Still NO ART – Just More Life

I caught myself this morning standing over a kitchen sink full of hot, bubbly water, clapping my hands with joy!  Life is good dear friends – life is very sweet right now!

I had a wonderful week with my ED.  We spent quite a lot of time in her kitchen playing with her new toy – a most fabulous Vitamix Blender – which is really the kitchen appliance version of the Bissell vacuum cleaner I purchased, do you remember that post?

Here’s my girl holding down the uber blender case it takes off:



That’s almond milk in there – two seconds previously it was almonds, now its milk!  Well, it will be as soon as it is strained through the nut milk bag.

Here is the view from her kitchen window:



If you go outside onto the deck this is what you see:


Beautiful New Zealand Bush – Rain-Forest to some.

I used to live in the house next door and take full credit for these two finding themselves there the year after I left.

I don’t have a photo to show yet – but I have some Kombucha living in my hot water cupboard and getting ready to give me a pro-biotic blast of goodness and tastiness in another week!  ED and I went to a morning workshop and learned how to make Kombucha and Water Kefir.  We came away with little jars, one bearing a  Kombucha SCOBY and the other kefir grains.   I don’t want to make water kefir – I want to make Milk Kefir which I can use as a replacement for, or addendum to, my organic yoghurt making practises……I left the water kefir grains with ED and she is happily percolating those.

I am still searching for milk kefir grains if you are reading this post and live close by – please let me know.  Don’t try to send me any if you are overseas.  Fran already tried that and the customs people snaffooed them and wouldn’t give them back!

Ooooh look – I made that – it’s a memo holder and lives on ED’s fridge, bearing  a message from her sister:


Here is ED and SiL enjoying the Belgian Beer while waiting for the Mussels to arrive and keeping me amused with a photo shoot- if you were paying attention in the previous post you may remember what this was all about




And here is ED about to have a pre dinner snack


They won’t thank me for these – but I do it for your eddification and enjoyment dear readers!

Here is something for Linne and anybody else who enjoys a touch of Middle Earth


This is what you see now when you fly into Wellington Airport – Wellington being Hobbit Central with Weta Workshop just down the road from the airport and Sir Peter himself calling it home – Wellington, not the airport, silly!  We all went to see the first Lord of the Rings here at the made over [by the wealth of Peter* before he was Sir] Embassy Theatre – where incidentally I saw my very first grown up movie a hundred years ago called ‘Exodus’ and fell madly in love with Sal Mineo.  Hands up any one who remembers him……….. Any one?

All New Zealanders used to refer to ‘Peter’ and we all knew immediately which Peter was meant.  Now we all reverently and rightfully refer to Him as ‘Sir Peter’.

Another bit of personal family history will, a couple of years later, see ED and SiL walking alongside some glittering movie stars on the Red Carpet to that same theatre for the World Premiere of a book that ED had on her publishing list which Peter, before he was Sir, made into another film called ‘The Lovely Bones’.

But I digress!

I am happily and slowly recreating my lounge.  I got a bargain in curtain fabric off Trademe – scoring almost 9 metres for a paltry $29 featuring [fasten your set-belt Boomdee] gorgeous aqua flowers on a cream background.

curtain fabric


I mentioned to some clients that I would be hanging up my shingle come September when the big birthday number was reached that would allow the government to take care of me in the style to which I am slowly downgrading my living standard to accustom myself to … This was maybe a foolish thing to do for they have suddenly decided that they must now do the work they have been putting off doing for years and my normally tranquil existence is being booked out from under me.  I am blaming my clients for the slow eventuation of my give-away which now looks like being held over til after Easter.

But please do keep an eye out for the chance to win your very own Contented Crafter Organiser!


I took part in a Skyped International Tea-Party with some other Blogger friends at the behest of the aforementioned Boomdee.  We all wore hats and gloves and brought a poem and told a story that hadn’t been told on our blogs  – which was a great deal of fun despite us all talking at once and hardly anybody seeing any one – and me not seeing any thing at all!   There was a small glitch in that we didn’t know we all had to have the latest version of Skype and at least one friend had to have a premium account ………. but we know now and are ready for the next available date!

