Little Free Library: Books Beneath the Willow

This is such a great idea – I just love it and would like to set one up if winter ever ends ….

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Several times in the past few months, I’ve passed what looked like a tiny, curbside library.  I’d heard about these little libraries somewhere, but it was just a vague idea, tucked away in my brain.  I had never actually seen one and assumed they were ‘somewhere else.’  Do you know that place too?

Well guess what?  We have one right here in our neighborhood.  I’m hooked!  I finally took the time to stop the car to show my sister, then went back later with my husband, a couple of books and my camera.  It was so much fun!

Here is what I’ve since learned about the movement:

It started as a simple tribute to his mother, a teacher and bibliophile. Todd Bol put up a miniature version of a one-room schoolhouse on a post outside his home in this western Wisconsin city, filled it with books and invited his neighbors…

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4 thoughts on “Little Free Library: Books Beneath the Willow

  1. Lookie there, it’s my bestie Alys! She’ll be tickled to see you’re sharing her post Pauline! I just was in San Jose in May to visit and we had an amazing time. It went too fast and I miss her like crazy. Get this, we met right here at WP….see, really good things happen here!


    • Amazing! See, I just knew this was a modern version of pen-pals – I wrote a post somewhere along the line about this – how great! Alys was pleased, she was dumb-struck I think she wrote for all of half a second ….I think it is the coolest idea I have come across for a long while!


  2. They are sporadic in the States, I couldn’t see it faring well in my area, too many little vandals and delinquents. I love the concept though and wish we could have them around here. Great post, maybe it will inspire others to set one up.


    • I know, it’s so often a challenge when the bored and unchallenged youth get their hands on something – …..but there are lots of inspiring pics on pinterest that may help over come the unhappy youth of the world….


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