Siddy has a Birthday

We interrupt normal transmission to bring an important update….

April 4th and it’s Siddy’s fifth birthday. He’s a big boy now and lets all those frisky young pups know it. He takes centre seat at the dog park where he entertains his fans – here he is with his pals Poppy and Pamela

He goes drinking and driving, but never at the same time

Sometimes he shows off his tricks, like jumping through the tyre in the park

or greeting his fans through the window of home

He enjoys a good joke – like the one he heard last Christmas

He loves his kitty

Did I mention drinking?

He’s a bit of a poser and a playboy and has spread joy all year every year

He’s always such a good boy, though if you ask him he’s never quite sure ….

And he is, of course, my boy, the best puppy ever!

Happy Birthday Siddy xoxo

78 thoughts on “Siddy has a Birthday

  1. Belated Birthday Wishes dear Siddy ! I can see you are having a ball there in New Zealand with your lovely mum. I especially love your daffodil photo ❤ It was so awesome that you were with me on my entire visit. I think you're super cute, loads of fun, quite brilliant and snuggly too. Oh, did I mention cute? Poppy must be a great pal! I thought it looked like Pamela almost oopsie-daisy'd over on the bench 😮 I'm sure you and Poppy would have rescued her with lot's of love and licks. Give your mum a big snuggle from me and carry on with the wonderful life that is the story of you ! xox K


  2. May Siddy continue to drink and drive and laugh and play and bring joy to his Mum and everyone, may he and his Mum always be healthy and happy and continue to spread joy. Many happpy returns Siddy! Love from me and Peanut the Groodle


    • The truth of the matter is it matters not a jot to Siddy – he feels every day is HIS day and he sets off to enjoy it to the max. I just tag along for the fun of it 🙂 Tell your cats thanks for caring – Orlando didn’t understand what all the extra fuss was about ❤


    • Orlando does secretly quite like him – he gives Siddy a head bump every morning and cuddles with him most nights. Sure signs of affection from a cat. He also makes sure Siddy knows he’s in charge by walking up to a place where S is sitting or laying and waits until poor Siddy averts his eyes and quietly moves away so O can take his place….. Mean kitty! They are so funny to watch!

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  3. Happy birthday to the sweetest puppy ever! Five? It hardly seems possible but here we are. You forgot to mention between his drinking and (sort of) driving, that he also sports an amazing wardrobe. I spotted harnesses in several colors, bow-ties, bandanas and several sporty colors. As I’ve had the supreme pleasure of his good company, I’ve no doubt he’s collecting fans from around the world. Sending my love to the two of you. Will there be cake? xo

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    • There was no cake Alys, but there was and is a rawhide donut which has pleased him greatly and is keeping him busy. Orlando also expected – and got – an extra treat just for surviving the last five years 🙂


    • Hello Mackenzie, I just found you in my spam folder! I don’t know why such a lovely comment was put there and I apologise for being so late in finding you. Thanks for coming by and joining in with celebrating the best puppy ever 🙂

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      • Awww no worries 🙂 happens a lot! WordPress has something against me- lol! But thank you for rescuing my comment — and I am honored to celebrate such a sweet pup with ya! Have a great week ahead 🤗

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  4. Happy Birthday little Siddy. You are amazing. 🙂 Nice to see all your pictures and all the fun you have.
    You share your big day with my Hoomum’s brother, and he is a huge guy that likes motorcycles. 🙂 I guess you both like to let people know that you are in charge. 🙂
    Have a super good day. xxxxx

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  5. Oh my goodness! Soooooooooooooo many pictures of Siddy. I’m in heaven!
    Love the collar and bowtie – I must set about working out how to make one of those for Harry.
    Now if you could just sing this to Siddy from me please…
    Happy Birthday to You!
    Happy Birthday to You!
    Happy Birthday dear darling Siddy!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    And now please give him the biggest of hugs from me.
    I’ll have a drink for him tonight – well, as you pointed out, he does enjoy one.

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  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Siddy!!!! I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already since he appeared on the scene to tease sweet Orlando. It’s just wonderful how much he’s grown and matured. I love seeing Siddy and Orlando snuggling together and Siddy entertaining those who need him. He is so very adorable and deserves all the spoiling he gets. I know you never shortcut him in that department. He looks so well loved in all those photos.

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    • Yes, he’s well loved Marlene as is his kitty who is shyer about all the publicity and photographs and stuff….. They get on very well and have moments of fun together – Orlando however is in charge and Siddy does as he is told which is really quite funny to see. Five whole years since that irrepressible bundle of energy took us by storm Thank heavens he is quite a lot less busy these days!

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    • 😀 does Siddy have a drinking problem or is it the people he hangs out with I wonder…… Thank you for the kind wishes from yourself and Mylo, Siddy is hanging out for the birthday treat he knows is sitting on the kitchen counter…….

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  7. Oh, Pauline – this post is the best. I love your comments. And I love how Siddy’s face looks so different depending on the state of his haircut. Happy birthday to Siddy! I know he brings joy to you and everyone he meets.

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    • You have it so right Jodie, so much joy! And oh, how the haircut makes a difference to the poor fellow. This year he is having a four weekly groom to try and keep him in a more consistent shape. It used to be 8 weekly and the poor fellow would look like a miniature Old English Sheepdog on the day of his haircut. I still remember the first time he went off for a groom. I’d had him for about three months and he was looking pretty shaggy so I felt a tidy up was in order. A couple of hours later and I didn’t recognise the pearly white pup with huge brown eyes that was given back to me – it was quite a shock 😀

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  8. Siddy, I love all of your wardrobe but I think purple is definitely your colour.
    Enjoy a little drink now and then but, try and do what I do, and keep it to weekends.
    You are very definitely a good boy for bringing such joy into the lovely Pauline’s life.
    Happy Birthday 💜🎈 and here’s to many more 🍷

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    • He does look good in purple, you are right! Do you see he is wearing your collar in that first photo? He is quite fond of it – I think it is his second favourite. His favourite is the Christmas collar because it has bells on and he likes the tinkle as he trots down the road ……. He is (mostly) a very good boy! ❤


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