Any how, there I sat in my hat and aqua fingerless gloves completely in the dark viewing wise – I didn’t mind so much, but poor Orlando had his hat on and was on his best behaviour sitting up beside the computer ready to say hello to all the other fur-friends – and not a one to be seen.  He still hasn’t got over it!Hat3

Here’s me in my hat, cracking up over something Laurie had just said



Boomdee and I have decided to have a play with Google Hangout and see if that works any better for us – blogging may take on a whole new dimension folks. We’ll all just get together and have a chat instead of all this tedious writing and uploading of photos……….. What do you think?

Here are links to the posts from the other bloggers who took part

The delightful Ms Dani at TeddyandTotty based in Victoria, Australia

The delightful Ms Alys at GardeningNirvana based in California, USA

The delightful instigator of the whole affair Ms Boomdee from Alberta, Canada

The delightful biker chick, explorer and photographer Ms LB from Virginia, USA

And the lovely Ms Julia of Defeat Despair, who hasn’t posted about this yet.

And me.

This morning after the little happy dance at the kitchen sink which is where this all started I received some lovely Happy Mail



Apologies for the quality – it has become dark and threatening rain whilst writing this post!

This delightful collection comes courtesy of Patricia Awapara, a most delightful and talented artist and blogger friend from Miami Florida, US of A!  We did a swap and once again I feel I got the better part of the bargain!  I love the original of the boat painting and Pati kindly made a copy for me.  That was all I was expecting and would have been thrilled to receive.  But – I also received a small original!  The flower vase is an original Patricia Awapara 🙂  And a postcard and a tiny print of  the so cute half avocado……. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Have a wander over to her blog and marvel at her colourful and vibrant art works.  I just love what she does!

My courtyard garden turned blazing red while I was away.  I waited too long to take a photo and the weather turned – this one is from last year when Sidd could still be seen through the flaming Boston Ivy.  This year he is a bit more elusive.

Buddha 3 cropped


Here is my indoor Sidd – residing peaceably on my table awaiting his new home when the makeover is finished – though I quite like having him here too

Sidd indoors

Well dear friends, that has more or less partly caught you up with why there is still no art appearing on a blog which purports to be all about my arty and crafty adventures – so I shall fall back onto an oldie but a goodie


Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!  🙂



61 thoughts on “Still NO ART – Just More Life

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  2. Beautiful views, VitaMix, ‘kids’, you (of course!), cat in the hat, and that fabric! oh, my!!
    I’m having a hard time typing with my chin due to having both hands up in the air (can you see me waving wildly?) I had read ‘Exodus’ several times when the movie came out. I was a fan of Sal Mineo long before, though’ I’d seen him in “Six Bridges to Cross’, ‘Giant’ and ‘The Gene Krupa Story’ already. I had a crush on him, too. It was sad that he was murdered at such a young age, wasn’t it? Thanks for the photo of the airport, too; I love it so much!

    I read ‘The Lovely Bones’ when it came out, but never knew it was now a film. Lucky ED and SiL, eh? I was so happy when Sir Peter was chosen to do TLOTR and The Hobbit. I’ve always said if TLOTR had been made in Hollywood, it would have looked like ‘Barbie and the Hobbits’. If you don’t believe me, watch ‘Pocahontas’ . . . ’nuff said, right?

    I think I might have found Patricia Awapara’s blog through you, too; can’t remember anymore. Maybe ’cause I’m obviously over 100, according to you . . . but still in early Middle Age, according to me (young to 50; middle-aged to 100, old to 150 and ancient after that . . .). Anyway, I do love her work, too. So if it was you who steered me in that direction, thanks very much!

    Love you and Orlando in your hats; you do have a gorgeous smile, too. Makes me smile right back at you . . .

    Those beers! Are they so large really, or is it because they are closer to the camera? I’d rather have smaller glasses and sample more varieties . . . otherwise, I might need a wheelie-cart to get me home again (or a wobbly friend to lean on . . . 🙂 ) I love Alexander Keith’s Red Amber and it happens to be Canadian, but Keith himself was Scottish . . ., but there are a few others I like, too. Mostly of the local, mini-brewery variety. Like Calgary’s Big Rock Brewery’s ‘Grasshopper’ pale ale I likely have one or two beers in any one year, so I like to have something I enjoy when I do.

    Love that pic of Sidd in the ivy, too. And your wee blackboard painting. That girl is so precious!

