Hello! My First Blog Entry

About me: My children are grown, my job came to an end and I decided to live a simple life, doing – where ever possible –  only things that make me happy.  I have a craft room, a cat and my freedom.  What more could I ask for? 

The cat is a rather handsome and somewhat over indulged Maine Coon named Orlando King -he has his own pinterest page, truly, go have a look. He is commonly called ‘Tig’ after Winnie-the-Pooh’s Tigger on account of his bounciness when he was young. The name doesn’t really matter though as he comes when whistled. He has become quite wise in his middle-age, though is still rather fond of roof-tops and has spent considerable time over his years stuck on them.

I blame this all on my daughters as they have both declined to give me grandchildren to spoil, all I have left is the cat!