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Please feel free to browse at your leisure and be assured I appreciate your interest and your support.

This little store offers the occasional original mixed media painting and carries a supply of affordable prints and postcards of my original mixed media paintings.

You may also find my Light Catchers and other creations from time to time.  Of course, I also create to order – I welcome enquiries, just drop me a line to open a discussion.  There is a ‘contact me’ form at the bottom of this page.

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Message me for orders, discussions or purchases, please use the ‘Contact Me’ form at the bottom of this page.

International Orders:  Payment is made through Paypal; you will be sent an invoice when your order is ready for shipping.

NZ customers have the option of Paypal or Internet Banking.  Use the ‘Contact Me’ form at the bottom of this page to open a discussion or place an order.  You will be invoiced when your order is ready to be sent.

Prices,  Shipping & Insurance

All prices are in New Zealand dollars.  [A currency converter may be found throughout the store.]  There is always a shipping cost to consider.  Postal rates are rising world wide and I try to make this part of the transaction as easy as possible for you.   Combining orders is absolutely possible.  Contact me, the form is at the bottom of this page.

Insurance is entirely your option and costs $NZ15   It is your responsibility to request insurance be included in your invoice.

Uninsured Packages: Although I have never yet had a painting go astray in the international mail, in case one ever does I have to state that uninsured goods are sent at your own risk.


Unfortunately I cannot offer refunds on returned works as copyright protection cannot be guaranteed.   Please choose carefully before buying.  I am happy to assist wherever I can as I want you to be happy with your purchase.



To see my collection of bags, tops and scarves on VIDA please follow this link



We Are All Made of Stardust

(C) Stardust

Prints will soon be available for this original mixed media piece, completed April 2017.


Inky Doodle Note-Cards

These unusual and vibrant blank cards are perfect for writing short letters to friends any time or using as special occasion cards  They are  professional prints of original artwork on 160gsm white card with paper insert

There are four note-cards in each set.  The cards can be used in book form or top hinged, entirely your choice.  Each card has a blank three-leaved writing insert.  

There are two options available:

Any four card pack and envelopes, this includes a ‘Combination’ pack, which contains one card from each collection.

Any four card pack, no envelopes – this saves costs on shipping, see below.  This also includes the ‘Combination’ pack which contains one card from each collection.  

Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street

Summer Garden

Summer Garden

Cosmic Time

Cosmic Time

Evening Garden

Evening Garden

*Also available is the COMBINATION, which is made up of one card from each collection.

1 x Note-Card Set with no envelopes inc shipping anywhere $NZ20.00

1 X Note-Card Set with envelopes inc shipping  = $NZ32.00

Use the ‘Contact Me’ form at the bottom of this page to make your order.

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Original Mixed Media Paintings, Postcards, Art Prints  

A6 Postcards

Easily the most affordable way to have some of my art.  All postcards are from my original mixed media paintings.  Professionally printed on glossy card ready for you to frame, make into your own card or gift on as is.  

Please note the quality of the art work as shown has been down-graded by the system I use to make group photos.  Please be assured the quality of print you receive even on postcards is of excellent quality.

All postcards are the same size.  Please order by number

Any 10 for $NZ25.00

International Shipping $NZ16.00

Domestic Postage $4.50

Currency Converter: 1-4

1. Be A Butterfly  ‘Butterflies are flowers set free.  Be a Butterfly’

2.  The Little Beacon  ‘You Are Loved’

3.  Choose Joy  ‘Choose Joy’

4. Grow  ‘Grow Where You Are Planted’

Postcards 5-8

5. Trust  ‘Live In Trust’

6. Currently Out of stock   Wild Sea Woman   ‘Listen, How the Wild Sea Calls to Me’                  

7.  The Smallest Things  ‘Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart’   [AA Milne]

8. The Gardener  ‘A Gardener Grows Tomorrow’s Joys’.

Postcards 9-10

9.  The Light House  ‘I am your Beacon of Light and I will light your way’

10. The Wonderland of Alys  [No words on this one]


Original Mixed Media Paintings

The Smallest Things  $NZ75.00

Insurance – optional $NZ15.00

International Shipping $NZ16.00

Domestic Shipping $6.50

Currency Converter:

Mixed media acrylic on A4 300gsm watercolour paper.  Requires framing.