    Well, my fingers are feeling better, but the project is still not done. I’ll be working on it tomorrow, too. The cotton is densely woven and a bit tricky to get the needle through; then, of course, I chose seams that take longer than average. Wonder what I’m doing? Ha! I’m not telling. There won’t even be a post about it (well, maybe a ‘teaser post’ hahaha), certainly not before I’m finished. Hope you aren’t feeling anxious . . . hugs to you and thanks again for the peek into your busy and so entertaining life . . . ~ Linne


    • I’m not at all anxious Linne – I calmly practise Anticipation 101 – I think I’m already at 102 level – 🙂
      I am pleased you enjoyed this post – it has been a fun-filled couple of weeks! The beers really were that big – would have set me on my ears had I drunk one for sure. I only had taster sips and it was very nice. Next time I shall have a beer and not a wine and see how I get on 🙂

      I think you are the only person who has remembered Sal Mineo – so you get the points for being aged – or middle-aged as you suggest 🙂 You are only as old as you feel I say!

      Do you know this comment is so long it got sent to my spam folder 🙂 Luckily I got a notification or you may have sat there for weeks!

      I await my next parcel with happy anticipation – There is no rush, as I have not yet returned to work in my Create Joy room – in fact can barely get into it as it has become the dumping ground while the makeover goes on and the clients line up. Your return gift and the giveaway are both still in the imagination stage 🙂


  3. Cheers to your family … but as a slow beer drinker, who knows how long it would take me to finish that glass! About the cat hat, no way any of our historical cats would have allowed that … so well done! …. and cheers to your crafty talents and pleasant disposition!

    Meanwhile, I use almond milk for cereal, but had no clue how it was made … thus I’m sad to learn that there aren’t almond-flavored cows.


    • Appreciate you taking the time to pop in for a visit Frank 🙂 I’m not a beer drinker – but apparently the Belgian Beer is a fine drop! Sorry about dropping a bomb about the cows – you probably feel as bad as I did the day I found out there wasn’t a continuous line of singers entering the radio station’s studio to sing their numbers on air……… 🙂


  4. oops…posted on the wrong post…lol…I read your post + forgot to mention, those beers are BIG…I love dark beer + don’t know if I would be walking too far after a full one-lol


  5. Your life is filled with adventures + full of beauty all around you! You live in paradise, right? You have such fun with your daughters…your life is full + blessed:-) Your cat in that picture just astounds me! My cats will cuddle but would never let anyone place a hat on them + how “perfect” your cat looks in the hat. To even pose! Your cat is ready for the movies-lol
    You need a picture of Orlando + you in your hats together that would be adorable!


    • Lol Robbie – that is not likely to happen! I think I’ve had my shot with a hat on his head – he is amenable – but has limits. 🙂

      You are correct – I am indeed blessed with my family and my life. I got there 🙂


  6. Sal Mineo? I don’t know a thing about him! I’ve been eyeing up Mr. Vitamix for a while now, but I am not sure if he will end up sitting on the kitchen counter after a few weeks of charm😄 Your tea party seemed quite fun…you and Orlando sat there all decked out and neither of you got the chance to wave hello. I’m looking g forward to reading more about the lovely fabric you bought. That’s a lovely photo of you in your hat😄 nice ones of ED and Sil too. Have a lovely day, Pauline.


    • I think he was before your time Elaine – I think I was only 13 when I went with my sister on my first ‘grown-up’ excursion into the city. She had started her first job and treated me with her first wage packet.

      The lovely fabric has just moments ago been delivered to me and is lying draped across a chair for my delight as I write to you. Soon I shall start measuring and cutting and turning it into side drapes and cushion covers…..

      Lovely to ‘see’ you here again Elaine – I do enjoy your visits 🙂 Hope all is going very happily for you too – has spring sprung for you? Enjoy the end of your week and the coming weekend. xoxo


  7. Pauline, what a fun, newsy post. My goodness your life is full. It was so much fun for me to see your ED and your SiL. (It took me a bit to figure out SiL as for some reason I didn’t know she was married. It must mean Son in Law, not Significant Lover. I suppose it could mean both.

    I cannot wait to see your lounge makeover. Congrats on the fabric score. Clearly you too are a fan of aqua as your table cloth and organizer fall into the same color family. Awesome!

    Orlando is a cutey pie in that hat. I could never get away with that around here. Not a single cat would put up with it. You two make a cute team.

