Taksim Square Turkey

I have chosen to live a quiet and meditative life.  I have no TV, I do not read the newspapers or log on to current events channels.  I don’t like the media and its consistently negative and fear inducing stance on daily and current events.

However, those events that I do need to know about are placed before me and I practise sending peaceful and loving thoughts where they are needed.  I don’t do this in an ostentatious manner, I just do it quietly as I go about my daily tasks.

My blog is the one public place where I keep it lighthearted and kind of inconsequential – it’s my fun stop, my place for keeping track of crafty creations and as I have discovered, a place for making new friends across the globe – a modern era version of the pen-pals we had as children I guess.

I have been holding the events in Taksim Square in my mind these past few days – but this morning George Takei posted a moving message and a video that encapsulates through pictures and music these unfolding events, and while I was in the shower [does it happen for you this way too?] I had the idea to write this post, and share the idea of a series of moments ………………..

I’d like to suggest that sometime on Friday 7th June, between midday and midnight, you watch this video and then sit quietly for 30 seconds and send your prayers and/or heartfelt intentions for a peaceful settlement to this place and these people.

That’s all – it will take maybe 4 minutes of your time and will have an impact on the outcome.

If enough people do it there will be a 24 hour period where there will always be peace sent to Taksim Square and strength to the citizens of Turkey who are standing against despotism.

Now I don’t have many readers of my blog so I’m not expecting to change the world – but I am hoping to reach a few folk who may spread the word – So please, share this message and the video with as many people as you can – and click ‘like’ to let me know if your intention is to take part.


I am aware that others are already undertaking moments like the one I am suggesting – I do not mean to step on any toes.  My intention is purely to make one more person aware of the human rights and freedoms that are currently under attack in Turkey.


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  1. Hello Pauline–I will do it. Sometimes I forget to appreciate things I take for granted. This was a grim reminder of that fact. Thanks for sharing it.


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