Journalling With Practise Pieces

Hello friends!!

Here I am again, continuing with posts of my adventures in learning how to journal in just 10 minutes a day.

This is the third spread and marks twelve days completed of the thirty.

This page began no differently to the others – me muttering darkly at the video – ‘Really?’ ‘You want me to do this?’  ‘Just this?’

But off I went obediently – the penny is beginning to drop.  I might be challenged by these new processes, but in the end something quite interesting does appear, and if nothing else, I learn new ways of looking at old things.

I have to admit I do not like the dark hue of the painted page.  I didn’t gesso this page so am guessing it is the quality of the paper in this journal that is leeching the brightness from my sprays, inks and paints.


This layout includes some practise pieces.  I was already doodling away at the flower, practising my free-form doodles and decided to include it in this page.  It is drawn in black pen and coloured with water colour pencils.


The following day I rifled through the pile of scrap paper and found the face.  it was one of those 5 minute exercises where I was trying to get the eyes to come alive and I ended up taking 10 minutes on it. So she got bunged in for the Sunday entry.


The final 10 minutes was spent scribbling in a couple of thoughts,doodling in arrows and dividing lines between days and the heading, which actually took much less than 10 minutes – go figure!


And the whole page again:


So now you are all pretty much up to date with this work.  Let me know what you think.

Thanks so much for coming by.

Have a great week  🙂

17 thoughts on “Journalling With Practise Pieces

  1. This is Lovely! The left side is a bit dark yes, but it offers a nice contrast to the face and the flower. I love how simple the face is compared to the complexity of the flower as well, contrasting all around aren’t we?! 😉

    It really is beautiful Pauline! Wish I could do something, anything remotely close to what you’ve done so far.


    • It’s just knowing where to start isn’t it. Everybody can make art, we all do it in different ways though. I think we tend to look at the finished thing and say, I wish I could do that – when really the step by step process is easy and it’s just having the courage to keep going and the sense to know when to stop …….

      Where you been girl? I’ve been missing you 😦


    • So kind!! Thank you for that lovely response – I so often feel I am just struggling on with not much talent and little hope of improvement……… I really appreciate your encouragement 🙂


  2. Pauline, the flower design is gorgeous! I agree with you about the color choice on the left page. it is a bit dark, but the good thing about practice is that you learn from it, and get better and better. 😀


    • There you go – I’ve just come straight from admiring your latest painting to find your comment – I so appreciate your feedback – because that is the aim – I want to have fun and improve!


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