    Love seeing you laugh, Pauline. What a warm, generous smile you have.

    Thank you for the ping-back.

    Life is good. xoxoxooxox


    • You hadn’t missed anything Alys – they are not legally married. The young rarely do it that way any more [Ha, I sound like an ancient!] They have been together though for over 15 years now and show no signs of doting any less on each other than when they first moved in together. I like that my girl is happy! Her partner’s full blog title is ‘He Who Should Be Son-in-Law’ and ‘SiL’ for short. I quite like your alternate title too – I wonder what he would think of that! 🙂


  8. Aw, that is a most gorgeous pic of Orlando, I love it. What a beautiful hat.

    Love your fabric too and you garden photo. I would love a Vitamix. No, I don’t remember the film or actor 🙂 Your Skype party sounds alot of fun to do. I tried Skype but my computer microphone is bung. Lovely art work by Patricia!
    A lovely post 🙂


    • Good Morning Wendy! I hope you have had a good week too – it’s Friday already and I really do wonder where the last 7 days went! No-one has mentioned the film or the actor except you – so I’m guessing nobody else wants to admit to being a hundred years old 🙂 I was very young when I saw the movie and didn’t understand half of it 🙂

      I do love skyping – it helps stop me missing my ED as we skype every two weeks for a couple of hours and seeing someone – even through the screen – is better than a disembodied voice on the phone – which is better than the written word – which was all we used to have once upon a time! Ah, the changes we have seen 🙂


      • Good morning 🙂 I have had a really nice week thanks 🙂 But, yes, time goes too fast, even the days disappear on me.

        I guess the changes are more-so when you are 100 Pauline 🙂 Skype, and of course the internet, are such wonderful inventions. Remember when you had to book a toll call?! I often wonder just what more we will see before we go, holographic TV’s that sit on our coffee tables maybe?


        • Oh yes, I’m hoping to see that before we leave – not even TV though Wendy just you popping up on my coffee table [in miniature of course] to send me a message…. Wouldn’t that be something!! I’d be in my rocking chair, with a bib to catch the drool, rapping my cane on the floor in excitement……. 🙂


  9. I love your daughters shmick new Vitamix. They haven’t changed much since I bought mine early on this century apart from the handle. That is most definitely different. Mind is moulded clear plastic and part of the goblet. Did your daughter buy the additional grain grinding goblet? I don’t think it was worth the extra $125 if she didn’t so you can tell her that from me. I can count the amount of times that I have used it on one hand and I have had my VitaMix for almost 10 years…

    Love ED’s jumper…am coveting it from afar! I am a jumper lover and if I had ANY bloody skills when it came to knitting or crochet and my results for anything bigger than a bread basket even vaguely resembled a “jumper” I would give some of those gorgeous patterns a serious go. Alas…my results make me look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame as I SUCK at collars or I somehow manage to knit enormous long sleeves and I look like Nosferatu and terrify myself when I see my shadows (narf7 is a creature of the early morning and shadows are her constant companion especially after her first cup of tea and she has to spend the few hours tippy toeing her way back and forth between the PC and the loo…)

    It looks like ED lives in Tropical Queensland rather than Wellington! Where did all of that sunshine come from?! I thought it was always green and always raining in N.Z! 😉 I have lots of bead strands like the gorgeous ruby red one in ED’s window. I made a lot of them from gorgeous beads from a little bead shop that I discovered once when we went for a drive in the tall trees in Western Australia. It was a tiny little shop run by an amazing lady who collected the most exquisite beads from all over the world. I hocked one of the kids and bought as many as I could before Steve’s countenance turned decidedly stony and I figured I should give up but OH the beads!

    Chimay? That’s posh booze ma’am! Posh AND expensive! We watched Prince William flying one of Sir Peter’s planes with Kate (nervously) looking on. What a chubby little Lumpkin’s George is and how much fun he had with those New Zealand babies! As they said “He plonked himself down right in the middle of the toys and took the biggest one” he certainly knows that he is “special” 😉

    That journal is scrumptious and I am going to get in line to see if the ether wants me to win it. I am assuming a new ideal. It came to me in a flash of upturned bums and wild flinging hands at the last garage sale that I attended where people were giving each other nasty looks and items were being coveted and tossed around in the lust of the moment. NOT FOR ME! I am going to trust that the ether has what I need. I am going to attend garage sales and NOT look at what other people are carrying around, I am going to “know” that if I am meant to have something, it will be there for me, waiting :). I am not going to clog up Ms Teddy/Totties inbox with plaintive entries in all kinds of foreign tongues (cheers Google Translate 😉 ), I am going to wait and see. Whoever gets that precious delight is meant to get it. If it is me…so be it. But now I come to a conundrum…if I enter that gorgeous giveaway and win…does that mean that the ether will bypass me for this sweet giveaway? Will I miss out on the bliss of this journal because I was indulged with that scrumptiousness? Oh my stupid Type A brain!

