Box to Book Part 3

Two weeks have gone by and the work on this project is not going according to plan …..   But I am remaining true to my usual way of working, and continue merrily on with my hit or miss style

I’ve been working on different embellishments that will be added into the book – most of them still requiring finishing touches as I kept running out of supplies – and as I buy most of my stuff on-line there can be a five day delay between ordering and receiving.

If I discover, say on a Friday afternoon [and this actually has happened] that I need more embossing powder it can be Thursday before it gets to me – depending on the supplier.  It can really stop me in my tracks – so I’ve spent a  bit of time checking everything this week and making a list…………. [Yay me!]

So consequently all I have to show at the moment is the layering process which is underway.

What you are about to see is simply phase two and there are at least another two steps to be taken in this process – And just to keep your interest up [hopefully] I’ll finish with a quick peek at a possible phase three page.

Day 6 Layering 1

This is a page towards the back of the book.  Card-stock has been torn, dry embossed [the script] and then attacked with some ‘Old Paper’ ink to age it up.  The edging of lace is done the same way – but this may well disappear altogether as I don’t really like it……

The strip of fabric edging on the right side is loose so that more pages can be tucked under it later on.  Most of what you can now see will soon disappear…..

Day 6 Layering 2

A close-up of the lower left page.

Day 6 Flip Page

This is a page towards the front of the book – it’s actually two pages as the curved part is the edge of a flip page, narrower and incorporating a pocket for more embellishments to be tucked into, and the bird belongs on the following page – I quite like that you can see this glimpse of what comes next..

A couple of pages on you’ll find this:

Day 6 Envelope Page

Another flip page, made to look like an envelope with lace edging and ribbon tie.  Well it doesn’t just look like an envelope, it is an envelope and will hold a couple of poems inside.

Day 6 Layering 3

This is the page before the envelope – that’s the back of the envelope on the right hand side.  The page on the left has its first layer on and the next pic shows what I am considering as layer three for this particular page:

Day 6 Layering 4

I can’t adhere anything as yet as I still haven’t decided what text I am going with  – but two strong contenders are Khalil Gibran – selected extracts from ‘The Prophet’  – or a selection of my favourite Rumi verses…….decisions, decisions!!  But once that decision is made and the verses all printed out then everything will come together – I’m hoping another two weeks will see it done………

Stay tuned!

Thanks for taking the time to drop by – I love that you came!

13 thoughts on “Box to Book Part 3

    • That little pocket is made from a die which I backed with some packaging plastic. The little books are also made with a die which I then paint and letter up and muck around with to make them look old. Even the real lace has been tea dyed to age it and ripped a bit to tatty it up. There is genuinely nothing in this book that has not been made and aged either entirely or partly by my fair hand 🙂 Also that page now looks totally different – you probably won’t recognise it at all!


      • You should work for Lucas…as in George. I can’t imagine such a gorgeous die cut. Amazing to see it all together. I’m looking forward to that share.

        I’ve been working (trying to) with Faber Castel Gelato’s for two days. It’s part of a page challenge at my new job so I’m a we bit nervous. I did one background page that I didn’t like….too busy. So I’m starting over, I do have all the scrappy things planned out and photographed though. What I didn’t like is after I Gesso’d the paper it got all wrinkled, so I ironed it. Then I added Texturing Paste thru a stencil and again with the wrinkles. So after that dried, I ironed it between two heavy paper bags. Then I added the Gelato’s and tried to blend with a bit of water…again my paper got all rippled. How do you get all these products on without rippling the paper?


        • What kind of paper are you using – it sounds like it might be too light. Make sure you have water colour strength paper – the heavier the better. I use at least 160gsm and prefer around 300gsm.

          Also some wrinkling will happen when paper is wet and will smooth itself out on drying. You just have to experiment…..


          • I did buy 300 gsm at a discount price for watercolour painting…works like a dream. This is just a scrapbook card stock. The kits are put together for us. Each person makes their own design from the exact same materials. No substitutes and no additions. It’s fun to see how everyone does it. Thanks for your help 😀 I may be looking for your expert advice again since they’re going into art journaling big time.


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