[NB All examples are water marked]

Small Things (C)

The Little Beacon  $NZ50.00

Insurance – optional $NZ15.00

International Shipping $NZ16.00

Domestic Shipping $6.50


Currency Converter:

Mixed Media Acrylic on A4 300gsm water colour paper.  Requires framing.  (NB:This painting is based on an art lesson given by Tamara Laporte  January 2015)

BeaconofLight (C)

Wild Sea Woman  $NZ75.00

Insurance – optional $NZ15.00

International Shipping $NZ16.00

Domestic Shipping $6.50


Currency Converter:

Mixed Media Acrylic on A4 300gsm water colour paper.  Requires framing

Sea Woman (C)


Art Prints
Most Art prints are available in both A4 and A3 sizes.  Professionally printed on 250gsm or 300gsm art paper.

A4 Prints $NZ20  Available:  #1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

A3 prints $NZ30    #3 and #5 are currently only available in larger sizes.  They are square prints as the original paintings were painted on 40cm square canvases.  As a consequence, not all the painting is visible in the collage below, but the actual print is entire.


Insurance – optional $NZ15.00

International Shipping $NZ16.00

Domestic Shipping $6.50

Currency Converter:

Art Prints1-4Art Prints 5-8Art Prints 9-12

Please refer to the ‘Postcard’ listings for the quotes and mantras on most prints.  Additionally:

3. Did You Remember?  ‘Did you remember today to notice how very wonderful you are’

5. I Think I’m The One.  ‘I’ve been single for a while now and I have to say it’s going quite well.  Like, it’s working out.  I think I’m the one.’


 Magical Light-Catchers

light Catchers are usually created especially for the recipients.  They are made with semi-precious gemstones, a variety of decorative beads, crystals and charms.  Catchers are 45 – 75 cm long and have one, two or three strands – each ending with an AAA crystal ball or pear. Up to ten charms are added especially for the recipient.  Sometimes I make one just for the fun of it and this may find its way into the shop for sale as is.

I take commissions for light catchers, just message me to open a discussion.  Points to consider when ordering are the colour or colours you want and a little about the person the catcher is intended for.  Lifestyle, interests, hobbies, temperament, health issues, challenges etc.are all points that can be considered when weaving the magic of each light catcher.


Incredibly difficult to capture in a photograph!  Follow these links to find out more

My post on creating a light-catcher

Alys’ post on receiving a light-catcher

Pricing of Light Catchers

Depending on length, number of strands, types of gemstones and beads and amount of crystal balls

Light-Catchers $NZ30.00 – $NZ125.00

+ *Shipping + $NZ15.00 optional insurance anywhere in the world  

*Shipping:  It is possible to combine items for shipping, I do my best to save you as much money here as possible.  Estimates below are for untracked.

      NZ $NZ6.50;  Australia $NZ15.00;  

International Shipping $NZ25

Please ask for a quote if tracking your order is preferred


Golden Sands Light Catcher


There are three strands, each ending in an AAA crystal ball in this light catcher.  [40 mm; 30 mm and 20 mm]  The main strand is strung with hand made, fluted round discs which add a lovely sense of movement to the piece. Each fluted disc is separated by a tiny glass bead inlaid with gold flecks. The two outer strands are made up of clear faceted crystal beads and a mix of coloured glass and acrylic beads.There are three charm carriers on each strand, each ending with an AAA faceted crystal octagon.

Please note that although there are charms already attached, you may choose nine or ten different charms to suit the recipient.

Approx 52 cm overall length

$NZ 75.00 + shipping + insurance if required

Currency Converter:

Golden Sands pizap2


hope you enjoyed browsing through my little shop – please call in again any time, we are always open!  And thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!

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