New Beginnings

It’s September, my birthday is later this week and Spring is here!  How much better can it get?

I always think of Spring as a new beginning, and I am also at a ‘new beginning’ stage in my life and I wanted to make a journal page to commemorate both these events.

I had gone on line a couple of days back and treated myself to a pile of new art products: half a dozen Golden Fluid Acrylics; Pitt pens in all sizes, water colour paints, water soluble oil pastels and a selection of pastel gliders.

While there I also purchased a selection of sketching pencils  and graphite pencils and charcoal in pencil form and slabs.  And a calligraphy pen.

It all arrived on my doorstep yesterday and I was ready to rock and roll!

And I’m on a high because this latest page in my journal has been a delight to do.  I wasn’t glaring at her-in-the-video or muttering under my breath – I was smiling delightedly and clapping my hands and saying ‘Whoo-hoo’ to Orlando, who thought it was an invitation to dance …. but I rushed into the playroom and quickly completed the first days work:


I lay down some old book pages, put a good wash of gesso over the pages and edged with that gorgeous Hansa Yellow – one of my new paints.  I sketched the face and went to watch the next installment.

You may remember I said in my last post I wasn’t going to muck about with just 10 minutes journalling time every day – I’m going to work for as long as I want.  So I watched the next two days videos and went back to work:


She arrived quite quickly on the page – but when I stood back and looked I noticed the nose was – well – misplaced ….. [Did you spot it?]

In adjusting it I mucked everything up – not only because of the nose placement, but also because I have all these new toys and tried to put ’em all onto the same page at once ….. sigh!  I never learn!

Any way, I was so engrossed in my artistic conundrum that I never gave the camera a thought until today – and as you can see, flowers hide a multitude of sins and I’m delighted with the end result!


There’s tons of texture on the page and of course I doodled – but not as much as in the last post:


And those purple flowers were fussy cut from a sheet of designer paper and they are flocked, so quite pleasing to the touch.

A quick aside:  I’d had that sheet of paper in my stash for some years – it was one of those things that was just to beautiful to actually use – I thought it would probably stay there forever.  So another thing I take away from this course is the ability to actually dive in and use the stuff I squirrel away … hah!  Ten points to Julie!!


Thanks for sticking with me on this process – I have one more spread to do before things go back to normal – what ever that is – I hope you will come back for it.

Hope your weekend is going as splendidly as mine 🙂

26 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. May your birthday this week bring you much happiness! Each year of our journey offers new beginnings and your beautiful work of art is so fitting. I love the purple flowers. I’m glad you used them in this creation for beautiful things are meant to be used, to be shared, to be enjoyed…


  2. Hi Pauline! Your flower crowned beauty is well…Beautiful! I love her flowing locks. Let me be the first to wish you a happy birthday this week. Glad to hear you received the best kind of happy mail–art supplies! New beginnings are so exciting and I wish you well!


  3. Simply put….she’s stunning and I wish you well on your new beginnings, friend. xoxo


  4. Pauline, this is wonderful piece! I love the use of color, with complementary colors, you will never go wrong! The face is beautiful and whimsical. Great job and Happy Birthday Month!!! 😀


    • Thank you Patricia, yes, the bag of tricks comes in handy now and again – and I remembered this morning how, as a little girl I was so drawn to yellow and purple I endlessly filled in my colouring books with different amounts of the two colours, finding some more satisfying than others ……. and as an adult would never go near it! And this is certainly the first time I’ve used the two in my art journals. Perhaps I am about to enter second childhood Lol!!


  5. The end product is really nice! And different from the second shot. Did you do it all over from scratch or you modified until you got to that point? The face looks sooooo different like its 2 different people. But thats the best thing about art right?! One little change and its a completely different thing. Great job as always!

    And bless up on your earthstrong when it forward… in other words, have a beautifully wonderful birthday when it comes 😀


    • Yes – so different! I didn’t entirely start again, she is the product of working and reworking [and mixing up my art products]. While working on her I didn’t really notice the changes – but in the end I saw that she really represented me – starting out youthful and ending up – well, not. 🙂 My YD didn’t like the last version, said I should have stuck with the original one – I said I would’ve if I could’ve – but like ain’t like that! 🙂

      I so love that blessing – ‘earthstrong’ sounds like a word that would be, could be, maybe was, used in ‘Cloud Atlas’ and if it wasn’t, should have been. [If you saw it or read it – immensely complex story line making for one of the best movies I think I’ve ever seen!]

      Do you know where the word comes from and why it refers to a birth day?


  6. What a beautiful September journal! I always think of September as Nature’s New Year — harvest is ending and in the Northern Hemisphere we’re hunkering down and planning, and you in the Southern Hemisphere are springing forth. I’m pondering and reflecting as you put paint to paper. Makes me ponder even more! lol


    • How lovely to see you over here 🙂 Yes, my pondering and reflecting is done and I am ready to spring!! But you know, in six months time I’ll be just as ready to get those sweaters out and start reflecting again …… Don’t you just love the cycles of life!!


  7. The box of art supplies sounds exciting even though I am not an artist. Creativity waiting to happen. Happy September 🙂 Annie


  8. She’s fabulous! Love the flowers in her hair. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog ~ hope you enjoy your new journals! I love watercolor paper the best, and manila c/s too… enjoy!


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