The Music of My Life

Earlier this week my blogging pal Char over on Lesie’s World put up a post titled Friday’s Five Favourite … Albums, which I meant to go back to and comment on [as is my want!]  But I never got round to it due to the fact that I had far too much to say about what I was listening to, and why ………. I am so thinking of re-titling my blog ‘The Opinionated Woman’!

Any way, in the end, I decided to write this post – and I do hope you will follow the link and see what Char is listening to as well [when you’ve finished reading this]   🙂 

When I am at ‘work’ in my craft room there is always something playing either music or audio books or inspirational talks – but it’s mostly music.

The soundtrack of my life is a complex, wide ranging, genre hopping trip going far back in time and then racing up to today’s chart toppers – at a brief glance you will see my CD and itunes collection includes Robin Thicke, Pavarotti,  Faith Hill, Boyzone, Emeli Sande, Nick Cave, Van Morrison, Adele, Leonard Cohen, Kiri Te Kanawa, kd Lang, Matchbox Twenty, Placido Domingo, Bob Marley, Sting,  Johnny Cash, Dire Straits, Bee Gees [pre and post disco only], Rolling Stones, Bruce, Eric,  Elvis, Kris, various opera collections, some jazz, some folk music, country rock, country blues, all kinds of blues, and a bit of Mozart, Bach and Brahms, songs from shows, Irish music, Celtic music, Reggae music, Gospel music ……  I’ve got New Zealand musicians and Australian musicians, music from years ago and the latest releases from the latest new comers………..  and that is a brief scratch of the surface, it just goes on and on and on. 

About the only genre that I cannot give ear time to is that thing called gangster rap – 

In short there is music for every occasion and every mood and sometimes there is the random play option [especially on itunes] which delivers an astounding variation of musical sounds……. one minute I’m rocking out to the sound of the late, great Clarence’s sax on ‘Thunder Road’ and the next I’ve got tears in my eyes listening to Cecilia’s version of ‘Amazing Grace’

Orlando has a preferred play list too – certain singers come on and I get hassled to dance with him – well I dance and he is carried about in my arms, purring and looking particularly pleased with himself and harrumphing in a happy kind of manner from time to time.  For some reason he really likes Faith Hill and if I’m super busy I try to get to the computer and skip over her before he clambers up my leg …..

A couple or so years back, to celebrate my mumbly-mumble birthday we all had to make a play list of our top ten songs of all time.  Then we had to make a presentation of said play list complete with reasons why each song had been chosen.

I tell you, we all worked at this task for weeks if not months!  Me especially – after all it was my birthday and I had all those mumbley-mumble years of magical musical moments to sift through!   [ooooh, alliteration!]  And of course, I was over thinking it!

But in order to stay with the theme and keep this post under some sort of time control I will only give you the top five  from my latest amended list, so here we go:

Eric Clapton at the Tsunami Relief concert in ...

No 1:  Eric Clapton – Layla

The weeping guitar solo in the original version has to be among the greatest riffs ever!  I was still very young and romantic when I first heard this and it absolutely broke my heart. In the right space it can still do so.

For a live, but different version this is a good watch :

English: Leonard Cohen, during the Geneva conc...

No 2:  Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah

I love this song and collect versions of it.  In my humble opinion it’s pure poetry and one of the greatest songs ever written.  My ED took us to see him live in 2011 [on the occasion of yet another birthday] and I cried all the way through…..

There are so many great versions of this song – but kd’s is one of the greatest greats – do yourself a favour and have a listen to this:

andrea bocelli

The Boss

Delta Goodrem

20 thoughts on “The Music of My Life

  1. Love your list! I’ve just posted a long, long list of my own on my Music!! page, but have also emailed the contents to you. Don’t feel obliged to listen to every link; if you don’t care for a group, skip the rest; you know I won’t mind . . . I have plenty more to come, but it all takes time and can be overwhelming for the reader, I expect. 😉 ~ Linne


    • Thank you PLGCM, really appreciate your input! Just had a quick search and found her mostly singing duets but no Hallelujah. This is the problem with living outside the States, we don’t have everything available to us for some odd reason. I’ve hit this before when trying to follow some of your suggestions for my listening pleasure 🙂 But I shall keep searching and might get lucky…..itunes has just changed their format again and it always confuses me for a bit…


      • Found her on You Tube – and yes, a beautiful version. What a lovely voice, how did she do on The Voice? I don’t know of any other way to get your music suggestions if itunes doesn’t make it available outside the country of origin. I have tried to find someone you suggested before on You Tube and got the ‘not available in your country’ tag come up. Which is frustrating, but just the way it is for some reason I fail to understand. Sometimes I get lucky and can follow through and other times not – it’s pretty random….


  2. Once again you’ve touched my heart. Thanks for the shout out and I’m glad I could inspire you to do this wonderful post. I love the Hallelujah song as well. Think I’ll spend my holiday listening to your playlist. Music is really such a beautiful creation, being able to touch everyones heart no matter where you’re from or what language you speak. Thanks for sharing your favourites, LOVE this post!


    • Pleasure! I actually really had fun writing it and could have happily continued on [I had such a good sleep last night and I’m sure it is because I went there 🙂 ] Maybe I’ll take up the WP tip and do a series – a fav song a week perhaps – what do you think?


  3. I used to have “Eric Clapton/Derek & The Dominos – Layla / Wonderful Tonight on 12″”
    It seemed to vanish when I left to go to college but it got my sister into Eric Clapton which is a much better legacy story!


      • Accidentally went to see Freddy Mercury and Queen at Wembley had resigned myself for a trip to see the family not a bad result – only Bob Geldof at Derby Assembly room – In the long grass tour – I think came close. Then again the Levellers at Rock City slightly more visceral than the Saw Doctors both great gigs.


        • I’m looking at your blog and need help navigating round it – I so understand your story and have discovered a cure for all those aches and pains – I blogged about back in April I think – see if it helps…..


          • Click on the home page and you should see the journey articles 01 – 22 or their are likes to the first 9 on the right then a second index page – it is happening a bit quick – don’t want to stifle the creativity.


  4. I love adele too. Last year , Ho hey by The Lumineers was my favorite. Recently my nephew played a rendition of the song ; he sang so well. I love instrumentals too. 🙂


    • I have the Ho Hey song on my itunes – it is a fun, dancey kind of number – Orlando actually had a dance to that yesterday! So is your nephew a working musician? And what kind of instrumental music do you like?


      • My nephew is learning ; a 10 year old . I love eastern music – music made in India ; I love mozart , I love this “Where Do I begin” instrumental from Love Story ( 1970) a lot too. Any music that brings peace is good. 🙂 I do not like noisy numbers.:) Hugs to Orlando. 🙂


      • I learned to appreciate sitar music quite a long while back – thanks to the late great George Harrison and Ravi Shankar. Don’t hear it so much any more, which is a shame. Maybe your nephew will become a working musician! 🙂


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