Double Celebrations and a Holiday Retrospective

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and magical and inspiring holiday!

I certainly am – not only did I have the first holiday break in four years with both my daughters at the same time, closely followed by being extremely spoiled on Christmas Day [hint: I’m writing on it now 🙂 ] but also something really amazingly generous and wonderful and quite magical has happened for me, my readers and The Contented Crafter Blog altogether!

A few days before Christmas I received a sale notification from my Etsy Store and a wee note which said in part  Pauline, please don’t send this to me; I want you to use it for a give-away in the New Year………

You may well imagine, I was totally overwhelmed.  If I hadn’t already been sitting I would have sat – splat!  The donor has asked to remain anonymous and I [reluctantly] respect that.  Here is what is written on the Contented Crafter FB Page 

‘I am donating one of Pauline’s inspiring prints for her to use as a give-away. I’m choosing to remain anonymous because this is about her and her lovely work, not about me. I rarely give money to large institutions, but like to use a wee part of my income to support a variety of efforts that come to my attention. I love supporting people who are artistic, alternative, creative and more. Anyone making a positive change in this world deserves support. I hope all her readers and followers will enter to win this lovely prize. Good luck, everyone!’

Isn’t this the most amazingly unexpected, wonderfully kind and generous and Christmassy Spirited thing?  It’s like we have our very own Christmas Fairy!!

So we get another give-away 🙂  Which makes me happy – and you too I hope and one lucky person will get to choose a print, and I hope they will be happy too!


And – as I discovered as I began this post – this is my 100th post – so, double celebrations!!  I’ve been blogging for a full 10 months already and so much has happened – not least the amazing people I have stumbled upon, so many of whom have become new friends 🙂


We went to Queenstown to celebrate YD’s mumbley-mumble birthday.  It has to be said she is now older than I think I am.  Perhaps the Time Lord has been zipping around in his Tardis and completely destroyed linear time in favour of concurrent and eternal time [?]

Any-hoo…. it was a chilly morning when we set off with me as official back seat driver and the two lovelies up front


Our road trip took us through some pretty amazing scenery and some of New Zealand’s early history too.  If you travel this route you will soon become familiar with the beginnings of European Settlement in this country.  Rich with gold, the hills are high and rocky.  Schist is piled precariously atop schist and always makes me think of some wild and ancient god such as Thor, haphazardly throwing rocks about.  The scenery will remind you of Greece, of Tuscany, of England – all in the space of five minutes.  The lakes are huge, one is man-made and a village was drowned to make it – and the colour is spectacular –  aqua waters shine out against stark brown hills..

It’s wild, it’s barren, it’s breathtakingly beautiful!

First stop was at a great favourite of mine, Lawrence where the original gold rush took place in the early 1860’s. Gabriel’s Gully is on the outskirts of town, but it was a bit too cold to do the walk.

We stopped for lunch in a pub garden in Alexandra, then pushed on to Clyde.

Clyde is in the middle of nowhere, high up in the mountain plateau.  A stunningly beautiful, stark, rocky, brown landscape with an aqua lake, a hydro dam and little picturesque villages that  could come straight from the English Cotswalds.

I snapped ED standing and staring



What she was entranced with, and you can’t smell is the wild thyme.  Those dead looking clumps in the background are wild thyme.  This part of the high country, where the topsoil is thin and the bedrock is on the surface, grows wild thyme.  It goes from the waters edge up the sides of rocky cliffs, along the road side and over the hills.  It is abundant, it is dried, it is redolent and

I picked me some 🙂

We drove on, past the drowned town of Cromwell, stopped at Roaring Meg for a few moments and on to Queenstown.

We arrived about 4 pm – just in time to see the last of the beautiful warm summer days they had been enjoying.  But we were not concerned.  We settled into our uber posh hotel and enjoyed the view


Queenstown nestles itself on two sides of the beautiful Lake Wakatipu  It is small, it is hilly and it is entirely a tourist spot.  Sam Neill calls this place home, Shania Twain built a ranch house on several hundred acres on the outskirts and there is scarcely a Hollywood star who has not spent at least two nights nestled up in any of the twenty or more ultra luxurious, inordinately expensive, privacy guaranteed hotels.