    I think your Skype party was delicious :). I noticed that Ms Teddy Totties cat had a bit of a go at that damp shortbread. I think it looked so good I would have had a bit of a go at it as well! Poor Orlando! Lucky I wasn’t taking part or Mr nosy Earl would have had to stick his beak into the event and Orlando might have seen red! LOL on Orlando’s hat! Steve found an alligator hat at the thrift shop when he was buying the boys some stuffed toys last week and we attempted to put it on Earl’s head…not a success but he really fit that part! 😉

    You have the most gorgeous beaming countenance ma’am 🙂 I adore that smile. I would have to possibly wear a mask and Steve’s fishing hat (I don’t own a hat myself) in order to take part and not scare anyone.

    I think that you are absolutely right about life being art. At the moment we are learning the ins and outs of what (apparently) constitutes Graphic Art. I am not entirely sure I like its intestines if I am honest, but at least I will eventually learn how to use Illustrator and InDesign and then…the sky is the limit! 🙂 Have a scrumptious weekend and let us know how that booch turns out 🙂
    Oh Bollocks…it is 4.45 and I have managed to read precisely 3 of my RSS Feed read posts and I have to wake Stevie-boy up at 6am to head off with Bezial to the city to do our fortnightly shop. I will be walking Earl with Jan and Mieka this morning and after a visit and a cup of herbal tea we will meander our way back where I will spend the morning wracking my brains over how to represent an icecream and some sugar in the negative… Not entirely sure I am cut out for this arty lark!


    • You got here quickly – I was expecting you sometime around the end of October. No, she has not got the grain cruncher thingy – just the Vitamix was enough of a financial shock to bear! And watching the thing at work I find it hard to believe it needs any kind of boost power! We made magnificent green smoothies in it and I was a bit afraid my little Magic Bullet wouldn’t be able to replicate them – but it whizzes them out in a most satisfactory manner too – those things are miniature versions of the Vitamix I think. I have to make my Golden Yogini Drink in the big blender though as the MB is too small for the frothing up bit…..

      ED will be thrilled you like her jumper. She is a delicate soul who feels the cold easily and while the rest of her family bound around joyfully in s little as possible, she is huddled in her woolly jumpers and socks and mittens. It is all my fault – I smoked when I was pregnant with her. Back in the day before we knew better alas!

      Your sharp eye has uncovered another of my creations – I used to make these uber long and uber sparkly suncatchers and sell them on Trademe. Now that I have none left I have been asked for them several times. Sods law!! I am in the process of learning how to make my own beads, have been for a while and don’t spend nearly enough time polishing the skill! When I a) get the recipe right and b) make enough to do something with, I thought I’d make s few sun catchers and pop ’em into the shop. One day 🙂

      You are attaining wisdom when you decide to go with what is meant for you will be yours and what is not won’t. It’s a recipe for happiness Narfie7, well done! Also I’m sure Dani is most relieved not to be answering a ton of semi-literate, semi-English comments about her beautiful rug from itinerant passing foreigners hell bent on ingratiating themselves into her heart and thereby becoming the lucky winners of a random draw!

