All Our Christmases



Today Orlando and I received a package in the post


I set about opening the extremely well sealed package wielding knife and scissors carefully and several minutes later


We were very excited!


Orlando was especially keen to see what was inside for him



“C’mon Mumma” he is saying “Let’s open it!”

While I was trying to enjoy the pretty packaging and practise ‘Anticipation 101’ my cat was nudging my hand and insisting the box be opened.  Once opened the contents were thoroughly investigated and then he went looking – he knew there was something else, he just had to find it ………..15

The whole thing went something like this

Happy Mail2

Then we got to the really exciting part – his present!

Orlando's gift


Orlando's gift2

The package was, of course, from the absolute Queen of beautiful gifts, the wondrous Ms Boomdeeadda. While King Orlando snuffled and nudged, I oohed and aahed at the gorgeous packaging, the envelope, the letter, the sweet smelling pot-pourri……  Then I settled down with the gift bag – truly the most impressive gift bag I have ever seen in my life.  So pretty, so detailed, so impeccably put together in terms of colour and combination and detail.  The woman is a genius!

I wish the photos could convey the texture and subtleties better


The front of the gift bag


The back of the gift bag


Bearing all the wonderful signs of my dear blogging friend – I felt it really didn’t matter if there was anything inside the gift bag or not – in itself this is such a treasure.  But there were several more  little treasures and tea bags and chocolates wrapped in aqua foil [of course – if you follow Boomdeeadda then you know how much she loves aqua!  If you don’t, go on over and say I sent you – you will love her blog!]

I knew Boomdee had sent me this wee container of pot-pourri as I had squee’ed over it last December when she posted about making them.  With her big heart all aglow she had obligingly wrapped one up and sent it off via a nice postal person who hiked from Alberta, across British Columbia to the sea and then swam southwards across the Pacific to my door.

And here it is at last.  A beautiful, woody, piney, spicy, rich smelling wonder which in 24 hours has wafted through my home filling it with the memory of my Northern Hemisphere Christmases – with perfect timing as Father Winter has just begun to rap loudly on my window pane here at the other end of the world!



This amazing package also contained a little something from Alyster – see the specially packaged little porcelain toadstool surrounded by some of the gift bag contents – thats especially for us, from Alyster 🙂  Next thing I’ll be making fairy gardens!!.


And to end, this is this mornings shot of a boy  and his new best friend, who have just been woken from a sound slumber by a crazy woman with a camera.


This was a lovely break from my house cleaning and tidying – the job has grown and grown.  The bathroom has been re organised and given a good seeing to.  The laundry has had the same treatment and my bedroom is also getting a redo.  My ‘Create Joy’ room is inaccessible as that has become the place where everything gets stored until it is ready for relocation, either here or elsewhere…….. YD is still selling stuff on Trademe and other sites.  Various charity stores have been the recipients of trunk-loads of stuff and other bits and bobs are making the giveaway rounds of family and friends.  I am so light!!  My wardrobe has been halved, my ‘one day it might be useful’ pile has all gone. My ‘cottage by the sea’ accoutrements have also now all gone.  I have left only what I need and use.

And, of course, my arty-crafty stash 🙂

And please, do pop over and visit Boomdee – I know you will enjoy her, she is a lot of fun!

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!  🙂

67 thoughts on “All Our Christmases

  1. I am having a good time looking at Orlando having a great time with the package and the gifts. Another delightful “happy mail” for you, Pauline. Truly, the gift bag is a gift on its own. Such detailed designs. I must try my hand at one of these beautiful works of art you post 🙂
    Have a great week, my friend.


    • I have had such a stream of happy mail in the last few months haven’t I! I feel a little like my cat – most over-indulged 🙂 I’m trying to find space in my craft room to display it all.

      How’s your spring weather shaping up Elaine? I do hope you are having happy-making weather!


  2. Great ,no , simply wonderful packaging, she really went all out to give you that, and very little shipping time. I wish I could do that with things I send, always sent late and come a week late :/

    I wonder what you think about those two VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol, fancy name for programs which let you talk over the internet) programs I told you about, are they good?

    I wish computer parts came in such wonderful packaging, I recently upgraded my PC and (instead of building it myself) I bought one with water cooling (I’m, well, not the most diligent computer builder, and water + computer parts + me = BOOM!!) and it came in this bland carboard box. Considering what I payed for it should of at least came in some sort of branded box.

    I don’t have some sort of crazy idea but have been thinking of having an award where the awarded blogger has to answer a bunch of tech questions. I wonder what they will be, and what crazy answers people might give. Clueless questions are fun questions after all, I think it would give all of us a good laugh, especially when I tell them the answers to some of the questions :D.


    • If you ask me any tech questions Will you are likely to get a resounding silence back – if you had me on a VoIP all you would see is a face like a stunned mullet – do you know that saying? Though I should now be able to answer ‘What does VoIP stand for?’ 🙂 And I’m sure all my other answers will amuse you all no end 🙂

      The good thing about your idea is that when we have all finished laughing at each others silly answers, you will give the correct answer and I shall learn something new 🙂 I like that!

