Recycled Packaging Box No.2

I was so cheered by all the lovely and supportive comments yesterday – and even all the unknown traffic that stopped in, however briefly ………. but to get us all back on subject, thought I’d just show how the second one turned out:

Packing Box7


Put this one together really quickly – now hunting for more boxes of just the right size …..

Thanks for dropping by, have a really great day 🙂


13 thoughts on “Recycled Packaging Box No.2

  1. I also love the Paris paper, it looks great with the feathers and flowers behind it 🙂 Annie


    • This beautiful paper comes like that Annie – I just had to cut it to size and stick it down 🙂 The quick and easy way of making something practical into something pretty….. I’m glad you like it, so do I 🙂


  2. Awesome paper, I really fancy the black. Alys’s sister Sharon made me two beautiful cards using black card stock and I thought……I really like that, I need to use it more. It makes everything else ‘POP’. There’s some new black paper coming out that is for chalk pens, can’t wait to try it. I’m always a fan of anything Paris too. I actually received a gorgeous set of Paris tags/stamps and paper bags from Alys a while back. They’re so pretty, I hardly want to give them away…I’m selfish 😀


    • I know, I know – I have pretty papers that I don’t use because they are just – well, too pretty! Silly isn’t it. I was pleased to be able to use these papers and have them on show too – two birds and all that ….This chalkboard thing is going to be the next craze isn’t it! You are a very lucky gal to get such lovely pressies – keep ’em and enjoy!


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