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7 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. I looked for something comparable to Pauline’s danglers here in the states. I live in a large city and I promise, there is nothing like it here. I’ve never seen any quite as beautiful as the quality she puts into her creations. The major crystals are the best I’ve ever seen anywhere and the little charms are carefully selected to represent who you are and your dreams yet to come. I now own 3 danglers that I hang from the windows that get the best sunlight. They are stunning and inspiring. They make me expect the best of each day as they reflect the light. They are worth a great deal more than Pauline is charging for them. Pauline puts her heart into her creations. That includes her original art of which I have a gorgeous piece that hangs prominently where everyone coming into my home can see it. I also have several of her prints and cards that I’m sharing with friends and family. Everything she makes will light up your home with the love that is entwined.


  2. Thank you, Pauline, for the beautiful light catcher. I love it! It is so personal and will always have a special place in my heart and my home. I’m humbled by Norah Colvin’s story about me that she submitted for your light catcher competition – she is a beautiful lady, inside and out, and of course a dear, dear friend. I love reading your blog – you are so creative and fun! Have a wonderful 2016!


  3. Today, I received a beautiful three-strand light-catcher personalized for my mother as a gift. Pauline incorporated colors I talked about and parts of Mom’s life in the charms she added. She also sent me pictures as she created it to make sure it was right. The pictures are quite good for making decisions–but not nearly as good as the real light catcher. I also got two pair of Rodolfo mittens for my brother, who works outside a lot. Pauline was very open to making the mittens a bit more manly and produced some lovely brown-trimmed gloves and another pair of blue-trimmed ones with a button. I think these will be appreciated for their style and their warmth–and who doesn’t want both? Thanks for all your flexibility and creativity, Pauline!


  4. Today I received my three light catchers in the mail and I am thrilled and cannot wait to give them to their new owners at Christmas! 🙂 They were beautifully packaged and very thoughtfully presented, with each light catcher personalised to suit each recipient perfectly, and many extra little touches. I got one for myself too and I can’t stop looking at it!! 🙂 There was also a packets of postcards which are gorgeous, I love the peaceful messages and I will be framing each to hang in my train. I was drawn to Pauline’s work because it radiates joy, positivity and happiness (and I loved the name ‘Contented Crafter’!) In person, her work is even better than I expected!

    Couldn’t be happier, thanks Pauline xo


  5. I am over the moon with my items! I ordered a Raspberry Lightcatcher as a gift and I gave Pauline some details about the recipient, when it arrived the lightcatcher was beautifully personalised and it also included a list of the different charms and their meanings – you can tell a lot of thought and care went into making it. And it looks fantastic hung up!

    I also ordered a pack of postcards of Pauline’s excellent artwork. I love the whimsical, dreamy nature of the subjects and the messages they hold.

    Being lucky enough to win a giveaway prize a while back my package also contained a pair of Mimi gloves, they are so pretty and unique – I look forward to showing them off when the weather turns.

    Finally I have to say how I impressed I am with the speed of delivery, it means that I will be able to gift the lightcatcher as a birthday present now instead of waiting until Christmas 🙂

    Thanks Pauline! xx


  6. I just received a pair of the La Boheme hand warmers and I love them! They fit snugly and perfectly and are embellished with bright trim in shades of turquoise. Pauline, the maker, played with the La Boheme theme by adding little embellishments that look like small darned patches and repairs–and they add such quirky charm! I can say, for sure, that the gloves are even prettier in person than in the photos in her shop. Winter is rough where I live but I’m kind of looking forward to it–so I can wear these pretty fingerless gloves and pretend to be Mimi! Thank you, Pauline!


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