      I did investigate those two options you gave me and decided to stick with Skype for a while longer until the creases are ironed out. For a non-tech like me it is a bit scary to take the plunge when I don’t really understand how to work it. Did I tell you I tried Google Hangout and it was a bit crap? There was a voice lag and constant freezing and a bad echo too – quite off-putting!

      I do appreciate SO MUCH all the points you share with me though – it does help me a lot!


      • Great! I’m thinking to make it into some sort of award with different prizes, ect. Like most funny interpretation for tech words/acronyms. Most correct answers, ect!

        As soon as I heared “Google Hangout,” and “a
        while a go,” I just laughed, Google Hangout was horrible back then! The ecoh could just be your room but that’s unlikley, since you’ve did a Skype tea party. I’ve heared they fixed all the bugs but I wouldn’t advise using it.

        And I get what you mean, and you mayyybe Google it but that wouldn’t be fun :(. That’s where you can get creative.

        No need for thanks, I’m just telling you about what I know/love, I’m in love with my new PC. Don’t judge me…


  3. I have not been near my computer much this week since it has been gorgeous outside! Planted 7 apple trees today, currents, cranberries, ligonberries, cole crops + I don’t want to come inside every again-lol.
    I know I have to post sometime-lol. I LOVE YOUR CAT!!! He is beautiful, comical + pretty darn smart. Your package is so special + reading through all your lovely creative friends was fun! You all have such a kinship + what great friendships through your “happy” packages!!! Mail is still fun like when we were kids. Great post + enjoyed the cat adventures!


    • How wonderful that you are outside – and planting fruit trees! I am so happy for you! We had a treat today with Easter Sunday turning on a hot summery day for us, despite the winter conditions of the past week!

      You are right about the friendships – I feel as if I know you and these other women so well through our writings and sharings. I think we are very fortunate to have stumbled across each other in this vast blogging sphere Our letters to each other are public, that’s the only difference between us and those old pen-pals we had when we were younger.

      I do hope your spring continues to mellow out and you get your potager full to the brim with beautiful flowers and tasty edibles! At some stage you will have to come inside and show us what you have done 🙂


  4. Followed! The pictures alone tell me I’m going to love her creations. I’m falling deeply, madly in love with your Orlando. My kitties are getting jealous. Thanks for sharing all of the great photos of him inspecting, playing, etc.


    • I’m so pleased PJ Sassifras! Boomdee is a fun and caring person – she deserves tons of happy followers – and I know she will love your creations – bet you’ll end up making an aqua coloured cupcake for her!


  5. Orlando sure is a curious cat. It looks as though he wore himself out at the end. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful gift…what a gift the gift bag is, it’s lovely!


    • Hi Jill 🙂 Orlando is of the opinion that any and all items that a) have wrapping paper or b) are boxes, are surely meant for him……… plus he could smell something delectable! Boomdee has a lovely ability with putting things together for sure – I’m in awe!


    • Thank you Jill, you’re really kind to say so. I just love playing with paper 😀 I have a room full of crafty stuff and just started working at a scrapbook store…..Oh ooooooo, LOL


  6. Hello, what a fabulous post Pauline, so lovely to share the joy with you and Orlando, and OMG isn’t he just gorgeous, love seeing him in action! Well done with your de-clutter, I REALLY need to do that sometime.

    Big love from me 🙂


    • Do you know – re the de-clutter – it makes the whole house feel really light, and me too – like weightless light, not light bulb light – I mean, all the stuff that has gone was mostly stuff that lived in boxes in cupboards so it couldn’t be seen, but it’s absence is felt. Amazing! Plus I love having empty drawers and cupboards – room to spread out! 🙂


  7. Yes, that looks just like Boomdee. It’s a present in a present. Orlando looks like the box was sent just for him. How fun for you and how kind of Alyster to think of you as well. It’s incredible how long it takes to get packages to the southern hemisphere from here. But that just makes for an extra holiday. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Gorgeousness, happy cats (a difficult preposition most days to say the least) and happy mail that contains chocolate? Oh BOOMDEE does your magnificence know no bounds?! 🙂 Love that crafty stuff guys. Keep it up. I can’t actually have craft stuff (that isn’t hidden in wall panels or in the crawl space in the roof where creatures who don’t have opposable thumbs can reach it) but stoically insist on buying things like wool in the vain hope that one day it will go out of fashion in the dogs eyes as being the latest greatest form of entertainment on Serendipity Farm. I don’t think that is going to happen any day soon so I have my sock wool stashed in our wardrobe along with my semi completed bedspread (which will be disassembled once complete should I ever be stupid enough to leave the bedroom door open…) and occasionally I open the wardrobe door and stare wistfully at the pile of enticing wool. If I was a dog I would eat it too…(emm…wool…)


    • That’s odd, I replied to your comment yesterday and it has disappeared – do you suppose Earl ate it?