We settled for a very nice 5 Star and had a thoroughly enjoyable time with our discount vouchers and savings coupons and lets not forget the trusty credit cards!


It has to be admitted up front that we spent the better part of the next two days eating and drinking.  We wanted to stick with the theme – so it was mostly an endless array of delicious and extraordinarily fresh seafood and fine Otago wines.

We did make the trek half way up the mountain to catch the gondola that took us all the way to the top – vertically!  YD and I are okay with being in tiny little orbs that look alarmingly like a storm troopers helmet that sway about in the breeze and travel in a series of jerks and rushes.  Not so much ED, who began to sing ‘Soft Kitty, warm kitty’ in a tremulous voice – which just made us laugh even more.

The view was worth it.  This is what you see immediately below the space age viewing deck

Gondola wildflowers

The wilding pines and wildflowers are found all over the mountain sides around Queenstown and were looking particularly pretty.  [Wilding pines are self seeded and unwanted invaders in National Parks.  There is a huge push to handle them properly so that the native forest can regenerate and the wildings be stopped in their tracks.  When I first came to Queenstown 28 years ago, there were few pines growing up the mountain sides – now they cover them.]

Gondola View2

This is a panoramic shot taken by one of the daughters clever phones. [ 🙂 ]

Gondola View1

The view is quite stunning and we repaired to a small wine bar to admire it some more.

We chose a spot where we could see the storm troopers whizzing past and I amused myself by trying to take an arty shot.  You had to be really quick!Gondola wine2

Eventually I got this one and had to be happy with it or I couldn’t enjoy my chardonnay!

gondola wine3

That evening we celebrated YD’s birthday at a very fine lakeside restaurant where we ate copious amounts of fish, drank not quite copious amounts of white wine and took silly photos with ED’s new iphone to the amusement of the servers and several other tables of diners.

D's birthday dinner w PD&P @ dinner

The next day, Christmas Eve, we reluctantly packed up and headed back across the thyme covered mountain plateau to a cold, wet and windy home city and readied ourselves for an exciting Christmas Day.

Meet Esmeralda, my new, silver, ultra sleek, super fast Personal Computer.


She has just finished her first successful  and very happy blog post 🙂

Thanks for coming by today and taking the time to read – I’m so happy that you did!  🙂

Seasons Greetings One and All!

We got home from our road trip last night – utterly exhausted, but very happy!

We celebrated YD’s birthday in style

D13 2

D13 5

D13 2

……with copious amounts of seafood and chardonnay and silly picture taking

D&P @ dinner

And now it is Christmas morning and there is Champagne to be drunk and presents to open and more family time to be indulged in.  The full story of our adventures must wait for another post.

Merry Christmas my friends, thanks for making these past nine months so much fun!

I love you all xoxo

Beach Santa

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!   🙂

Joy – Part II

Despite all your lovely and generous comments on yesterday’s post, I felt my little birdie was crying out for something more and this morning I woke with another of my genius ideas – I could frame it – just to see how it looked.

I rummaged around in the magic cupboard and eventually emerged with a somewhat battered and grubby frame.  I didn’t even stop to do more than give it a cursory wipe-over before popping in little Joyful birdie and voila 

Bird framed

The frame measures 42 x 30 cm and the painting is 29.5 x 21 cm.

Oh Joy!! Tra-la!!  Happy Dance!!!

Now she is completed!

What say you?

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!  🙂


I’ve been working on this piece for several days – it started as one thing and, as so often happens, morphed into another.

I am determined to continue in my practise of using colours that are not common to my palette – it’s good for me to stretch my wings…  This one started off with red and orange, which should be fine as they are side by side on the colour wheel –  but when the green came along that simply didn’t work so I morphed the orange into yellow in an attempt to lift the image.


I have developed a decided love/hate relationship with it!

I love my little birdie, I hate the composition!  It’s messy and crowded and the bird is in the wrong place …………  I really need to develop a plan of action before I start drawing and painting and gluing random bits down ……. so much to learn!! 🙂

And it’s an awful photo – there is so much sparkle and texture that it seems to be impossible for the camera to get its act together.  That shadow in the lower left corner is I believe my head.  The floor of the conservatory is the best place to take photos – the sun was shining and it was close to midday……… Sigh!

