re-homing due to abuse. Broke my heart!!

      It may take a while – but we are looking!


      • It certainly IS just fine, it’s lovely, feminine and creative. I am rather too private for that lol.

        That would’ve broken your heart 😦 I would’ve thought an abused dog would need a special new owner not none at all! I pictured a wee beigy/goldy fluffy thing 🙂 I had a bichon and he was absolutely my baby for 15 years. They make the most beautiful companions, joyful wee souls. I would love another but they are so expensive to have groomed etc.


        • I know they don’t make statements like that lightly – the person I was talking to said she was ‘red zone’ – which is a phrase I have heard Cesar Millan use for dangerous dogs. I think that given the amount of animals that are waiting for homes they have to make these judgement calls – I wouldn’t like to have to do that!

          If you just keep on picturing me with something wee biegy/goldy gal that will work well for me 🙂 We will see what comes………….


  19. I think you space is beautiful. I totally get working with what you have:-) You have created a cozy place that is inviting + it looks like a place a creative soul lives. Really lovely. I am in the “purge” mode this summer. I just have to get my husband on the same page-lol! You said it perfectly-“One of the first laws of contentment is to be content with where you are.” that is how one truly becomes grateful for what you have not what you don’t have:-) Great post + thank you for sharing your home:-)


    • I made a long reply to you ages ago Robbie and must not have hit ‘post comment’ [Shakes head at self in puzzlement!]

      Thank you for those lovely comments – I know we are on the same page as I said to you on your post – we are writing about the same things from our different perspectives. I think it is wonderful – so glad you are here! xoxo


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