      Good luck with the studying – I do admire that you and Stevie the wonder boy do it together. There must be such a conglomeration of skills and knowledge building up and I wonder what it will all lead to…… it is very exciting! 🙂


      • Mum smoked when she was pregnant with me. Aside from me being a teeny tiny little skerick of a thing (that anyone would have difficulty believing now…) I feel the cold something fierce and have very bad circulation. I love that you made that bead strand (as I call them). I have some with those chinese balls with dingy bells in them (chime balls?) and Chinese coins etc. I just love them and they catch the light beautifully 🙂

        I think you are being racist there Pauline, poor old Herman! “A conglomeration of skills and knowledge building up” err…yes. I think it is usually a conglomeration of bad temper and impatiance building up to be honest but I like your rendition of the situation better ;). We figure that as we are SOOOO old now (in Tasmania you are old at 30 and good luck finding a job in this tough job market) that we would collect ourselves a heap of business skills and we might start a business. It was going to be in horticulture but we are not sure now. At least if we are ever forced to “participate for the dole” (which we aren’t on yet) whereby they send you off to work down the coal mines 2 days a week, our coal mine might not be as basic as some others and we might get a choice of coal mines due to our abilities 😉


        • Poor circulation has just been absolutely proven to be a side effect of mothers smoking whilst pregnant. [ 2/2 = 100% of participants. I’m a scientific research genius!]

          You thought I was being racist about old Herman? No,no – I was calling him out on his gender authenticity, his nationality authenticity and – I’m sorry to say this – his accent authenticity. As a proven, bone-fide, scientific research genius I feel perfectly qualified and able to point out these things. I see things that others may have missed and in their trusting naivety he will scam folk of rugs and suchlike…. Beware this man Narfie 7, he is an impostor!

          I hope it dosen’t come to the coal mines for you, I’m sure your skills will enable you to start up some kind of business that will absolutely astound the locals and possibly even become a world-wide franchise. You will be able to offer employment to all the folks over thirty who are still compos-mentos [not sure if I spelled that correctly] I see a great future for Tasmania and all who live on her thanks to Serendipity Farm ……Tally-ho!!


          • You should get grant money for that study then you might be able to buy that vitamix ;). I will keep an eye out for him. He offered to sell me a bridge but now I am not so sure it’s a good deal…

            No worries spelling badly with me around. I will NEVER notice ;). I had a good idea. I thought I might start a job search agency that when forcing it’s “clientele” off into “participation” rather than sending the men off to the gulags (doing free work for the council out digging holes etc…) and the women off to any available op shop to sort clothes etc…I would find out what the person actually wanted to do. I know, a very novel concept, but bear with me…find out what they wanted to DO with their life. What they were passionate about, where their interests lie and then match them with a volunteer position that might actually give them hope and that they would put effort into because they actually liked doing it? Maybe… just MAYBE I am onto something? 😉

            By the way. I just got a phonecall about that bridge from old Herman (if, indeed, that IS his name!) and I put a flea in his ear!!!


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  11. Love the views from ED’s kitchen, Love the picture in your hat, laughing (I want to see the gloves!), and the photo of Orlando cracked me up!!!
    Such a fun, fun post! and I can’t wait for the next Tea! Hope the Google thing works out between you and K. Wish I could join in on that one!!


      • Hey LB 🙂 I shall try to do a hat and gloves still life like you did for the original tea when K and I Hangout on [my] Saturday lunch party. Are you not around then? Also my geeky/nerd friend Will has just left me a note about another option other than Skype. See we ‘oldies’ get stuck with the originals and the young ones are all hep and knowledgeable about whats out there and what works better so I’m going to follow that through too.


  12. Ahh, another item for the throwing around of people. Great! Now when the end of the world comes, I’ll be able to identify both or you’re houses (if the world also went back into a square, we can’t see around the circle moving down things TO SELF: Great language choices Will END OF TO SELF) If you want to see mine look at the massive fireball, that would be my computer exploding when I press the big red button on my desk (I do have one 😀 but it only makes fireballs on the screen)

    Ever seen Jitsi (or VoxOx), I use it and I really do think it’s better than Skype! Hey, you don’t need a better account to hold a group call! There even free, I would advise VoxOx to you because it has a better GUI (don’t worry what that means) and you do get a little more. Plus you won’t need some of the really advanced features that Jitsi has. I won’t put a link, but if you want me to do say!

    And here a thought in my head, could humans ever ‘nope’ out of a situation where they explode then all come back to one peice the next day. What would a Monday morning be like?


    • 🙂 You make me laugh out loud Will – I really don’t want to see into your head – it would scramble my brains!! Although I kind of like the thought of noping out of a situation – mass explosions and we all turn up again the next day in one piece – but maybe with some little pieces getting mixed up here and there – now what would that be like?

      I’ve never even heard of Jitsi or VoxOx – I’ll Google them and find out more – thanks for the tip Will!