I’m sounding decidedly grumpy to my own ears –  but I’m not really – maybe the combination of red, yellow and green doesn’t agree with me – though it is decidedly summery 🙂

I shall get it scanned and see what I think about it then – maybe it might make a nice card….. or it may just end up in the art archives folder


Click on the image to get a bigger view, click again for detailed viewing.

Mixed media collage on  A4 300gsm art paper.

Acrylic paint, papers, stamps, paint pen, gel pens, charcoal, pitt pens, gold metallic pen and Inca Gold paint.  Heart punch by Sullivans and butterfly punch by Martha Stewart.

The original layer is two shades of red and some white acrylic paint.  When dry I stamped with three different stamps and applied gesso through a template randomly.  A third coat of thinned white paint was applied and wiped away while still wet to grunge it up a bit.

The bird was drawn freehand on lunch-wrap paper [deli paper to some of you], painted and then fussy cut and glued down to the substrate using gel medium.  I stuck her down too far to the left.

The tree branches were also made originally on deli paper and attached to the substrate.

The flowers and leaves were all made from  200gsm paper which was painted and then dry embossed and punched out in two sizes using heart punches. When they were assembled and attached to the substrate I went in with pens and pencils and paints and gussied them up some.

When everything was in place I used charcoal and pitt pens to define edges and bring it all together.

What do you think?

When you look at it do you feel joy?  Or do you, like me, sigh and think  – oh, that could have been so nice!  🙂

Onwards ans upwards!!

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!  🙂

An Outdoor Entertainment Area

What a week or two it has been!

The ‘silly season’ has kicked off with a bang – the weather has been hot – too hot for me – the traffic has doubled and just when I was feeling quite smug because I had everything in hand YD decided she was going to create an Outdoor Entertainment Area [note the capitalisation folks]  and I was designated the position of chief adviser and consultant.

The down-side of having an unexpectedly Good Idea for an event that is alarmingly close is there is no budget for it.  There are other Good Ideas that were thought of a reasonable amount of time prior to the coming event and all spare monies have been allocated to them.

The event in question is something that occurs two days before Christmas and is down purely to very poor planning on my part, more years ago than any one cares to mention now.

It is YD’s birthday.

A plan had already been hatched for this momentous event, for the first time in over four years my daughters and I are having a girls weekend away.  [The last one was the celebration of my 60th and we went to Melbourne for 10 days – that was the most fabulous holiday of my life!]  This time we are staying quite close to home.  We are off to Queenstown [the stunningly beautiful tourist capital of New Zealand] for three days to stay in a posh hotel, undertake a few of the more sedate adventures on offer and to over indulge in good food and wine.

So, you may well understand how the latest Good Idea, whilst a very good Good Idea, raises a few issues around budget.

How do you turn a three-quarter enclosed carport into a stunning outdoor entertainment area in double quick time and with very little money?  YD had four days off in which to accomplish her Good Idea and my promotion was intended to ensure that she achieved her aim.

The lofty elevation in my status therefore involved three days of investigating what we might possibly get for as close to $0 as possible for lighting, covering the floor, how best to enclose the car-port that is being utilised for said Outdoor Entertainment Area – also for nothing – and the most cost efficient manner in which to decorate the enclosed space.

The starting place was lighting.  YD wanted to get some solar powered Christmas lights and we trekked around all the stores being shocked silly at the prices – then we happened upon Bunnings.  Bunnings had just the best and cheapest array of lights imaginable.  We got all kinds of lights, multi colours and white, balls, drops, dragonflies and stars and…..

We blew the budget.

Closing of all or part of the front of the carport became a big issue, we trekked, we talked, we thought, we debated – but everything cost dollars that we did not have.  Creative thinking to the rescue and a hunt through my fabric storage cupboard found a solution.  A huge piece of white cretonne once used as a couch cover was the perfect size for a fabric ‘wall’.

Flooring was the next issue – outdoor carpets, plastic grass [yech!] We considered fencing panels, laying them down would certainly be easy, but not that pleasant on the feet.  

We trekked and searched second hand shops for carpet off-cuts, old floor rugs – but there was nothing that we could even consider.

