The Mystery on the Easel Phase II

Hello my friends!  Just for Kerry who became a bit concerned by his prolonged absence, the header features my lovely Orlando who has been usurped from his position of star of this blog by the cute, bouncy and camera ready Siddy.  Orlando doesn’t like cameras very much, he believes they are out to steal his soul and acts accordingly.  He is however in good health and spirits and spends a lot of time curled up by Siddy or stealing Siddy’s favourite spot (my knee) or Siddy’s second favourite spot (beside me in my big chair) and generally causing Siddy reasons for consternation.  All is well in Orlando’s world.  ❤

So, on with the business at hand.  We are looking at the progress of a painting – who knows what will happen!

Just to refresh your memory, in the last post you saw this


Now here is Phase II

Phase 2

Where is this going?  Any thoughts?

Phase III is maybe a couple of days away, see you then.

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!


Where Does the Time Go?

Heavens, I’m in catch-up mode again!  Time flew by with ED here for a week, YD on three weeks break and needing daily visits by Siddy, which were mostly fitted in soon after the morning walk and second breakfast so that he arrived for elevenses ……..  Then there was our promotion at the retirement home from half hour ambling visits where Siddy trots around smiling at everyone and I get made happy by watching eyes light up and sparks of life sparkle out of tired old eyes.  We were asked to widen our brief and include helping out at the two hour crafting session every week, of course I said yes.   And  of course there is painting and crafting time to fit in here somewhere.  So the days have simply been eaten up by the minute munching monsters.

Here’s Siddy posing with his Aunty Jo – show that boy a camera and he puts on his best sartorial pose

March 2017

The lovely Alys  purchased two items from my collection on Vida when it first opened.  One she purchased secretly and sent straight to me, reducing me to tears of wonder, gratitude and astonishment that I had such a generous and kind friend.  You may remember my disappointment when I discovered I couldn’t afford to purchase my own designs as the shipping cost was astronomical.  Well, now I have a lovely tote bag and here’s me still looking somewhat stunned at the event, just arrived at YD’s in time for elevenses……..

Tote March 2017

A week or so later and the lovely Alys sent me photos of her Inky Doodle design scarf that she purchased from Vida.  Photographed by her youngest son, Alys rocks the colourful fabric and is well on her way to becoming the world’s next super model.  And isn’t the fabric gorgeous, I am so happy to see my doodles come to life like this.  It’s simply great!

Pauline King design alys

After prolonged imploring from three people I agreed to reopen my collection on Vida.  My stance remains that it is a pyramid selling scheme and therefore not ethical – but it allows my work to reach a wider audience and to be taken down from the wall and worn.  I am made happy when my friends and family are happy and, as I make art to spread joy, and Vida allows that process to happen we have, it seems, reached accord.

There’s a painting on the easel, this is phase 1, where do you think it might be heading?


We’ve been mostly enjoying lovely late summer weather this month, which has been much appreciated  and greeted with cries of ‘Better late than never’ and ‘Great Scott, what is that bright yellow orb in the sky?’  We have taken heart, all is not lost for our Blogging Babes reunion this time next year!  (That’s a teaser, more on this later)

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!

Blossoms, Snow, and Custom Envelopes

Meet my friend Lisa, who adds another dimension into making your own envelopes 🙂


Late this week, I noticed some of the daffodils doing face plants in the dirt. They are optimistic, tough little flowers and can withstand the cold. But I think they may have heard about the snow.

DSCN4791 Ooooh Noooo. It was so nice a few days ago…

These crab apple blossoms have not heard yet and are at a stage where the snow will not be helpful.

DSCN4796 Blossoms. Leaves too. Aaiiieee….

The latest forecast I’ve heard is for a nor’easter up the coast dumping either 2-5 inches or 10-13 depending on storm track. I don’t mind; it’s kind of exciting. And given the lateness of the year, the snow won’t be around long. Nor will the blossoms and buds that were tricked by 70 degree weather in February. I haven’t thought much about the storm, since I will probably just hunker down and enjoy it. What I did think about today was getting…

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