Loving New Zealand

How possible is it to fall even more in love with a group of people after spending ten days with them in close quarters? Very possible apparently! Here is Alys’ recap of our time in The Lakes District………

Gardening Nirvana

Looking down over Queenstown, New Zealand

Every cliché you’ve heard about New Zealand is true.  There really are more sheep than people, the hills really are that green, and the water really is that clear.  New Zealanders are warm and friendly, epitomized by our hosts Pauline, Danella and Jo.

All the stresses of delayed flights and airport checks fell away with Pauline’s first embrace. I’ve been ensconced in a warm cocoon ever since.

Here’s what we’ve been up to since my last post Three Days in Dunedin.

Pauline organized a thrilling ride on a four-seater motor bike known as the trike. There are only seven of them in the world. Our charming guide Andrew met us at the city center known as the Octagon and graciously put up with all our picture-taking.  We maneuvered through town, then along the harbour and into the hills for a breathtaking view.  I should…

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9 thoughts on “Loving New Zealand

  1. When it’s that particular group, I can fully understand how you could love them more. I’m sorry I had to miss this gathering. It sounds like pure heaven.


  2. I can see the regard in which all your guests hold you Pauline. They’re having an experience they may never have again and your kindness makes it special.
    xxx Sending Special Welsh Hugs xxx


    • Thank you David, you are very kind. I have to say I hold my guests just as dearly and it was very special having them come and spend time with my family too. Blogging gives us many gifts and this has to be among the best of them! Hugs back my friend xoxo


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