A Quick Card

Made this card for my daughter’s friends baby son’s first birthday – now say that quickly six times!

It’s a cutie with a teddy, a flower, a butterfly and bit of bling ….:-)

It’s still cold here though the freezing polar blast has died away……….. I ventured out briefly this afternoon for the first time in two days and was glad to get indoors again.

But lots of time to keep working on my box-book now, stay tuned for more on that soon.


Daily Prompt – Switcheroo

My little house is usually toasty warm, no matter the weather – and the weather has been mild for the season.  But during the night I woke up cold. Orlando came and snuggled up tight against me and purred himself and me back into sleep.

I got up this morning and the house felt cold.  I turned on the heat pump and it stuttered and shook and vigorously blew cold air about the room.  I turned it off!

I dragged the heater from my craft room into the living area and turned it on full blast.  It still felt cold.

Though not yet light, I opened the curtain in the kitchen so Orlando could sit in his accustomed place and stare out at the awakening world.

In the pre-dawn light I thought I saw white rooftops through that opened curtain.

I blinked and looked again – snow.



It’s too early in the season.  It doesn’t snow here until at least the end of July.

I want to switch places with Char from Lesie’s World .

Lesie’s World is Jamaica where it is always summer and doesn’t get icy cold like this – and I know there is no snow – I saw that movie!

Lesie’s blog is full of the colour and flavour of Jamaica……… most especially the post called  A Likkle Literary Taste A Mi Culcha.  Lesie’s blog allows  me soak in the colours and smell the aromas and taste the flavour of Jamaica.  When I wander around her Thrift Shop and read about her daily life I fall in love with a world so colourfuil, so vibrant and warm and so very different from mine…….

I don’t really want to swap places with Char, I want her to be there too, for many reasons:

  • I will need a translator, I’ve been practising my Jamaican  patois but we all know book-learnin’ is nuthin’ like the real thing!!
  • She knows where all the cool places are
  • She knows the markets and the landmarks and all about mangoes ……
  • I like Char!

And though Char once expressed an interest in visiting my little country here near the bottom of the world with it’s odd wild life, this is not the time of the year for someone who lives in perpetual summer to make the journey – hell, even our high summer would feel wintry to her I expect.

No, it’s grey and cold and the weather is coming straight off the Antarctic Ice Shelf to our little part of the southern ocean and the snow is turning to sleet and the wild seas are breaking up our coastline and a favourite promenade walk is in danger of being undermined and swept away – and she hasn’t yet learned to speak our lingo!

These are some things every visitor should know:

  • New Zealand is properly pronounced ‘Neew Zillan
  • Leading statements are made as questions
  • Every second sentence has ‘eh?’ at the end
  • Lynn of Tawa is an historical cultural icon, if you can understand her you have a good chance of getting by – here is a link to a brief You Tube view, I suggest you turn on the captions:
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=ZZe4O7Ct8mo

Good Luck!

I’m on way Char – it’s a long walk but I’ll make it one day.


Daily Prompt – The Elevator

Long, long ago, in a land far, far away I entered a crowded lift, the hand of my four year old daughter clutched tightly in mine.

The only sound was the shuffle of feet and rustle of clothing as room was made to accommodate us.  Eyes turned modestly downwards or reaching for unseen horizons the silent occupants waited as the lift doors swooshed shut and with a shudder we began our ascent.

Almost immediately the uncomfortable silence was broken by the piping voice of the four year old.  Tugging on my hand she inquired intensely ‘Mummy, where do babies come from?”

The silence became focused.  An unseen arrow of interest aimed straight at me, waiting for the answer to the unexpected question.

Instantly I became an internal  jangle of question marks and exclamation points –

What?  Why Now??  Really, already??  Oh God, what do I say here??

Pretending serenity, I bent towards my daughter, intending to say “Let’s talk about this later” but what came out instead  was: “Where do you think you came from?”