  13. Me again! HA, two cups of coffee and a little sleep does wonders. Your life is so abundant ! It’s overflowing with all manner of loveliness. I really admire your relationships with your children and the time you share together seems so fantastic.

    I’ve visited Donna’s Facebook Page and Blog and enjoyed what she’s up to artistically as well. She had an vase with flowers on Aqua that caught my eye. An original is amazing !! What a special gift to send, congratulations. Of course I’m admiring all your new fabric. What a steal, I can’t believe it. Nice fabric is so expensive here, it sometimes doesn’t make sense to sew. What is Trademe? Is it a website ? I’ll need to Google that too. I’m just learning ton’s of new stuff here, thanks for opening my eyes this morning.

    Really looking forward to ‘hanging out’ tomorrow. I’m going to stop and get a nice bottle of Pinot to enjoy and light my favourite candle…HA, you’re guys are my Friday Night date xoxoxok


  14. Wow! What a gorgeous view, Pauline! I think I would wash dishes all day, if I had that view.
    Orlando is one well-behaved cat. My cat that I had in college would never let me put anything on her. I remember once I got her a collar with a bell, she tore around the house like a maniac until I took it off.
    There’s that beautiful organizer…love it!


    • I’ll get to those organisers Jill – I promise 🙂 Maine Coons are very people oriented and my boy can be most obliging at times – when it suits him of course – so I just wait for my opportunities!


  15. Oh, my goodness! I saw Orlando in that hat and thought I would pass out! That photo is cute overload! How do you get him to keep it on – and then pose, no less! And you look gorgeous cracking up over something Laurie said. What a shame most of us couldn’t see each other. Never mind. Next time! I think somewhere along the line I’ve given you a bum steer (hope you use that expression in NZ!), Pauline. I live in Victoria, not South Australia. I think maybe my About Me description on my blog is a little confusing because I say I’m from South-Eastern Australia OR I may have confused with the fact we take Eduardo the caravan to South Australia for holidays. Anyhoo – Victoria it is! Thanks heaps for the shout out, too! Loved seeing ED’s super new appliance and beautiful views. Love, love, love the curtain fabric and the CC organiser. Can’t wait for that giveaway! And Isn’t Patricia’s blog gorgeous! I starting following her through you a while back and I’m so thankful. Your happy mail is really lovely. Do you know sometimes I think it’s fabulous to have lots of life and not much art – I crave creative things when I’m away from them for too long, but little breaks from it all are really refreshing, I think. Good luck tomorrow with Google Hangout. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


    • Thank goodness you turned up in good time Dani – I have amended my mistake and put you in the right location. That was entirely me getting muddled – because I knew you were in Victoria, I’ve sent you mail 🙂

      I am having a thoroughly good time doing what I’m doing, but in the back of my mind are the promises I have made to my readers and friends and I need to get into that room and start work as soon as I can………. I just can’t see it being for another week yet.

      Still it gives us all time to battle it out over your gorgeous Give-Away (THAT’S UP FOR GRABS NOW FOLKS, GO ON OVER) and then you can all go into battle over mine 🙂

      I am pleased to hear you have already found Patricia – she is a wonderful painter! And such a lovely person too! Double bonus 🙂

      Dear old Orlando – there are times when I take advantage of him being such an amiable boy – but you do have to have a nifty finger on the camera shutter 🙂

      We’ll let you know how the Google thing goes – I think it’s a great way of building our friendships. xoxo


  16. So glad you’re having such a lovely time Pauline!! Those views from your daughter’s window are really stunning… and how big were those glasses of beer??? Both you and Orlando look completely divine in your respective hats… though I dare say he’d rather shred his!! We’re off to Ireland tomorrow until the end of April (leaving Monty at home with a friend). So, if you don’t hear from me, I’m definitely not ignoring you – just busy catching up with the hordes of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and neighbours! : ))))xoxox


  17. I’m coming back in the morning Pauline. I’ve read twice because I felt a little sleep. Stunning views from ED’s kitchen, WOW. I also looked up what you’re growing in your water cupboard because I’d never heard of it before. You are so down to earth girl! Love that. Nighty night…back tomorrow.


    • So sweet of you to come by before bed Boomdee – thank you! 🙂 These fermented things are really fun to make, easy and healthy too – ticks all the boxes for me! I knew you would like the fabric 🙂


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