365 Days – February

Two down – ten to go!  [And today is my first blogging birthday!!  Isn’t that cool.  I had forgotten all about it but the nice folks at WordPress left a note in my comments box.  🙂

Blink and you will have missed it – that’s February done and dusted and there weren’t that many lovely hot days at all……..

Here are the daily ‘snap-shots’ neatly divided up into weekly portions as this is the only month that allows neat freaks like me to arrange the full month into equally numbered piles of four:





And now, because it’s my blog and I can – here are a few of my favourites:

Obviously feeling pretty good about Life, the Universe and Everything on this particular day.  Despite the fact that the face got smeared and looks like a clown, I like the movement in this one:


I had a break-through with The Book:


I like how this one turned out – I had time to play and no particular word for the day, so I just started doodling and kept going – the word ended up being ‘Doodles’  🙂


And here I was celebrating the sighting of a beautiful skirt I had seen on Etsy that reminded me of days gone by when I was this slim and could dance like this:


The theme of the month appears to be gifts – I was the recipient of so many wonderful handmade gifts from my bloggie friends and a couple that I gifted myself –  and dancing and skirts – which I did succumb to in the end – not the wildly expensive number I had eyed on Etsy, but another quieter, more mature version…………

Do you have a favourite?

Here’s the collection to date:


Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!

53 thoughts on “365 Days – February

  1. Pure gorgeousness…I can’t believe that I have my own little compatriots of these shiny wonderful creations 🙂 At the end of this year you are going to have a permenant reminder of all of your life this year…something gorgeous to flick through if you ever feel beige or low. A fantastic accomplishment 🙂


      • I just sploshed Hildegard into a new batch of tea and she has kindly given birth to 3 new baby SCOBY’s so yours truly is going to be checking out if/how to send to needy bootch lovers in other countries…stay tuned…


          • It took Wendy’s kefir a long time to get to her. We were thinking that it had been seized but then it arrived. Just be patient. I think they have to let me know if they confiscated or destroyed it so either way one of us is going to know 🙂 I will fashion the SCOBY into a rather fetching hat… 😉


  2. Hi Pauline! Congrats on your anniversary of this lovely and creative blog! My fav of this month is the mermaid swimming with the current! I had to chuckle when you commented you liked being able to stack your pieces in four equal piles–that is so me! Your collection looks quite impressive all together in a group. Take care artful one!


  3. Well, this is late, but I was working on the blues project . . .
    Happy, Happy Anniversary, Pauline! I hope to see many more Anniversaries with you (and all our far-flung friends). I love your cards so much. Two stood out for me especially, ‘dancing with life’ and ‘dancing in my gypsy skirt’. Of course, that’s because I still love and wear long skirts. 🙂
    Others stick in my mind, though. ‘book love’, ‘alright in the end’ (and thanks for reminding me of that lovely thought; just what I need some days) and ‘obey your heart’.

    I’m so glad we ‘met’. You are an inspiration and example to me, every day. In your art, but in other things, too. Not least your frequent practise of patience and anticipation . . . 😉

    Are you going to post a picture of that lovely skirt (and maybe one of the skirt that you loved, but didn’t buy)? I sure hope so. Glad you had a good weekend. May your week be just as wonderful.

    ❤ ❤ ❤ and big hugs to you . . . ~ Linne


    • Thank you Linne – it’s been such a great year, introducing so many new friends with shared interests!
      I like hearing which ones people like – some are relatively popular and others appeal to specific people – sometimes it’s the words and sometimes its the pictures ….

      To answer your question re the skirt/s I don’t know when, but maybe 🙂 Just practise anticipation and patience 🙂 xoxo


  4. I love these so much. I clicked to enlarge each set so I could see all the detail. I love the vibrant colors. I also admire your dedication to completing one a day for the year. Is it getting easier, now that you have a rhythm to the days?

    I have several favorites: the spoon really speaks to me. I don’t know why but it does. I love you dancing in your gypsy skirt and I’m really fond of the drawing of your new cart.

    What a delight to see my name on one of your artistic squares! That was a nice surprise.

    And here we are, both blogging about gifts. Serendipity!


    • I had a giftful February and you did too – such synchronicity and serendipity 🙂 Aren’t we the fortunate ones!! Thank you for looking so carefully – though so many this month got scarred on their journeys while drying, I must take more care of them!

      I get to think of you everyday when I look up and see my creative mantra ‘Create Joy’ on the wall above one of the work tables. So lovely!

      Creating my daily cards should be getting easier – except I keep giving myself new projects which have tight timelines and working on them makes me forget to do the day cards and then it is a rush job right at the end of the day when I am getting tired and that is not so good. [Sorry, that was a really long sentence 🙂 ] Nearly finished my added extras though, and then I think I will get back into my rhythm.


