Falling Behind …

In the inimitable words of Bruce Springsteen and the Mighty, Mighty E-Street Band ….’If I should fall behind, wait for me’  this is the song my mind always goes to when I’m playing catch-up.  I generally put the DVD on and enjoy the whole concert again – I so love Clarence and his wonderful saxophone!!  I don’t think the band will be the same without him……

Having mentioned it – here ’tis, enjoy!

I’ve ever so slightly over extended myself and am deeply immersed in my latest mixed media – which is taking simply HOURS!  Happy hours, but hours none-the-less.

I am two days behind on my daily cards and don’t want it to become any more – otherwise the spontaneity is lost and that was definitely not the point of doing this exercise!

One good thing about my definitely non-summer summer days is I can happily play inside.  Though I hit the wall recently when I decided to use designer paper for my latest whimsy girl’s dress rather than paint and froze into indecision followed by prevarication for a couple of days but then, happily, if somewhat abruptly, sprang into action again.

Here is where we are up to  I’ve just finished building her hair….. She’s worked on a canvas board which is quite big – 35 x 46 cm so everything takes a lot longer as it is bigger and more definitely there rather than just indicated – but so much fun!

Choose Joy 1

I still have all the background bits to finish, and flowers and butterflies must be added too –  and the mantra must be placed………. might be another couple of days before I’m back with the finished painting. 🙂

Thanks for coming by today, I’m happy that you did!  🙂

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  1. While our projects are completely different, I am with you on being behind! New computer, new camera, reading blogs, charts/labs in the office … it’s so easy to get behind! Good luck getting caught up, Pauline!


  2. We went to Bruce Springsteen’s outdoor concert at a place called Hanging Rock last year. His energy was amazing! Fabulous fun! Love this song and I love your painting. She is really beautiful. Can’t wait to see her finished with her wonderful words of wisdom. You are a talent, Pauline. xoxoxoxoxox


    • How fabulous, he came here too last year, but I was certain it would not be the same without Clarence so chose not to go – my loss! Thank you for that praiseful comment too – my head is exploding! 🙂 I confess though, I really like this one too 🙂


  3. OmGosh Pauline, I’ve never heard Bruce and the E-Street sound so awesome, I’m totally downloading this song…love love love. It made my eyes go all pinchie. The harmonies are so gorgeous, his wife sings like a bird. I played it while I read on thru your post, so enjoyable. Now I’m playing again for Mr B cause he’s my ‘love lasting and true’ 😀 We’re you and Orlando dancing to this song?

    I’m liking the progress on you lovely gal. I think it’s totally fine to take days to meander thru the creative process. I will work on something for a week and have the most fun. I fancy her bangles, because I always like to wear them too.


    • It’s a great song isn’t it – one of my favourites! I love her voice too – and Nils. I have solo CD’s they put out a few years back and still play them now and again.

      Yes, Orlando enjoys a bit of Bruce so we had a very nice dance 🙂 Sometimes I think my life is just the teeniest bit sad …. 🙂

      She’s got bangles because I love bangles too and I’ve started creating girls I want to be like when I grow up – or down – whatever……


  4. OH she is BEAUTIFUL Pauline! 🙂 The best so far. I think I would count a couple of days behind in your cards as worth it to birth her :). She looks like an artists muse to me if ever I saw one 🙂


  5. Oh, I like this song! I haven’t listened to a lot of Springsteen, but this one is great; Have you heard the recording of when they were in Dublin? Can’t remember what year that was, but it’s the first recording of that song that I heard: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrfIGgZeFXk

    I love your new girl! Light and pretty, very summery . . . and that hair! Just what I always wished I’d had . . . 🙂 it’s going to be exciting to see her finished . . .


    • Bruce and E-Street are great favourites of mine – I think I own all their DVD’s and most of their CD’s -and all the solo efforts that members have put out over the years. People gift them to me when they don’t know what else to do because I am so fond of the band – I just adore Clarence’s horn! [Clarence died and now I cry every time I hear his great solos.]


  6. Okay…..BRUCE is the best!!!! I use to listen to Bruce + his band all the time, but over the years I have been listening to my kids + their music. I had a few play guitars , so they were always sharing their music + new groups..My son moved out , but he was always playing his guitar + singing which I enjoyed….so good to capture the oldies. Empty nest I need to go back and discover my own music…I have never heard their individual voices isolated…beautiful voices together + alone..thank you for sharing…
    Your painting is exquisite:-) It make me think of when you put on that dress on a spring/summer day + dance around + feel “oh so pretty”:-) Are those layers? I love the effect:-) You inspire me every time I stop by!!!!


