New Zealand Wine Tasting

I didn’t partake of the tasting, being the official driver for those who couldn’t hike the hills but thought you might enjoy the beauty of this stunning winery in Wanaka, courtesy once more of the talented Laurie

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A trip to New Zealand would just not be complete without a visit to a winery, and we were fortunate to have Rippon within walking distance.  No matter the wine, the view alone is worth the visit.

Is that not incredible?  Stunning!

During the tasting we learned that “the winegrowing team’s principal commitment is to the soil. Nurturing a healthy, responsive medium underfoot binds the vines and the people to their land.  Biodynamic farming and no irrigation help the vine drive energy into its seed and issue raw material that is capable of fostering wines that are true to their place”.

My favorite of the wines that we tasted was the Pinot Noir.   The winery also produces a Sauvignon Blanc, an Osteiner, a Gerwurtztraminer, and an Riesling.  Of course, part of the fun of any tasting is the people you are with.

After the tasting, we enjoyed playing with photography,

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19 thoughts on “New Zealand Wine Tasting

  1. I enjoy my soda stream sparkling water too! I have pieces of lemon in it, very refreshing. I have to say I do enjoy the New Zealand wine but Margaret River has a wonderful range of reds and whites, which we have been lucky enough to enjoy for many years. I would challenge arlingwoman to try a Margaret River Sauv blanc 🙂

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  2. But you took back some wine to have once you got back to where you were staying, didn’t you? I usually have my little drink at home but wine tastings are usually not enough to impair. Usually. 🙂


    • Danella bought me a bottle of Gerwurtztraminer knowing that is my favourite summer wine. (I’ve been super spoilt as usual on this holiday) I don’t drink much these days, finding sparkling water made in my soda stream as satisfying as a glass of wine. Such a bore!! 🙂 I drove D as she still can’t walk too far and hills are out of the question.

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      • I wondered about those soda stream things. They add carbonation, correct. I’m with you on the wine. I only have some if I have company that would like some. It’s an “occasion” kind of thing. I’ve got an unopened Gewurztraminer in my fridge right now. Wish you were here. 😉 I’m sure it will be awhile before D is back to walking well.


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