More Gift Bags

When my lap top started playing up I retaliated by leaving it alone to sulk and put all the extra time I found I suddenly had into solving the mystery of making gift bags.

The original batch were posted about here

Once the mystery is solved you can get creative – but not without inspiration from others!

I remembered having seen a picture on Pinterest of some newsprint bags with doilies, and I set about making my own version.  Here they are all waiting about on the other work bench for whatever happens to them next:

Gift Bags 5

They are so pretty!

The doilies are cut from the die that you can see in one of the open storage cases in my previous post on storing dies.

You know how I love to re-purpose items?  In solving the problem of how to keep the bags closed I came up with the somewhat ingenious idea of using bobby pins – decorated and be-ribboned ………. which, of course, then becomes an added extra for the gift inside.  [Smiles smugly to self!]

With the trials all completed I set about making up the original order [remember YD asked for some for her Christmas packaging]

Here they are

Gift BagsD1

Close-up – so pretty!


I imagine that when I get my gift on Christmas morning it will maybe look like this:


By then I will have forgotten about them and may well say something like – ‘Oooh, that’s a pretty bag!’  [Don’t judge – it will probably happen just like that!]

And when I look inside the bag I will find this:


Oooh, so excited!  I wonder what will be inside that tiny box……..?


Well, that’s the gift bag saga done and dusted – now I really must get back to the art journal!

Thanks for dropping by today – love that you did!

15 thoughts on “More Gift Bags

  1. LOL, I love that your own project is so exciting to you too. That’s exactly how it should be! The bobby pin idea is just perfect, I PINNING your pretty bags so I don’t forget. I have a doily die too and never thought to use it this way! Your friends and family won’t want to open them, they’re too pretty. Is that cute little gold box also a die? It closes in such a cool way. I’ve just started to think about Xmas now that the weather is cooling off….but I guess you think of it as your weather is getting nicer..LOL.


    • I am always so pleased, proud and happy when someone pins one of my creations – thank you! Yes that teeny container is a spellbinders ‘grand’ die – still available I think, though I purchased it about a year ago now. It’s a nice touch if the pressie is a super tiny one – like a ring 🙂 Our Christmas is so different to the northern hemisphere’s – we have BBQ’s and go to the beach and wrap our summer holidays around the festival – in our family we also have my YD’s birthday two days before Christmas – so it gets very busy here! These days I make almost all my gifts and this year I am way behind. Last year I started in July and had finished by early November – this year I still have a long way to go


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