The focused interest whispered towards the dark haired girl looking up at me.  She turned her eyes down, frowned slightly and was quiet for a moment.  The focus held its collective breath.

Then she smiled and responded clearly.

‘Starlight.”  She smiled up proudly at me and as I stared silently back, the focused silence curled back on itself and settled with the smallest of sighs into the eyes and mouths of the inhabitants of the lift.

The lift juddered and stopped and the swoosh of the door opening returned us to the world. As we jostled aside to let some occupants out, an elderly gentleman ruffled my child’s hair and beamed down at her.  “Starlight, indeed” he chuckled, “And you are an angel!”

I met my child that day in the lift.


Box To Book – Part 2

I haven’t spent as much time on my recycling project as planned…… we are experiencing our first mild frosts of the season and the days that follow are beautiful, sunny and warm and they call Orlando and me outside.  We sit in the courtyard with our faces turned up to the sky and, smiling slightly, enjoy the warmth and the feeling of warm air on our skin or fur….. we both sometimes purr……

But I have done some work.  I’ve begun the process of sorting out embellishments I would like to add, finding just the right poem scraps and verses to include [which simply takes forever, there are so many] and making the extra fancy bits.

I had completed the first fancy pocket before realising I had not recorded the process – duh!! So I made some more and here is a small sampling of a couple of things where I had employed the camera:

The raw materials, cream cardstock and dies

The raw materials, cream cardstock and dies

These are two of my favourite dies – the lacy corner is from Heartfelt Creations and the open book is a Marianne die.

Because I am going to use those lacy corners as pockets I glued them onto clear rigid plastic [recycling the packaging that everything comes in these days] with multi medium gloss gel – that is the milky white that is showing up in the photos as it was still wet at photo call time.  Disappears when dry, so at first glance the pockets will appear transparent but will not rip when other items are placed into them……… Prior to this I had painted, inked, embossed them and then screwed them up to get a really well worn look.

Ready for their new home

Ready for their new home

I want to write in tiny text a little poem in the book ….. not sure what yet.

One page almost complete

One page almost complete

Still got a long way to go.  Thanks for checking in, leave a comment and let me know what you think – love to hear from you! 🙂

Order Restored

I worked like a mad woman – but it still took several hours to sort, re-catagorise, move around and move around some more.  When I at last found my desk tops they were filthy – covered in dust from all the edge sanding that has gone on in preparing my box to look like an old book.  Also I had been cutting out some intricate dies that left a layer of minute confetti sprayed across all surfaces….. and, lets face it, it got away on me  I’ve been on a series of creative binges without stopping to clear up in between projects.

I’m a Virgo for heavens sake – we like organised and we like clean!!

Anyway – here’s some pics, can you see the difference?

The long shot - notice the tower of boxes is missing?

The long shot – notice the tower of boxes is missing?

The back desk - usable space for sewing, die cutting, hot gluing and more...

The back desk – usable space for sewing, die cutting, hot gluing and more…

Major sort out in this corner.  Now all stamps, dies, patterns and papers are accessible.

Major sort out in this corner. Now all stamps, dies, patterns and papers are accessible.

Craft Room 8 Cleaned

We have clear working space again ………….. and even Orlando is happy – though he leapt off his chair when he saw the camera coming towards him – modest chap!

Chaos In The Creative Space!

Especially for Casey [Junquemail Contessa – please do take a look at her blog] who showed her neat and tidy creative space and who keeps on creating despite living through an extremely anxious time………. a quick peek at my playroom – in comparison, a complete disaster area:

View From The Doorway

The tower of boxes to the right hold an assortment of books, CD’s, DVD’s and assorted kitchen paraphernalia and other unrequired items waiting to go somewhere else ……..All been sitting here since the big kitchen clean up about three months ago …..

[A quick aside: I like the light coming through the window – winter on a cloudy day]

The Desk - it's here somewhere .....

The Desk – it’s here somewhere …..

….ah, yes, you see –  there’s about 10 square centimetres of working space left…..