We were down to wondering could we get cardboard boxes, open them flat out, paint them and tape them down.  It seemed like a lot of work for something that would attract damp should it rain and become a home for a myriad insects and spiders over the course of the summer.  

Then we stumbled purely by accident on the Barbeque Mats.  Designed to stop the barbeque splattering and dripping fats over your lovely wooden deck and staining it – soft, latex backed and a nice big size.  Less than $10 each.  We purchased three with looks of triumph and raced back to the Outdoor Entertainment Area – Huzzah!  Perfect fit.  The latex grips the concrete and won’t move.  We taped the three mats together with duct tape to keep them tight and the floor was done.

A couple of tables were swiped  borrowed from my place, my spare art table has been called from retirement to became a side board and various plants, sundry paintings [all done by the clever YD], ornamental bits and bobs have been re-located to add beauty to the Outdoor Entertainment Area par excellance!

At this point in the post I was supposed to have a roll of photos showing before and after – but somehow that plan went awry and it appears a whole run of photos have gotten lost somewhere – there are only these which may give a bit of a hint, but nothing of the stunning ambiance…..

This is the early set up phase, YD has begun to hang the lights, moved a side table in and a pot plant……  look at that floor!


The old couch cover has been called from retirement and hung across the front of the car port, a second table, a vase of flowers and a long neglected bundle of curled twigs begin to fill the empty spaces


Coloured bottles, a couple of sandstone blocks and the BBQ mats complete the cosy corner


The lights on



This is where we will be partying celebrating the lovely Summer evenings of Christmas 🙂

I’ll post some photos later of the stunning Outdoor Entertainment Area when it is in full use.

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!   🙂

Christmas Giveaway – Winners

Thank you for your support of this give away – it is such fun for me when you all enter into the spirit of it!

I didn’t photograph the draw process this time, but did it exactly the same as the last time, [you can see it here if you wish.]

The person who gets to choose a whimsy girl print is

Christi over at Farmlet – Come on down Christi and name your print!  🙂

The person who gets a 5 pack of [A5] greeting cards of their choice is

Wendy over at Quarter Acre Lifestyle – come on down Wendy!!

What made me laugh at these two names is that from the comments we all think we know what Christi will choose and we all know that Wendy has no idea and may take until next Christmas to make up her mind!!

Do you think the gods of random choice are having a laugh?

To those of you whose names were not the ones that leapt into my searching fingers, there will be more chances, I’m sure I will find an excuse early next year to do this again ………stay tuned!

Christi and Wendy, please email me with your choices and addresses.

No rush Wendy!  🙂  You know you can have all the same or all different, right?

I’m adding an addendum to this post – I forgot to say this earlier but was reminded when Christi offered to pay the postage on her prize – not necessary, but aren’t people amazing!!  🙂

A contribution towards the cost of postage for this giveaway was made by Linne over at A Random Harvest when she purchased some of my cards – I repeat – aren’t people amazing!!   🙂

Thank you Linne, thank you Christi, thank you everyone – sometimes I just feel like I know the best people in the entire world 🙂

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did 🙂

Christmas Giveaway

Hello there, my Bloggie Friends!

Because the Christmas season is upon us, the lights are up and just because I can – there is another giveaway on offer.  This time there will be two winners.  …Happy, happy dances and big smiley faces!!  🙂

  • A signed print of your choice from one of these:



BeAButterflyCopyrightSmallest Things1a


A Gardener [c]

  • A 5 pack of cards of your choice from my Etsy shop

Go to my shop to view the full range and make your choice, this is just one example.

Chair @11

[and yes, you can choose 5 different cards if you want]

Of course, you have to do something to enter – well, two things actually, here are ‘The Rules’:

1]    ‘Like’ The Contented Crafter Page on Facebook.*

2]    Leave a comment on this post.

*If you have already ‘Liked’ on Facebook, just mention that fact in your comment here.

If you don’t participate in or on Facebook, please let me know that too.

This giveaway is open to all followers old and new – please don’t be shy, make it fun and interesting and exciting for us all – tell me what you think  🙂

The Giveaway Closes on 8th December 2013 at 8pm [my time]

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did and I hope you will take part!  🙂