When Aged Laptops Go Bad……Make Gift Bags!

It’s been 9 days since I last posted – and I’ve also been missing out on some of my bloggie friends doings – due to a lap top that has decided to stage a ‘go slow’.  I was even stopped from leaving comments on some blogs I did read by my [former] flat and shiny pal!

I went shopping with YD and priced new computers – its not in the budget, but I can’t imagine life without access to the blog-o-sphere, email or ‘Words with Friends’ on Facebook!

As always happens to me when I go shopping, we ended up looking at something that resembled a small space craft before we realised we had some how gone well beyond our brief and needed to regroup!  Now I know what I need and am waiting for the ‘pre-Christmas’ sales to start.

Having told my flat and shiny former pal what is on the cards, today is a good day, and she hasn’t stopped altogether – yet……. so here’s hoping.  I’m hitting ‘save draft’ at the end of every sentence just in case.

I wrote a post about a week ago and lost the whole thing when flat and shiny had a major fit and shut down completely and unexpectedly and left me all high and dry….. so I went into the play room and got on with my latest project.

Here’s what my desk looks like – its three photos moving right to left along the length

desk R

desk C

desk L

YD asked me to make some gift bags – I’ve never made them before and thought it would be pretty straight forward – but it ain’t!  The first half dozen all have sloping bottoms because I still don’t know how they make ’em without adding a little extra paper across the bottom…   Anyhow, I eventually worked out that I needed to seal the base with an extra strip of paper and once that was sorted I raced ahead and produced about 20 bags – here is a small assortment of some that are finished:

gift bags1a

This is one for a bloke – no ribbons here, but some lovely jute which has been in my stash since the 70’s when we all made hanging macrame coffee tables 🙂

gift bags2

gift bags3

gift bags4

I used a pretty old paper collection from ‘My Mind’s Eye’ called ‘Damask’, Martha Stewart punches for the top trims and loads of organza ribbon.

I’ll show the rest when they are finished!

Thanks for coming by – love that you did!  🙂

21 thoughts on “When Aged Laptops Go Bad……Make Gift Bags!

  1. Darn computers. Is it a MAC or PC? I had my 7 year old MAC pack it in and the Genius guys transferred everything to my new MAC. The service was awesome.

    Loved your project. The white boarders are fun, cute and look like snow capping the perfect gift. Great way to use up supplies I would guess.


    • Its a pc – my daughter has a mac and loves it – I wonder if I should look into that…. but no, I need a bargain! I am now full of ideas for how to make really cute gift bags – One of them is using scraps of paper, sticking them onto contact paper in a patchwork blanket effect and then making up the bag…. what do you think?


      • oh, that sounds cool. patchwork paper will be awesome. I have seen people make a ‘Story Board Collage and using it in a bunch of projects. I might be tempted to scan the patchwork and reprint it to make the bag. I’ve never used contact paper, will it still firm when you’re making folds and what not. Can’t wait to see.


        • The first bags I made I used contact paper because I thought the paper alone would not be strong enough. It actually works quite well, you just have to be very firm with it and insist it holds a crease 🙂 Scanning is a good idea – we’ll see how they turn out….


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  3. In no particular order: LOL to the hanging macrame coffee table, hurray for the manly-man gift bags, and boo to the lap top that gave up the ghost. There really is no *good* time to lose one, but BIG SIGH that it happened now. I’ve been in that mode of saving every few sentences. There is nothing worse than losing all your work.

    I hope you are back among the tech world, soon. Meanwhile, love the crafty bags that are making it across your craft space. Charming.


  4. I don’t know why I’m having trouble commenting.
    Anyway, I’m sending hugs to Flat and Shiny and keeping my fingers crossed that it stays with you until the sales. I like your gift bags! I’ve made envelopes from magazine/catalog and now I’m thinking of trying my hand with a gift bag:-)


    • You originally came through as ‘anonymous’ but I recognised your picture – must have been a glitch in the system! I’m going to make envelopes from catalogues next – snap! Now that I’ve got the recipe sorted for the gift bags it is quite fun – I’ve spent this morning finishing off another batch that I’ll post tomorrow – hopefully more inspiration for you 🙂


      • You are so sweet Pauline! Your support meant a lot to me.

        By the way, you could always use the public computers.
        Etsy, is free to open an account and only .20 cent to display your item. I am sure people would love your cards and bags!


  5. What a grand idea….did you use a template for the gift bags? I hope you get a new computer or yours fixed soon, I love your posts….xoxo, friend. Be well! 🙂


    • I deconstructed an old gift bag – but found it impossible to work out the base folds until I freehanded it. Then I scrolled pinterest and found a recipe that helped – then I figured out the final conundrum of the bottom myself…. shall I do a how – to post? Thank you hon, it’s mutual 🙂


  6. I haven’t thought of macrame in years! I made a macrame wall-hanging with beads in the early 1970s. Macrame must have swept the entire world back then. I love seeing your desk from right to left. 🙂 Fingers crossed for a new computer soon!


    • I think if you were alive in the 70’s and over the age of 10 it is entirely possible you made some kind of macrame article wherever in the world you were ….. though I may be overstating the case somewhat as I had an entire house populated with macrame objects – it was my first love affair with crafts! Keep those fingers crossed, no sales for another 3 weeks! Flat and Shiny has been good today – maybe she really is listening …. 🙂


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