Craft Rm 3 May 13

See those empty file folders on the chair [Orlando’s Chair!] they have been there for about three weeks, waiting to be utilised as stamp and die storage – see the files on the shelf to the left – bulging and overstuffed [folders and shelves] and there’s no room for more folders ……. and the boxes on the floor with all the art supplies higgledy-piggedly.  It all needs a good sort out!  No room for Orlando either – no wonder he’s cross with me!

Cross Orlando 1

Craft Rm 4 May 13

And lastly, the storage area, probably the least messy part of the room, but that’s because I had a bit of a clean-up here a few days ago on account of not being able to access the papers in the lower cubby……

So the rest of today will  may be spent cleaning this up – I really need to make more working space – but there’s a big pile of ironing and the whole house needs a vacuum …..

I’ve been spending way too much time reading blog posts and not nearly enough time on my own life!

Hope that made your day Casey – feel proud!  Be well!

Blogging – A New Community Concept

I finally got around to signing up for the Freshly Pressed  posts – I’m slow on the uptake sometimes, I just live in my own wee world….. It has taken me a while to figure out that some of the bloggers I follow are using the weekly and daily prompts to express themselves, to practise the art of  photography, poetry, writing – whatever it is they are into, and I have been so impressed with many of the posts I am reading on a regular basis.

Inevitably I decided to join in too.

And this has meant that even more of my time has been spent drifting about in the blog-o-sphere getting to know a few more folk, dipping in and out of lives like a ghostly eavesdropper….. sometimes leaving a message, sometimes not.  Sometimes remembering to click ‘follow this blog’ and sometimes not [which I know will lead to a moment of angst when I want to find that post or person again.]

I’m new at this stuff and have been amazed at the world that exists here – I wrote a post a couple of weeks back titled I Like Blogging!  where I attempted to explain all the unexpected delights I was discovering, and now those delights just keep on increasing.  

There are so many interesting people out there – it feels like I can sit in my wee home and meet the entire world!  I’m in danger of never actually doing anything ever again – I may just spend the rest of my days sitting in front of my computer, reading about all the things other people are doing and experiencing!

I enjoy posts from all kinds of people, on all kinds of subjects and I especially enjoy a good chuckle, if not a belly laugh.

But – and now I’m getting to the point of this post – more and more I am reading autobiographical posts that are heart-wrenchingly honest and open and wounded and raw.

I have read posts that leave me sitting silent at the final word, or saying ‘Wow!’ out loud – posts that remind me of – or take me back through –  my own life experiences, posts that make me sit up and take notice, posts that move me to tears.

Some posts deserve slow and careful reading to truly take in the events, to taste the descriptions, to hear the music, to touch the soul of the writer.

All are open and honest and trusting that their words will be read with respect if not full understanding and empathy,  

I read their words and I meet the soul of the writer – the shining being who is suffering or who has suffered, and who is over-coming and is learning and growing and becoming stronger and wiser.

Pain gives us the opportunity to grow and mature and become better people.  Through pain we may learn our life-lessons, to develop our empathy and intuition and perhaps even get an inkling of an understanding of our reason for being here.  Painful events do not define us, it is what we do with those events that we will be remembered for.

This then is the real gift of the blog-o-sphere.  In our fast paced, ever moving, technologically driven modern time when community is fast becoming an endangered concept, and more and more people live outside of the accepted ‘norm’ the blog-o-sphere offers a new community – an enlarged extended family of people interested in people, supporting and caring, empathising and listening to each other.  

So I remain impressed, I am enchanted and most of all I am uplifted to see that here there is a safe platform for expression of personal pain and a community that allows that expression and responds in kind with affirmations, sympathy, empathy and sometimes even [the kindest of] humour.

Rock on bloggers!

And if you knew all this before I apologise for taking up your time – but thanks for reading to the end 🙂

And I promise this is my last post about my thoughts on blogging 🙂

Have a great day and reach out to someone who needs to hear your voice, feel your empathy and touch your soul.