  5. Your color selections are so vibrant and beautiful! Just scroll back through this post and it’s all about color! incredible! Glad you gifted yourself, especially because it is your bloggaversary!!


  6. Oh my goodness I have been away from my computer this weekend, and I missed this lovely post. Look at all that beauty!!! I just love your use of color…I know I tell you all the time! Oh I love the gypsy dress one, I remember the days when I would wear my skirts and my boots. Those were the good old days- I would look weird doing that today-lol.I leave the fashion trends to the younger ones, and enjoy my simple clothes today. I never wanted to be one of those mothers that tried to dress like their daughters! YIKES…..
    CONGRATS on your blog birthday!
    another may be “breath” I forget to sometimes-tee hee….Happy Blog Belated Birthday!


    • Thank you Robbie 🙂 I love that you love them! I hope you had a good weekend even though you were away from your computer…. I tend to take mine with me these days – plugged in 24/7 🙂 My daughter was reminding me just the other day that in 1996 I said I would never have a computer and in 1997 I got my first one ….. Moral: Never say never 🙂


  7. I love them all. I bigafied so I could get a better look. I loved the movement one and the comment that it is inevitable! Most of all, seeing my new friend orlando and I on the same page. 😀


  8. Pauline, they are all beautiful! I love “dancing with life”. The expression dancing with life has a nice ring to it. Congrats on your first year of blogging. You have done exceedingly in this year. I am glad to be part of your blogging journey 🙂


    • You are part of my blogging family Elaine 🙂 I have had such a lovely year in this world – meeting so many lovely folks and learning so much from all of you – It’s actually strengthened my hope and my love for the world, if you know what I mean! xoxo


  9. I’m late to the game and have not seen these before but love them all. Doodles looks like fun. What do you paint on and with? I have no drawing capacity. Barely managing to paint in the lines of a pattern. I do so admire those that can. Those all look so happy and to have them on a ring no less. I have to go back and read earlier blogs.


    • Here is a link to the first post on the 365 Days project
      https://paulinekingblog.wordpress.com/2014/02/02/365-days-january/ Where you can see what they are made of and how and why I began the process.

      The backgrounds are mostly just blobs of acrylic paint swished around any old how and left to dry. Sometimes I collage bits of book and music paper down – sometimes stamps and sometimes 3D ephemera – depends on what I want to say.

      I am finding it keeps me quite conscious about how I am feeling and what I am experiencing on any particular day because I have to choose a word or phrase to describe my experience without going into detail. I do write longer notes on the backs of the cards when I want to really remember some events.

      I’m enjoying the challenge.

      Thank you for coming by again Marlene, it is lovely to have you visit here. 🙂


  10. CONGRATULATIONS on your first blogging birthday, Pauline! Gosh you’ve made an impression in the blogosphere in that short time! And no wonder – look at your amazingly gorgeous daily “snapshots” of the year so far, your countless, funny, entertaining and wise comments on others’ blogs, your generous and beautiful giveaways – and, of course, the Orlando Factor – cute, cute, cute! I actually had to look at the end of February’s snap shots with trepidation thinking there may be a painted dart board with my face and name on it – after the troubles you’ve been having downloading my crochet tutorial! Yikes! So sorry again about that! But, thanks to you and the wonderful Narf, I have learnt rather quickly how to compress files! Please try downloading the PDF now and hopefully you won’t have any trouble. Do let me know if you still do, though. Have a ripper day in NZ! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


    • First up Dani I have successfully downloaded your pdf and left a slightly over-the-top response on the post! Your tutorial is amazingly clear – I’m pretty sure a non crocheter could pick it up! Thank you so much for doing that!

      Second, thank you for your very generous comments – that is so kind of you to say – and of course there wasn’t a dartboard with your face on it – I just knew the download issue would get sorted somehow or other and you went and solved it all anyway while I was fiddling about discovering that microsoft is getting a bit mean about free downloads – that is a good thing to discover I think. I may have to change to a Mac next time I upgrade!

      I’ve had such a great time this past year learning how to blog and growing my community – it is such a neat one isn’t it! I love how so many interact on each others posts and I love the sharing and learning that goes on. I often feel like I’m sitting down to coffee with a group of really good friends chatting about this and that, supporting each other through our trials and sharing our funny stories and our heartaches and all our talents – it is amazing to me! Isn’t it fun!