      I believe I was mithering on about having purchased more yarn for my Bavarian Crochet Rug and then in my cleaning and sorting frenzy discovered that I have enough yarn to make a hundred said rugs – I have yarn to forever tucked away in all kinds of places, not to mention at least three half completed projects that I have obviously become bored with. I tend to start things without a pattern to see what will happen. When what happens isn’t what my original picture said it would be, I abandon it somewhere to await the next round of inspiring imaginative ideas 🙂 Earl would have a field day!


      • It doesn’t bear thinking about! I can only begin to imagine how tangled up he would get. Would probably be the only time in his life that he couldn’t move 😉


  9. I would recognize Boomdee’s fabulous touch anywhere. Her packages are amazing. I was confused about the Christmas wrap, then remembered something way back when about a package that didn’t quite make it. It does appear that your beautiful package was held hostage somewhere for a bit of time. I wonder if the catnip posed problems with customs?

    How is this for a weird experience. As I was reading your description of the potpourri, and looking at the picture, I could suddenly ‘smell it’ or at least have a sense memory of smelling it. Isn’t that odd?

    As for the gift bag, is that a real paintbrush, or just an image of one? It looks so realistic. I love the tube of paint, too. I love all of it, actually, every bit of layered detail. I have much to learn from you and Bomdee.

    Thanks for sharing your gifts with us. Please let Orlando know that I think he’s adorable.

    Great, uplifting post, Pauline.


    • I’m pleased you enjoyed it Alys 🙂 It is a real paintbrush – isn’t that amazing? The whole thing is exquisite – I really don’t think I would know where to start to make such a thing of beauty – she’s a pretty clever girl!

      Did you have one of those jars over Christmas? It really is a lovely perfume that has quite warmed the whole house.

      Orlando has pretty much stayed curled up on the rug with his new toy all day. Now and again he wakes up and bats it round for a bit, then cuddles down again. I’ve just had two clients through back to back and he has hardly moved! Good stuff that Canadian catmint!! 🙂


      • Oh it is a real paintbrush! Brilliant. Yes, she is a clever crafter, and so are you.

        I do have one of those jars, and in fact, never put it away. It was in the guest bathroom for awhile, and now I have it on a shelf. Mmmmm.

        Orlando is such a sweetie. Any wonder he has his on Facebook page. He’s a star.


        • 🙂 It’s good to hear the scent of the pot-pourri lingers on – it’s a great recipe! I wonder if Boomdee would share it…….

          Orlando is a sweetie and also highly amusing, though I never quite capture those moments. I got lucky with this cat! 🙂


          • I’m sure she would! I take the lid off and stir it up a bit. I’ve also heard you can add a drop of oil to rekindle the scent, but I’ve never actually tried it.

            Orlando sounds like a wonderful companion. I’m so happy you have each other. =^..^=


            • I have to agree, that potpourri is simply the best ever. I think Boomdee should think about selling it – or at least selling the recipe! I could perhaps make an imitation of her potpourri more easily that I could copy her amazing craft style. The only thing better than a package from Boomdee would be a special delivery with Orlando inside. Wonder if he would like a vacation in Virginia? 🙂


            • Orlando is half cat, half dog – he is a constant companion, comes when whistled, sits on command and sometimes fetches. The other half doesn’t like surprises, doesn’t like cars and won’t walk on a leash. Like all cats, he will take messages and get back to me later. He is also very funny – unintentionally, for he gets cross if I laugh too loudly! As an only cat he is very over indulged and has quite high expectations of service 🙂 He likes certain kinds of music and loves to dance. He talks all the time, to me, to himself, or to his toys. His language is a series of gurgles hurrumphs, giggles and mews. I have learnt a lot of his language as he is quite a good teacher. Sadly he doesn’t like to travel, like all cats he loves his home comforts.


    • ((( you both ))) are so amazing for a girls eco. I always have way more fun when I’m making something for a friend than myself. Thank you both for all your love and support xoxo K


  10. When they talk about “a slow boat to china”, I’m certain it’s a postal vessel via New Zealand…thank goodness it has finally floated ashore. LOL, that was banana’s.

    I laughed with glee at all your GIFS. Orlando in action! Weeeeeee 😀 Especially rubbing up to the box and the very first one when O looks right at momma and her crazy camera. Sorry about it being sealed up like Fort Knox, HA. I thought it would be handled by so many people, and then of course there’s the guy in the canoe…LOL. It was so long since I sent it, I almost forgot what was in there, snort. I have one other little thing, it was held back for colder weather…I will soon post. 😀

    Thanks for all the cheer directed back to Boomdeeadda and your dear personal message Pauline. It was fun to send something around the world to your doorstep, I wish I could post myself. It’s been such a pleasure to get to know you and chat thru-out the day. I applaud your lifestyle, your art and of course embrace your generous and kind heart. Lot’s of Hugs xoK


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