    • Oh, lovely Robbie! Thank you! I roughly cut out strips of the papers, narrow at one end and then pieced them together until it looked right – the petticiat is painted in as an after thought, also the little lacy cap sleeves – she just kind of grew and her wardrobe is still being added to!

      When you have teenagers you get to listen to their music whether you want to or not I found – my musical awareness was widened as a result of it and I still listen to some singers they introduced me to. I have a huge musical repertoire from classical to rock, to country to blues, reggae, celtic, opera, etc etc. Living alone I play what I want when I want which is a plus. So yes, get out those Bruce records and go for it! Time for you to do your own thing in so many respects now – the new blog is a great step……..so exciting!


      • It is not easy to do mixed media:-) You have an innate gift for putting it all together + it looks as if it always belonged together..that is a talent….in my discussion with wendy today on my page I nominated you to be our “inspiration coach” of the creative souls-tee hee…You are such an inspiration + have motivated me to go back and rediscover some of my old self I left behind:-) + you are right there with the man I read about locally that paints with different colored muds! Inspiring people that gets us all thinking + moving:-) p.s. I checked out your store on Etsy + I really like it a lot! If a person wants to purchase a card do they have to join? I would love to send one to my daughter for her birthday. She lives in England + I don’t see he too often:-) she would love your cards!


        • I suppose we all have our innate abilities – being a Virgo my critical eyes always see what could be improved on and that stops me from enjoying my own creations – I’ve been working on changing it for a number of years! With the blog I have discovered that when I get lots of positive comments on a piece it makes me look at it with new eyes and this has been so helpful in moving me along…….. So thank you for your support!

          And happy dance – I love being thought of as an inspirational anything – how great is that! I think we all inspire each other so much, in so many different ways – it is part of the wonderful world of blogging isn’t it!

          Re the Etsy store – yes you have to sign up, a relatively painless procedure and a good fail safe for buyers if they feel they get ripped off or anything like that.. Buying from me you also have to have a Paypal account, again relatively easy if you have a credit or debit card. The cost of transferring money between countries via banks can be exorbitant and I would end up owing them. Paypal takes a small amount off the seller and none from the buyer.

          I lived in the UK many years ago and left my two girls there when I returned home – -that sounds terrible doesn’t it, but they were in their twenties 🙂

          The pain of missing each other was really hard – it was pre cell phone and skype – so I understand that you would miss your girl! I loved it when they decided to return home again.


          • No, it does not sound terrible.. we have to do what we need to do, and it is hard the choices we have to make, but they were grown….Mine left at 18 to go to college over there + now my first grandchild (20months) lives there,too…( long sigh)…but she is happy + that is what is important!.

            I have a paypal account!!!! Your cards remind me of my first daughter…she always was putting on a “pretty dress” and twirling around the house or believed she WAS Anne of Green Gables! Your “girls” remind me of her so much….for her birthday I will head over there to send one of your beautiful cards:-) So keep on creating your cards for those of us that love to send beautiful handmade gifts..( it is in June, so I know you will be filling your shop with more creations)….
            I wish she would return home, but I doubt that will be in the future, she loves Europe too much and she is married to an European-lol.
            I saw this the other day + it reminded me of you…




            • Ha! I already subscribe to CPS – thank you for thinking of me. It’s a handy wee e-publication and I like their freebies 🙂

              Re the cards, when the time comes to get what you want just email me direct – the store sells in 5 packs and if you only want one it’s easier to do a direct sell – going through Paypal.

              I think it is a very hard thing for us mothers when our children grow up and live their own lives – and especially when they move away. But as you so rightly note, it is their lives and as long as they are happy, we are happy. this is where re-finding and re-inventing ourselves is the greatest boon!

              I have happily given up on saving the world and embraced the act of releasing my inner artist instead – way more fun!


              • I am with ya sister!:-) inner artist + today I spent a long day doing some work in digital art which intriques me:-)…as for multiple of 5’s I am good with that since I know many more people that love to dance to a different drummer in a pretty dress!


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