  11. Oh, Pauline, I don’t think I could pick a favorite, they are all so beautiful! I could look at these all day, the colors are so relaxing. What a talent you are!
    Happy anniversary! Doesn’t a year go fast when you’re blogging? I never imagined I would me so many beautiful and talented people, like yourself, when I started my blog a little over one year ago.
    Thank you for adding beauty into my life, Pauline. xo


    • The year has flashed by I must admit – I intend to browse through all my posts to get an overview of my on-line life asap – It’s a bit like the day card project only far more wordy 🙂 Thank you for all those kind and generous sentiments – it is so lovely as you say to have the opportunity to get to know a little about so many amazing folk and to share so much of the talent that spills out of everyone! 🙂


  12. My favorite is “Just Swimming with the Current” — everything is connected to everything — a good image for my February. Beautiful collection, Pauline. Your swirling hippie skirt is a close second, though. And congratulations on your blogging anniversary! I just celebrated my 3rd year, and even though I’m not posting weekly anymore, I’m still posting. It’s life-changing, isn’t it??! 🙂


    • It is life changing! I had no idea when I started that my world would open up and spread so far across the globe. I tend to think of life as I mentioned in my previous post as BQ [Before Quitting Sugar] and AQ [After Quitting] and I wonder what picture I would get if I looked deeply at BB and AB [B=Blogging]

      I do miss my weekly visit to Farmlet and am always glad to see you hear or at Serendipity – I found the wonderful Fran through your blog 🙂

      Has non-one snatched up your lovely Farmlet and house yet? I shall send a message out via my friend the Universe and get you moving!

      Have a happy week Christi xoxo


      • OMG, Pauline. You do have the Power. We sold the house TODAY!!! Full price cash deal. Incredible. I’ll write the details in a blog, I feel sure. 🙂 But in the meantime, thank you. Mahalo nui loa. xxoo


        • Arohanui 🙂 And ‘If -only!’ 🙂

          Things like this happen when you are on your proper path – a friend of mine [now gone] used to call it ‘walking your thread’. There’s an inevitability to it and has been from the first moment you responded to the idea of Hawaii….

          Splendid news – have you had that ‘yikes it really is happening’ feeling yet?


  13. Happy Anniversary Pauline! I am loving your project, what a beautiful collection. My favourite (so far is “All is Well” I will need to keep telling myself this during the next two weeks when things inevitably go wrong with our DIY project 🙂


    • Hello AJ – thank you – ‘All is Well’ is a great favourite of mine – it took me years to understand that it truly is okay – even when the going seems tough or frustrating things happen – it is all just in process. It’s one of the lovely things about growing older and having that long view, you know for sure that ‘this too shall pass’. Just think, by the time your summer gets going you will have a wonderful new kitchen to enjoy!


  14. Another month of beautiful additions to your collection Pauline! Happy first blogging birthday!! I love these memory cards you create – so clever and beautiful. My absolute favourite of these is ‘Breathe’. ‘Garden love’ also gets honourable mention though! Have a lovely weekend! : )))xox


    • I do like hearing which ones take different peoples eye – thanks for playing along Anne! I’m having a lovely weekend thanks, and hope you and your family are as well 🙂


  15. Holy Toledo, you already have one with your Raskog on it ! That’s awesome. I do like your favourite because I see darling Orlando made it on that one (about time he says, Meow!) But my favourite is, “It will be alright in the end, if it’s not alright, it is not the end”. Love that and I’ve never heard it before. I’m shocked that you’ve gone a year sugar free. Go grief, I think I might have gone 2 hours…I snitched bites of Jim’s cheesecake at the Italian restaurant we went to for dinner, OMgosh, yum! The do look so pretty in a deck all together. It’s going to weigh a ton by day 365 ! Good first month Pauline! Do you have a list you are working from or just paint whatever comes to mind on that day?


    • You must have missed my first post about these Boomdee 🙂 This is my second month already and I am hoping I will create one every day for the rest of the year. I’m tracking my year with a word or a phrase that fits the day so they have to be done ‘in the moment’. I have fallen a bit behind a couple of times and when that happened I wrote down a note of what I wanted to do. I don’t like that though as it loses the immediacy and detracts from the discipline of taking time each day to accomplish my goal. It’s my challenge for 2014! 🙂 I did the Raskog card the day it arrived.

      I love the little saying about it will be alright – it’s been around forever. Now you have it to make lots of use of 🙂

      I just had a note from WordPress, today is my first birthday blogging – isn’t that cool! Must put a note at the top of this post! 🙂

      Thanks for all the lovely encouragement xoxo


  16. These are so lovely 🙂 My favourites would be Dancing with Life, Doodling and I think maybe most, Serenditipity Farm 🙂 That must be such a pleasant exercise to do each day!


    • It is! It’s best when I have a good hour to spend on it – mostly it gets about 20 minutes I think, but it keeps me on my toes….. You like my impression of Steve’s spoon – that’s very cool. Thank you Wendy!

      I hope you are having a lovely weekend xoxo


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